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This template is used to candy order levels to indicate which order(s) to complete the level.

Note: For special candy combinations, either special-candy listed will work. Capitalizing the first letter does not matter, but you may not capitalize both parts nor capitalize the second part. Thus, Striped+wrapped works just like Wrapped+striped, and so on for the six combos.

Note: You can now use the American standard spelling for "colour" and "liquorice." Now Color works just like Colour, including all candy combinations which requires color bombs. You may not mix both spellings for the Color Bomb+Color Bomb combo as of now.

Note: The in-game description of icing orders refer icing as "frosting." You can use both icing or frosting to specify these orders.

Candy Color order

{{Order|red|1}}Redcandy order.png: 1

Red candy order

{{Order|orange|1}}Orangecandy order.png: 1

Orange candy order

{{Order|yellow|1}}Yellowcandy order.png: 1

Yellow candy order

{{Order|green|1}}Greencandy order.png: 1

Green candy order

{{Order|blue|1}}Bluecandy order.png: 1

Blue candy order

{{Order|purple|1}}Purplecandy order.png: 1

Purple candy order

Special candy order

{{Order|striped|1}}Striped2 (trans).png: 1

Striped candy order

{{Order|wrapped|1}}Wrapped2 (trans).png: 1

Wrapped candy order

{{Order|colour|1}}Color bomb (trans).png: 1

Colour bomb order

{{Order|jelly fish|1}}Jelly Fish: 1

Jelly fish order

{{Order|mystery candy|1}}Mystery Candy order.png: 1

Mystery candy order

Special candy combinations order

{{Order|striped+striped|1}}Striped striped (trans).png: 1

Striped candy + striped candy combination order

{{Order|wrapped+wrapped|1}}Wrapped wrapped (trans).png: 1

Wrapped candy + wrapped candy combination order

{{Order|colour+colour|1}}Colourbomb colourbomb (trans).png: 1

Colour Bomb + colour bomb combination order

{{Order|striped+wrapped|1}}Striped wrapped (trans).png: 1

Striped candy + wrapped candy combination order

{{Order|striped+color|1}}Colourbomb striped (trans).png: 1

Striped candy + colour bomb combination order

{{Order|wrapped+color|1}}Colourbomb wrapped (trans).png: 1

Wrapped candy + colour bomb combination order

Blocker order

{{Order|liquorice shell|1}}Licoriceshell1.png: 1

Liquorice shell order

{{Order|chocolate|1}}Chocolate order.png: 1

Chocolate order

{{Order|liquorice swirl|1}}Liquorice Swirl order.png: 1

Liquorice swirl order

{{Order|icing|1}} or {{Order|frosting|1}}Icing order new.png: 1

Icing/Frosting order

{{Order|candy bomb|1}}Candy Bomb order.png: 1

Candy bomb order

{{Order|jelly fish|1}}Jelly Fish: 1

Jelly fish order

{{Order|waffle|1}}Waffle order.png: 1

Waffle order

{{Order|magic mixer|1}}Magic Mixer order new.png: 1

Magic mixer order

{{Order|cake bomb|1}}Cake Bomb order.png: 1

Cake bomb order

{{Order|dark chocolate|1}}Dark Chocolate order.png: 1

Dark chocolate order

{{Order|candy cane curl|1}}Candy Cane Curls order.png: 1

Candy cane curl order

{{Order|crystal|1}}Crystal order.png: 1

Crystal candy order

{{Order|rainbow twist|1}}Rainbow Twist order.png: 1

Rainbow twist order

{{Order|candy frog|1}}Candy Frog order.png: 1

Candy frog order

{{Order|sugar coat|1}}Sugar Coat order.png: 1

Sugar coat order

{{Order|bubblegum pop|1}}Bubblegum Pop order.png: 1

Bubblegum pop order

{{Order|liquorice curl|1}}Liquorice Curl order.png: 1

Liquorice curl order

{{Order|sour skull|1}}Sour Skull Order.png: 1

Sour skull order


{{Order|red|200|green|200|blue|200}}Redcandy order.png: 200   Greencandy order.png: 200   Bluecandy order.png: 200

{{Order|striped|50|wrapped|20|Color|10}}Striped2 (trans).png: 50   Wrapped2 (trans).png: 20   Color bomb (trans).png: 10

{{Order|striped+color|3|Wrapped+colour|2|color+color|1}}Colourbomb striped (trans).png: 3   Colourbomb wrapped (trans).png: 2   Colourbomb colourbomb (trans).png: 1

{{Order|purple|100|Colour|10|Colour+colour|1|}}Purplecandy order.png: 100   Color bomb (trans).png: 10   Colourbomb colourbomb (trans).png: 1

{{Order|chocolate|64|Licorice Swirl|72|frosting|100}}Chocolate order.png: 64   Liquorice Swirl order.png: 72   Icing order new.png: 100

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