• Well, I found out the reason that mega has singled me out. Apperently I did not change enough for him, so he decides to give me these unfair warnings. Just look at what he said today, despite the bot not being on

    • Chaney
    • Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711 has gone to crush some candies.
    • 1:30Emmaelise401Oshawott is now my lucky charm
    • Right after I got wondertraded an oshawott
    • 1:30Megaphantaze Silly thought
    • 1:30Emmaelise401I got traded a level 100 arceus with poke rus
    • And it was shiny
    • 1:31Megaphantaze What you call as rudeness, is my dutiful side, which others sees as seriousness
    • 1:32Emmaelise401If you want to settle this now
    • I will be more then happy too./
    • Mega, your "serious" side is completely unfair and actually kind of biased.
    • 1:33Megaphantaze What you are gonna do about it? You betrayed me
    • 1:33Emmaelise401How and when.
    • 1:33Megaphantaze You promisd to change your behaviour, but yet again
    • Liar liar pants on fire
    • 1:34Emmaelise401What the heck did I do wrong this time
    • put delet this pictures?
    • scare away kool?
    • Fight over being targeted out??
    • 1:35Megaphantaze Chaney, I won't discuss to Emma anymore. Check out yesterday's chat log, analyze it and tell your opinion about this
    • 1:35Emmaelise401Chaney isn't here
    • There is no need to retreat because you can't think about something.
    • 1:35Megaphantaze Yes he is
    • I refreshed and looked
    • 1:36Emmaelise401Then he would have talked about the shiny arceus
    • 1:36Megaphantaze i can retreat whenever I want. Try to stop me if you can
    • 1:36Emmaelise401Just give me a reason.
    • Megaphantaze has gone to crush some candies.
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