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<tabber> Home= Hello there! CCL here... Welcome to my userpage..


|-| About=


I am Candycrushliker, born 27 September 2001! I love playing Candy Crush Saga. I formerly give up on dreamworld because of THE DEVIL 289 DW! -_-

Game stats[]

  • Level 1247 R
  • Level 395 DW

|-| Feat-Level=

On the way to 324,
I see something quadrant,
It's kinda IH!!!
Level 323!!!!!


Outstanding October Featured Level is............... LEVEL 323!

|-| Feat-Episode=

A good factory,
That makes the candy,
On candy kingdom!!
It's Candy Factory....


Outstanding October Featured Episode is............... Candy Factory!

|-| Feat-World=

Is it 6 episodes? NO!!!
It the first world
To have 3 episodes!
It's World 11....


Outstanding October Featured World is............... World 11!

|-| Feat-Character=

A white yeti
Walking on a street
Then he falls on toffee tower
It's Mr. Yeti....


|-| Feat-Meme=



Sorry, This month doesn't have a featured meme! Checkback later

|-| CandyCorner=

Weird DEVIGHNE!![]

My first weird divine is on 255!!

And the second is on 443

The third is on 449

The fourth is on 552

The fifth is on 666!!

The sixth is on 685.

|-| My Goals= Here is my goals for CCSW:

  • Be a nice user
  • Beautifying pages

|-| My Friends= Here is my CCSW friends:

  1. Flockky II - My first friend in wikiwide, knowed as a Filipino admin.

|-| To-Do-List=

  • Make 1,000 edits before 31 October 2015!

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