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Two-layered Frosting is a blocker in Candy Crush Saga, making its first appearance in level 51. Two hits are required to break this blocker.


Two-layered Icing

Two-layered frosting consists of white, opaque whipped frosting in a small plastic silver sachet.

For the list of levels with this blocker, see here.


Two-layered Icing Degrader

Degradation process

Two-layered frostings are single-tile stationary blockers that takes two tries to destroy. When degraded once, it becomes a one-layered frosting. These blockers can be destroyed by an adjacent match, an effect of a special candy (including jelly fish), or a cake bomb explosion. Jelly can hide under this type of blocker.

Here is the difficulty of destroying a Two-layered Frosting:

Degrade/Name Lead Topping Colour Difficulty
Two-layered Frosting White Easy
One-layered Frosting Silver/None Very easy
20140310 twolayeredicing

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  • This element has been mistaken as multiple look-alikes, such as ice cream, cream, whipped cream, flurr, topping, meringues, and even glue.
  • Surprisingly, these blockers appear earlier than raw sachets by five levels.
  • Starting with level 1330, this blocker can be spawned by the magic mixer.
  • Starting with level 2623, this blocker can be found in liquorice locks.
  • Starting with level 2705, this blocker can be found in sugar chests.
  • Starting with level 2814, this blocker can be found in marmalade.
2-layered icing soda

Look carefully, you can easily find this element. (Image from Candy Crush Soda Saga game)

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