Latest Releases: Episode 504 has been released for HTML5, with official config redesigns. Episode 510 has been soft-released for W10. A new blocker is here: Liquorice Curl!

Opposed Update! On 25 May 2020, the April Fools episode names and backgrounds went live purportedly to optimize RAM and storage space. This has been met with universal opposition. See this King Community post for proposals and comments.

Opposed Update! On 02 December 2019, officially announced the removal of the costless reset of levels. As of 5 December 2019, all users were affected. Currently, quitting a level without losing a life is impossible even if no moves are made.

Global! JAN 22 2019: The URL domain migration has been applied to this wiki. The URL is now We will still call it a wikia, and the wikia links are still fully functional even for new pages.

Please see the latest redesigns here!


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