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This template is used to feature the banner of each episode.

If there is no proper banner image of released episode please put <!-- --> until the image is uploaded. Usage: [[<!--File:Lunar-Landing.png|227px|center|link=-->Lunar Landing]]



  • {{EB|(episode number)}}: Episode banner on {{Infobox episode}}
  • {{EB|(episode number)|n}}: Episode navigation on {{Infobox episode}}
  • {{EB|(episode number)|nav}}: Episode navigation on {{EpisodesNav}}
  • {{EB|(episode number)|navbox}}: Episode navigation on {{EpisodesNav}} (Used on texted episode title, {{EB|(episode number)|nav}} with a dot to sort two or more episode names)



  • {{EB|E}}:
    Example estuary.png
  • {{EB|E|n}}:
    Example estuary.png
  • {{EB|E|nav}}: Example estuary.png
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