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The Three-layered Dark Chocolate is a blocker in Candy Crush Saga. It is introduced in the third level of Cacao Cliff, level 3713, in the 249th episode. It was unofficially introduced in level 1003 due to redesigning.


Three-layered Dark Chocolate

The three-layered dark chocolate is a darker-coloured chocolate with a slot in the middle, a white outline and a chocolate heart inside. It takes three hits to destroy.

First appearance Latest appearance
Level 1003 (unofficial)
Level 3711 (official)
Level 7138

For the list of levels with this blocker, see here.


See Dark Chocolate. Three-layered Dark Chocolate are Immovable blockers that occupies only one space. These blockers can be destroyed by an adjacent match or a special candies' effects that touches it. Jelly can hide under the Three-layered Dark Chocolate. These blockers need to one hit to destroy. It can swallow up a candy within its vicinity.

Here is the difficulty of destroying a Three-layered Dark Chocolate:

Degrade/Name Lead Topping Colour Difficulty
Three-layered Dark Chocolate brown Hard
Two-layered Dark Chocolate white Medium
One-layered Dark Chocolate brown Very easy


  • This is one of the few blockers that do not appear in Flash version, because it ended at level 2825. Also, this blocker was never unofficially introduced in said version due to a redesign.
  • This is currently the type of dark chocolate with the most layers. Four-layered dark chocolate and five-layered dark chocolate were supposed to be introduced but were scrapped, according to the files.
  • Three-layered dark chocolate has the tile map code 096.
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