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This template houses the modules which control the display of difficulty levels on this wiki, so as to isolate the control of difficulty and therefore prevent it from being changed without consensus. Unlike in the past, the difficulties are not controlled from this template but go through this template to be displayed on a page. The other components of this template can be found at Module:Difficulty level, Module:Difficulty level/Reality, and Module:Difficulty level/Dreamworld.

If you would like to discuss changes to the difficulty of a level, please do so either in the comments section of that level or in the forums. If there is over 70% support for changing the levels difficulty, an admin will then edit the relevant template. Otherwise, a poll will be conducted to determine the difficulty level with the median score being the official level.

To learn how to update the relevant difficulty modules, please read this blog post. If you have further questions or problems with how the templates work, please contact Imamadmad.

To return the default value of no difficulty from levels which haven't had it determined yet, the code for those levels has been taken out of the current template. Once more difficulties have been determined, you can copy/paste the parts from the needed levels from that page (from source mode so the returns work properly) and fill in the difficulties after the equals sign.

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