Cheese pingu

  • I live in In the world
  • My occupation is I am a kid right now!
  • I am Stop asking me my personal information kidnapper!I am A HUMAN!

Hi guys I am Cheese Pingu.You know Candy Crush is rocking!Even Ace plays this!Add me!You know this one is my progress!

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My Info:Edit

  1. I love CC Saga live in Pakistan!
  2. The Criminal Case Wiki hates me!
  3. I use FB after every 5 minutes
  4. I hate jellies
  5. I hate Cake Bomb,Bomb and Licorice
  6. I want to make friends!
  7. I love Comedy Night With Kapil
  8. I love Koffee with Karan
  9. I hate Maths espcially Geometrical Conustructions,it's triangles and the horrid arcs.
  10. I hate Animal and Women Violance!
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