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Treasure Ahead is a type of event. It was first released on mobile version, but also added to web version later.

A progressing player may find some treasure chests on the map pathway. When the player reaches the level with these chests, he/she can claim the rewards.

The player only needs to unlock the level with a chest. Upon reaching the level, a big chest will appear.

  • On web version, it automatically opens. Click "OK" to claim the rewards.
  • On mobile, you are required to tap it to reveal the contents, and tap "Claim Prize" to collect them.

Naturally, when the event appears, the player needs to clear 1, 3, and 8 levels (sometimes 2, 4, and 8) in total to reach the three chests which are bronze, silver and gold.

The contents on mobile version are:

  1. Colour Bomb, Lollipop Hammer, Live Forever (2 hours)
  2. Colour Bomb, Lollipop Hammer, Jelly Fish, Live Forever (2 hours)
  3. Colour Bomb, Lollipop Hammer, Free Switch, Striped and Wrapped, Live Forever (6 or 24 hours).

For the web version, the contents are:

  1. Colour Bomb, Lollipop Hammer
  2. Colour Bomb, Lollipop Hammer, Jelly Fish
  3. Colour Bomb, Lollipop Hammer, Jelly Fish, Striped and Wrapped

If a player is already at farthest possible progress (waiting for next update at the wrench icon), nothing happens.

  • Effective v1.71 on mobile, if a player completed the next 8 levels in web version, the player will get to open all the 3 chests immediately.



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