• So far, I have noticed that on the mobile version (excluding the tragically outdated HTML5 version on Facebook), I noticed several new features that has been introduced in the game. There are four so far, including two events, with one which everyone especially desires! There is also one more, this time being the Candy Crush game contest, on TV!

    Comment on this forum about your feelings and thoughts for each of the four newly introduced features! You can also rate it by stancing and by rating on a 10-point scale.

    (1) XP System

    Around the update of 2017 JUL 5 (v1.104.0.4), an XP system is introduced. Any level completed will fill up the XP bar, though it is not specified how much XP a player gains per level completed, whenever XP is affected by score, hexagon, or other level attributes, and how much XP is required per level.

    I have observed that the XP bar rises progressively slower the higher you get. Every level you ascend means your life will be fully replenished. Every five(?) or so levels you will get a new profile border.

    (2) Gold Crowns


    Gold-crowned levels?

    I also notice that certain levels show a gold marker with a crown (and therefore hiding the level type) when you complete it. It is unlikely to be correlated with your score relative to the leaderboard or the amount of stars you have, as you can be on the bottom of the leaderboard and still have this level be shown in gold. It may or may not be connected with the XP system.

    At the time of my posting I am on Level 689, Choco Rio Grande. The gold crowns only affected the most recent world I am on, namely World Eight.

    Some users also have the level icons change shape into a large candy-like icon when they have the gold marker.

    The original Gold Crowns discussion is found here: Thread:446125

    (3) Space Dash


    From a mobile device.

    Like UFOs and Space Invaders? Your favorite event, Space Dash is now available on all mobile apps, along with the recently updated HTML5 version of Facebook! Play the same extremely easy level many times so you can start every level with not one booster, but many boosters and 3 extra moves every time!

    Dislike using boosters. Stuck on a hard level. Want to get Three Stars? Then Space Dash it through!

    (4) Mighty Mountains

    A third season of Minty's Cake Quest is now here! The last season was released half a year ago. The requirements and gameplay is identical to all previous Cake Quest seasons, except that all the levels are now marked with a skull (want hexagons?)

    (5) Candy Crush Show Time

    The biggest Candy Crush board will be broadcast on TV. A new character is introduced. Who wants to watch this edition of Candy Crush?

    More stuff from a Mulligan

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    • These things above may be a big treat for the player to deal with hard levels.

      About section 5, you can refer this page on King Care.

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    • Marisa1980 wrote: These things above may be a big treat for the player to deal with hard levels.

      About section 5, you can refer this page on King Care.

      Candytastic! I watched the show the following day (July 9th) and it was amazing! This is something I'm definitely going to watch on Sundays.

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    • A FANDOM user
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