• The hardest episode should be Pastille Pyramid. RIGHT or WRONG

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    • It's neither right nor wrong and I will oppose this idea. According to the system, Salty Canyon accounts for 11 considerably hard or above levels, while Pastille Pyramid just only has 7, despite of having 4 very hard levels, which Salty Canyon in extreme, can have 4 very hard levels also.

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    • Salty Canyon is child´s play compared to Gingerbread Glade...

      And I have yet to play every level on Pastille pyramid, but so far what I have seen is harder than Salty Canyon as well... and I only played around 6 levels or so.

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    • No, there is like a bells cluster episode, soda swamp - cherry chateau, 445,421,419,417,425,432,437,440,445,461 and more very and insanely hard

      445 is insanely hard it am still on it, i would of did if there was an ingredient slot thing at the sides

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    • And the cherry on the cake is Meringue Moor.Pastille Pyramid is the first with chocolate spawners and is just an amuse-bouche for the following episodes.

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    • Oh, we are talking about the hardest episode of World 2??

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    • It seems like that so...

      As I said. Gingerbread Glade. by FAR.

      Salty canyon was annoying, but I never got stuck for more than, say, 15 lives on a level. Contrast with G.G where I met my friend unerfed level 147... At least 70 lives lost. LOL.

      And even if I ignore level 147 there were quite a few mean levels on that episode.. Salty had maybe 2 or 3 at the very most. G.G had around 6-7...

      Currently on Pastille pyramid. So far, other than 1 or 2 semi annoying levels, it has been quite doable... I would put it around Salty Canyon. Probably a bit higher than it... but its nowhere NEAR Gingerbread Glade.

      Unless I encounter another level 147 on Pastille pyramid (in the 4 or so levels left to finish it), of course. But I doubt that will happen.

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    • There are some unique reasons why these three episodes should be the hardest of World Two:

      Salty Canyon: Contains the most number of hard levels with a bizarre number of 11. Almost every level is hard, so you will expect a long time spending in this episode, and this episode is the earliest of one of the hardest episodes you encounter. It is questionable whether it should be the third hardest episode of the game. One of the reasons why this episode cannot be the hardest of the game is because it contains one of the easiest level in the game, namely level 108. To be extreme, this episode CAN acquire 4 very hard levels, which are 100, 102, 107 and 109, and perhaps 105. Most hard levels in this episode is just around "considerably hard" and "hard", so this episode can be quite easy to some players. Lastly, this episode requires a lot of skill, so skillful players can master many levels in the episode. One of the levels which requires a lot of skill is level 109 that examines your ability in making special candies and combining them. Others include level 97 and 98.

      Gingerbread Glade: Previously contains the worst level in the game, level 147. Although some devices may have a new version of this level. There are also mixed reviews about the new version, particularly the decrease in the number of moves and the number of candy types. Still, a cluster of hard levels to the end of the episode can make you stranded in the episode, namely 149, 152 and 153. Although the episode at the beginning can be easy for some players, many hard levels in this episode require skill and luck. Level 149 can be a level which requires a lot of skills to prevent the chocolate from overwhelming, but at the same time accomplishing your objective. Yet, a lot of levels here are luck-based, like level 152, which many players try to play on iOS to switch to lucky boards without using a life in order to pass the level in one or two tries.

      Pastille Pyramid: Contains the most number of very hard levels with an awkward number of 4. Level 167 can be considered the easiest of the very hard levels in the episode, but still many people have been raging this level, including me. However, one of the greatest disadvantages of this not being the hardest is that most players are blessed by levels in Gingerbread Glade, which makes them pass the episode easily, including me, which I passed it within 1 or 2 weeks, and passed some especially hard levels in very few tries. Moreover, most of the levels in this episode turn out to be luck-based, particularly level 158 (which I passed it within 10 tries), 165 (amazingly only 2 tries for me). It can be a reason why some players decide not to choose this episode to be the hardest of World Two, but other episodes.

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    • Stuck on 169 for days! Can anyone help me beat this hard level ?

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    • Thumbs-down-iconOppose


      Bubblegum bridge is MORE harder than this. 

      the only difficult levels are level 159 and 165 and possibly level 163 and level 170 (somewhat hard for these levels or mediem). You can do the episobe in less than a week, but there are more harder levels in bubblegum bridge. Hardest level in this world is level 92. level 125 on moble is somewhat easy. This is why this world is hard.

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    • level 162 sorry. I was comfused.

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