aka Elsa, the Snow Queen, Glaceon

  • I live in the ice castle
  • I was born on October 15
  • My occupation is make the wiki better and better
  • I am a queen. I love candy.

♥ Welcome to Elsa's profile! ♥

FROZEN Let It Go Sing-along Official Disney UK

FROZEN Let It Go Sing-along Official Disney UK

Elsa's Status: Yayyyyyy!


Reindeers Are Better Than People

Reindeers are better than people
Rose, don't you think that's true?

Yeah, people will beat you
And curse you and cheat you
Every one of them's bad except you

Oh, thanks buddy

But people smell better than reindeers
Rose, don't you think that I'm right?

That's once again true,
For all except you
You got me, let's call it a night

Good night
Don't let the frostbite bite


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Hi <insert name here> , My name is Elsa, a Snow Queen. I'm a big fan of Frozen.

Recently, I watched a TV Show called Glee, and immediately fell in love with the show, even just in 2 episodes (one in S4 and one in S5). But I don't have time to watch all 5 seasons.

If you need help with anything, feel free to message me on my icy talk page.

My account consists of 2 parts:

  1. CC - stand for Candy Crush - my favourite game! But I also love Candy Crush Saga!
  2. 8,589,934,592 - is a result of 233, the max number I remember without calculator. With 2x function, I can remember all the results of calculations with variable x between 1 and 33. Especially, I remembered them when I was 4.5 years old!

Tiffitransparency This user finished all 6230 Reality levels in Candy Crush Saga.
Happy Odus This user have finished all the Dreamworld levels on Candy Crush Saga!

However, from Level 351-905 in Reality, level 141-575 in Dreamworld (included Level 96 in Dreamworld), I used cheating to bypass them.

  1. Level 252 (June 16, 2014, 06:31 (UTC))
  2. Level 615 (October 3, 2014, 18:05 (UTC))
Do you feel cold while reading my profile?

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Candy Town

Candy Factory

Lemonade Lake

Chocolate Mountain

Minty Meadow

Easter Bunny Hills


Sleepy Slopes














Boneyard Bonanza

Marshmallow Mountains

Marmalade Meadow

Chewy Citadel

Eggnog Emporium

Fudge Fjord

Caramel Clearing


  1. The dash mean I don't count the number of tries to beat it because I use cheating. However, some levels that I still count it (like Level 414), I replay them on mobile without boosters. Please understand it.

  1. User:Simplify191 (as Anna): I know you're too busy because of your school, so, I sometimes see you on chat. But, Robin, you're my younger sister!
  2. User:Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711 (as Olaf or Snowman): I and Simplify191 built a snowman for you on June 23, 2014. At that time, it was so amazing!
  3. User:3litecandycrusher (as Kristoff): You were trouble while you editing a page, right? At that time, I was worry that you would be blocked. But it was just a bug of Wikia.
  4. User:Blackbird625 (as Hans): The distance from you and me is halfway around the world. However, I can hug you tightly all day! Well,.................... (let me remember)....................You ate many things of me! Please revert back to me all of things you ate!
  5. User:3primetime3 (as Pabbie): You stole so many lucky candies...
  6. User:Roseturnip (as Sven): You're understand me!

All Frozen Casts are my best friends :)

  1. User:Andrero:
  2. User:ChaneyTheSamurott:
  3. User:Emily.Samurott:
  4. User:EeveeLover1988: Maggie, I wish I have a chance to see you in real life... <3 (not kidding)
  5. User:Flockky II:
  6. User:Lefty7788: I want you understand me. We're still working together.
  7. User:Marisa1980:
  8. User:Sweetkid147:
  9. User:TonySnivy:

I love all of you on this wiki

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