aka Tan Chee Kian

  • I live in Malaysia
  • I was born on May 21
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

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Game Stats

Levels I find difficult (Reality version)

I started play Candy Crush Saga on 11 May 2013

This is my difficulty for Reality version. Dreamworld version coming soon.

level 65 (Previous Version)

level 70

level 76

level 77(Although only got 4 colours)

level 95(so confuse)

level 147(Previous Version)

level 158(Limited space to exit)

level 170(Medium)

level 181

level 184(Previous version and now version also hard)

level 197

level 199

level 200(now I think this is easy now because the problem for striped fixed) 

level 218 

level 265(Previous Version)

level 285

level 290

level 305

level 335

level 350(the extremely hard level,the first hardest level on this world)will stuck so long time

level 366(first level of cake bombs)

level 376(boring)

level 377

level 380

level 382

level 385 

level 394

level 404

level 409

level 410(the extremely hard level,the second hardest level on this world)will stuck so long time

level 413

level 414

level 417(super hard level,but for previous version)

level 419

level 421(Previous Version)

level 425(Previous Version)

level 434

level 437

level 440(Previous Version)

level 460

level 461(the extremely hard level,the third hardest level on this world)will stuck so long time

level 492

level 500(Previous Version)

level 505

level 530

level 534

level 578(Previous Version:IMPOSSIBLE)

level 608

level 646(luck level)

level 655(Previous Version:another insanely hard level)

level 663(so many candy bomb)

level 664(Previous Version:luck level)

level 677(another THESE level)

level 688

level 699(another TERRIBLE level again,Previous Version)

level 720(just like pacman ghost,but soooo hard for previous version)

level 733(just need luck)

level 734(boring)

level 735(hard a bit but I just passed it for previous version)

level 737(Previous Version) - just insanely hard level...tried more than 100 times

level 740(boring)

level 750(boring)

level 755(another insanely hard level) - now just nerf the candy bomb moves only

level 758(need luck)

level 761(always not enough moves)

level 765(another insanely hard level) - now they haven't doing something!

level 789(candy bomb so anoy)

Levels I find difficult (Dreamworld version)

This is my difficulty for Dreamworld version.


Friends List

1)User:Flockky II



4)User:Storm2 - always need give you know how I leak it xD




Opening Time


I will online usually 6:30 a.m UTC to 2:30 p.m UTC...This time also maybe I will open other website or busy to do something ,thats mean I'll not always online that time on here...but I'll come chat here at least 10 minutes.


I will online usually 6:30 a.m UTC to 2:30 p.m UTC also...but I'll come chat here more than 30 minutes.

Game Progress (as of 12 November, 2016)



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