Level Passage is the level in Candy Town and the . To pass this level, you must When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated and will score you additional points.

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This template is used to make introduction of level on level articles or level idea on personal blog posts.


{{Level Passage
| title           = (Only need when displaying on the main page)
| idea            = true (If user wants use this template on level idea, the user must put this parameter to prevent broken link on episode parameter.)
                          On level articles, do not put this parameter.
| numberinepisode = order of episode (using plain word)
| episode         = episode name (level idea only)
| numberintype    = order of level type (using number)
| requirement     = using different template depending on level type
  Moves level       -> {{MovesRequirement|target score for one star|number of moves}}
  Jelly level       -> Case 1 (contains all): {{JellyRequirement|amount of single jelly squares|amount of double jelly squares}}
                       Case 2 (only single jelly): {{JellyRequirement|amount of single jelly squares}}
                       Case 3 (only double jelly): {{JellyRequirement||amount of double jelly squares}}
  Ingredients level -> Case 1 (contains all): {{IngredientsRequirement|amount of hazelnuts|amount of cherries}}
                       Case 2 (only hazelnuts): {{IngredientsRequirement|amount of hazelnuts}}
                       Case 3 (only cherries): {{IngredientsRequirement||amount of cherries}}
  Timed level       -> {{TimedRequirement|target score for one star|given time (second)}}
  Candy Order level -> Case 1 (one type): {{OrderRequirement|1st order|amount of 1st order}}
                       Case 2 (two types): {{OrderRequirement|1st order|amount of 1st order|2nd order|amount of 2nd order}}
                       Case 3 (three types(maximum)): {{OrderRequirement|1st order|amount of 1st order|2nd order|amount of 2nd order|3rd order|amount of 3rd order}}
  Mixed Mode level  -> using '{{JellyRequirement}} and {{IngredientsRequirement}}' the two templates is used on the case of jelly level and ingredients level on this documentation page
| moves           = number of moves (does not used on moves level and timed level)
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