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Episode Unknown
World Unknown
Levels Unknown
Characters Unknown
New features None
Release date Unknown
Difficulty Unknown
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To use this template, copy the following code and fill in the episode related articles.

If you use this template on other places such as fan-made episode on blog post, please use {{Infobox episode/NoC}} instead to prevent Reality episodes category adding.


{{Infobox episode
 | image1      = episode pathway (web) (or HTML5 if episode number is greater than 190)
 | image2      = episode pathway (HTML5)
 | image3      = episode background (web)
 | episode     = episode order (all episode articles MUST have this parameter to determine the range of levels and number of world)
 | characters  = characters that appear in the episode
 | champion    = champion title - no parameter on dreamworld infobox episode template because dreamworld doesn't have champion title feature
 | new         = new features
 | released    = date of episode release
 | difficulty  = episode difficulty

Sample output

{{Infobox episode
 | image       = Example.jpg
 | episode     = 1
 | characters  = [[Tiffi]]
 | champion    = 
 | new         = [[Character]]
 | released    = {{Web|April 16, 2014}}<br />{{Mobile|''Unreleased''}}
 | difficulty  = Impossible

Results in...

Infobox episode dreamworld
Episode 1
World (Flash) 1
World (HTML5) 1
Levels 1-10
Characters Tiffi
Champion title Unknown
New features Character
Release date Web version - April 16, 2014
Mobile version - Unreleased
Difficulty Impossible
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