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I've been playing Candy Crush Saga for eight years (since May 11th, 2012).  In addition to contributing here, I help out wikis for my other interests and other games I enjoy playing. 

Oh, and I'm on YouTube too. Here is my channel:

My most popular video of all time of me playing Level 252:

I also write custom songs for rhythm gaming, and have written a few general pieces of music out of pure enjoyment. You can find my SoundCloud account here:


My username: courtemanche437#0437



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Game Stats

Progress and Miscellaneous Information

Reality: Level 1506 (Lullaby Lake)

Final Dreamworld level: Level 198 (Tiki Fiesta)

Noteworthy Levels 

Disclaimer: These remarks refer to the first version of the level or the version that I played when I had gotten to them.

Level 14: The first level that gave me a bit of a rough time.

Level 33: Really tight move limit and no color bombs, yikes. 

Level 35: The hardest part of this level was not actually beating it. It was the bloody three-star target score...

Level 50: Same goes for this one.

Level 65: I actually sort of lucked out in that I didn't spend too terribly long here, only a day, but this was still a really difficult level.

Level 70: Two days for this one, but this was also a notorious level at the time that I lucked out on. I actually found the next entry on this list to be much harder.

Level 79: The icing and chocolate annoyed the hell out of me, and I was relieved to get off of it after spending over a week on it. But then I was stopped dead in my tracks by...

Level 86! 35 moves was just barely enough for this fricking ridiculously insane level!!! So many swirls!!! And infuriating licorice locks didn't help!!! I spent four months here and I had to bail myself out with a +3 moves booster!!! UGH!!!

Level 97: The target score was ridiculously hard to achieve before color bombs were buffed beyond belief, and so this was a very difficult Moves level at the time. Level 98 was the same way!

Level 102: Despite that though, this was the level in Salty Canyon that gave me the most trouble. Nine days I spent here, more than all the rest of the levels by far.

Level 125: Lucked out here as it only took about nine tries or so. Might have been less but I can't remember for sure.

Level 133: I'm honestly not sure if this or Level 135 was the hardest level in Wafer Wharf for me, but it definitely belongs in at least my top three because this level's shape is so difficult to work with, and I hated it!

Level 147: A week and a half for this one. I certainly didn't enjoy playing it, although 

Level 153: I hate the double color bomb order.

Level 161: Stupid licorice locks and chocolate spawners! Not the hardest level in Pastille Pyramid but definitely a close second, only behind...

Level 165: THIS LEVEL GAVE ME THE BLUES! I may have only spent two weeks here, but they were a nightmarish two weeks, as I would always not even get close to collecting the orders or get really close and fail by a few candies, because the candy bombs would give me a hard time! Certainly one of my least favorite order levels.

Level 181: Those side icing squares...

Level 191: Fairly challenging but also somewhat kinda fun.

Level 199: Sadly, the same can't be said for this one. This one was just plain hard and boring to play.

Level 200: Fortunately, this was rewarding and a nice way to celebrate the game's first really major milestone :)

Level 201: Unfortunately, this was a rude awakening going into the episode, but at least I didn't really get stuck too long here.

Level 202: Probably the only fun order level in Sweet Surprise, seeing as the next one was my wake-up call for the entry on this list after it.

Level 208: Two color bomb combinations in a six colored board. Need I say more? However, that was the least of my worries, seeing as I was about to hit...  

Level 213! It was in its second version by the time I got here, but it didn't make much of a difference. I still spent a dreadfully long month trying to beat this infamous son of a biscuit. Those chocolate spawners were the least of worries, it was the insanely hard icing in the center that was such a pain in the rear end. But the sad part is? This wasn't even the hardest level from the 200s in my opinion. More on that in a few entries. Oh, also, they eventually nerfed this level after the fact and ironically it became a load of fun. You can see for yourself on my YouTube channel.

Level 215: Not quite as frustrating as the previous two levels but certainly a worthy episode finale. Not really much else to say here.

Level 236: This level is so much fun because of the possibilities for huge chain reactions. This is my favorite level with eggs in them, and I'm pretty sure I'm definitely not alone on this opinion. However, this is probably the only really memorable level from Chocolate Barn... in a good way at least, because of...

Level 241! AAHHH!!! TOO MUCH LICORICE!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! The icing, especially the ones in the bottom and the corners, make this level even worse, more so than even 213!!! HOW IS THIS ONLY VERY HARD?!?!?! I spent SIX WEEKS trying to pass this hell!!! What makes it any better than...

Level 245: I beat the rest of this episode pretty quickly after that ludicrosity. BUT SERIOUSLY HOW IS V1 HARDER THAN 241?!?!?! SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!!! At least I can certainly say something positive about this next entry. A few things, actually.

Level 252! Ah yes, I was so excited to get through the first half of Delicious Drifts and finally get to play this famous former Timed level! I actually played a fairly short attempt just to pass it at first, but afterwards I then went back to truly reap the potential of the infinite extra timed candies you can get once the board has been opened up, and produced a 28-minute video of me scoring just over two million points, which ended up netting me a large majority of my subscribers on YouTube to this date, and has since reached nearly as many views, making it the most popular one I've ever uploaded. I then uploaded another video of this level to celebrate my 2,500 subscribers special which was over an hour long, wherein I reached my highest ever score of 26,260,960 points. So yeah, needless to say, I have quite the history with this level. It's a crying shame that Timed levels were removed from the game, but at least this one became a Moves level like so many others of its kin. Anyways, moving on.

Level 261: I didn't really like this opener. The licorice locks make it hard and the candy bombs only add to the difficulty.

Level 269: Actually, never mind. I hated this level even more. The licorice swirls, the quadrant board, and the candy bombs make this level so frustrating!!!  

Level 275: Speaking of candy bombs, oh my goodness gracious these ones were absolutely a nightmare to deal with. Not only did they originally have the lowest fuses in the game at that time with a piddling THREE moves, but they were also in arguably the hardest places to reach in the level. If you removed the candies next to the chocolate holding back these lethal things, it was pretty much game over unless by some miracle you had a way to reach them or the chocolate covered those spaces up again. This level was legitimately terrifying for me, and certainly one I'm glad I managed to get away from relatively quickly. Fortunately, it meant I was one step closer to...

Level 281! Far and away my favorite candy order level. Similar to 252, it takes a while to break through the blockers, but once this level gets going, man does it get going. 300 green candies may seem like a lot in just 50 moves, but the cascades will make short work of the order. Wish there were more fun and easy levels like this one.

Level 297: I actually did manage to get 221K here when this was a timed level one time but the only proof I have of it is on my leaderboard. Oh well :/  

Level 305: I actually didn't have as bad of a time here as I thought I would. But then again, I paid the price for it when I got to...

Level 307: Wow, I never imagined when I got to this level I'd be in for a rough ride. Three and a half weeks spent here. The rainbow candies and icing make this level extremely hard. Honestly the worst in Savory Shores in my opinion. Though the next entry is a close second.

Level 311 And again with the icing! That seems to be a common theme here in the 300s. I had it easier than the previous entry, only spending a week here, but they're very close in difficulty, especially considering this used to be one of the biggest bad boys out there, even so far as to be rated Nearly Impossible! 

Level 323: When I first played this level it was a lot of fun, with the teleporters causing massive cascades and allowing for huge scores. Now it's been buffed and is one of the most notorious quadrant levels.

Level 325: This was a level from Munchy Monolith that I had been dreading, but actually managed to luck out on and beat it in just a few tries. 

Level 335: Pick your poison: Try and dig through to the two color bombs available, or try to make your own. Honestly my least favorite level from the episode as far as my experience goes, though not the worst finale. Oh no, not by a long shot... But, I have plenty deep to go into that rabbit hole and I don't want it to go here, especially considering next up is:

Level 336! This is my favorite level in the whole game because like with 252 and 281, once you get some momentum going, it snowballs into an epic avalanche of striped/wrapped candies and color bombs! And there's jelly involved too, meaning you can get massive scores on this level.  

Level 340: The candy bombs make this level quite tricky. Not much else to say here. But the next one...

Level 341! This is the hardest four-colored level I've played so far! It doesn't make any difference! It's extremely hard to reveal the color bombs to the right, and making three more still isn't really that easy because you have so little room to work with! I hate it! 

Level 347: I can't remember this one to be honest, I really can't. Probably because it got overshadowed by...

Level 350!!! At the time, I thought this was the hardest level I had ever played, even beating out 86 and 213, even though I spent longer on the former. Yet again, surprise of all surprises, there is a load of icing you need to get rid of, but this time they're accompanied by candy bombs!!! This keeps the pressure on you not to unleash all of your powerful combos as you might accidentally release them and then you'll never be able to prevent their explosions!!! For this reason, I spent just as long as I did on 241 trying to beat this utter hell. I will never forget that momentous day, July 27th, 2013, on which I finally completed this level. When I cleared that last single jelly, I danced around my living room and shouted in pure excitement that I had finished it all off at long last. Many celebrations were had. Oh, and yeah this one got nerfed too a la 213, but to be honest, I don't find it as fun. 

Level 357: Previous maximum number of ingredients.

Level 361About 50 tries on this one I'd say. Obviously, there's been worse on this list, but you can't deny that this is a pretty hard ingredients level. Again with the icing!

Level 370: Loads of candy bombs. Loads of points.

Level 374: ^ 

Level 375I hate this one with a burning passion. The licorice is annoying as all hell, and six colors doesn't make it any easier. Brian overtook my progress at this level while I was stuck on it, and has since put an enormous gap between us.

Level 376: More fun with 18 ingredients. Except it's pretty tough because of the chocolate and what else, icing? 

Level 377: I actually don't really remember this being that difficult, though I think I sort of lucked out on this one. And to be honest, the rest of the levels in this episode weren't that bad either except for maybe 380.

Level 381: This one was pretty fun. Beat it on like, my first or second try.

Level 382: So much stuff getting in the way of the jellies! Though to be honest, I found it similar to some of the other recent really hard levels at that point in which I don't remember it giving me too much of a hassle.

Level 385: In fact, I actually found this one to be just as hard, maybe even a little harder.

Level 389: Dat three-star target score.

Level 391: 389 II. Sort of. Maybe.

Level 395: Nice easy level to bookend this episode :)

Level 400: 202 II. Though to be honest, this one wasn't as memorable or fun. Still a nice way to celebrate this milestone, though.

Error 404: Level Not Found. In all seriousness though, it was actually somewhat challenging, I'll give it that.

Level 409: This was far and away my least favorite level in Polkapalooza, and it's a great example of why switching ingredients is so frustrating.

Level 410: It took me a mere 15 minutes to beat this supposed former bad boy. O_O

Level 411: RIP Toffee Tornadoes.

Level 417: The hardest level in Soda Swamp for me. The icing was ruthlessly difficult to remove, the bombs had to be defused quickly, and the tornadoes didn't help at all. One time, I had merely a single hazelnut to drop, and by my last move it was just one space from the exit. This made me as emotional as some of my closest failures in the previous notoriously hard levels.

Level 425: This only took me a dozen attempts to beat, probably because I was prepared to deal with this brutality. Oh well.

Level 437Meanwhile, this level took more than a dozen dozen attempts... Still probably less than what it took me to finish 86 and 350 though...

Level 445: My least favorite level from Butterscotch Boulders for sure. I hate those stuck zones... 

Level 446: A nice, easy, and fun six-colored level :) 

Level 452: 80 striped candies!

Level 455: One of my favorite order levels.

Level 460: I was a bit concerned about this one, seeing as Brian found this level really tough, but it only took me four attempts, but that was a curse in disguise seeing as I was about to go up against...


...Ahem, sorry about that ._.

Level 463:  Anyways, at the time I claimed this to be a wannabe of Level 236 as it featured lots of eggs, thus involving a lot of randomness. However, this level is much harder because of the five-layered icing and the fact that you only have 15 moves to complete it, though I found it more of a fun hard level because of said eggs. It took me 30 attempts to beat this level but it honestly wasn't anything to get angry over. 

Level 470: 50-move candy bombs!  Level 479: Pretty fun, though there have been other levels on this list that have been more so. Level 490: I was fearful of this level when I saw the 461-esque chocolate, but this level turned out to be much easier after all :)

Level 492: Honestly my least favorite level in Meringue Moor. That icing is a nightmare to deal with...

Level 500: 38 goes on this infamous milestone. To be honest, I thought it would be a lot harder for me but I celebrated anyways for beating what was, at the time, such a prestigious level.

Level 505: This is regarded as the hardest level in Ice Cream Caves, but I sort of lucked out here.

Level 523: The level number that corresponds to my birthday! :D     

Level 530: 13 tries on this, when it was rated Extremely Hard with only 33 moves. I was expecting to square that number, honestly. But instead, I got off the hook! Woohoo! However, believe it or not, this was not my luckiest victory ever...

Level 531: First new element in eight episodes, at the time at least.

Level 539: And this was the hardest level in Sticky Savannah for me. I got stuck here for a bit, which was probably payback for getting off of 530 so easily. 

Level 546: Honestly my least favorite episode opener ever. Though then again, this was nothing compared to...

Level 549!!! I spent a month on this devilish checkerboard, and I hated all of it, from the thick icing to the irritating candy bombs and conveyor belts always ruining my plans! AHH! 

Level 555: To be honest, this level isn't as fun as everyone makes it out to be :/ 

Level 562: 42 tries. Just 42 tries needed. I thought it was going to take hundreds of attempts like it's older brother 549, but instead I got off easy with this one too! :D 

Level 567This one, however, completely caught me off guard and took me almost double that, with 74 attempts. Ugh, those bombs and the out-of-control chocolate...

Level 577I. HATE. LICORICE!!!

Level 585: Candies not spawning in the row where the jelly is is annoying :/

Level 586: Three tries, and I thought this one was going to be a lot worse!!!

Level 587: Only the second three-colored level after a gap of 556 levels! 

Level 588: Ugh, I really didn't like this one when I was there. It's been significantly nerfed since, though.

Level 590: Fun six-colored level :) 

Level 597Candies don't spawn in the whole left side of the board?!?!

Level 600: Triple element dispenser! And also pretty fun

Level 606: Ribbit!

Level 607: Ha I put more effort into this sort of thing than you did Brian ;D Oh, and this one was pretty easy.


Level 613: Blast off! And another Moves level <3

Level 616: One of the harder four-colored levels :/

Level 617: Only 15 attempts! And... well, I think you get the point.

Level 620: Pretty tricky finale.

Level 621: Woo, another three-colored level so soon! :D

Level 637: Stuck zone city.

Level 645: I still remember when this level first came out and there was a debate on the level's difficulty that led to Variable being created... ah, good times. I miss Summer 2014 honestly.    

Level 652Yin-yang of doom!

Level 656: FOUR wrapped candy + wrapped candy combinations!?!

Level 660More stuck zones, conveyor belts, and icing, ugh... 

Level 664: Honestly not as hard for me as the last few entries on this list were, but I can still see this was one of everyone's least favorite ingredient levels at the time. 

Level 666: I still remember all the anticipations that this level would be ridiculously hard, when it actually ended up being a load of fun, although they slightly ruined that with the buff. Oh well...

Level 667The skull is a perfect metaphor for how hard this level is :/ 

Level 677: Used to be the first level to require 10 striped candy + striped candy combos. I don't really remember my time here though.

Level 681: I was a bit worried about this opener at first but then it caved in after only four tries. I still think it's overrated...

Level 682: This one was infinitely worse than 681 for me but not quite frustrating enough to warrant a bolded entry on the list.

Level 688: See Level 530. Although I wasn't probably quite expecting to reach 169 attempts, and this one did not have 33 moves.    

Level 690Awkward board shape plus annoying conveyor belts and teleporters, plus the lack of room for error and constant candy bombs make for a very frustrating level! 

Level 696: Highest number of moves not counting the beta version of Level 15 which had 90. 

Level 699: I once collected all the orders when I was here but then didn't reach the target score :( 

Level 701: 1,185,140 points. I'm the only one with 1M on my leaderboard and in first place by over 300K! 

Level 704: A fun and easy Candy Order level. 

Level 705: ^

Level 711: Keys and chests! 

Level 713: The infamous target scores!

Level 715The keys are hard to collect, and it's easy to run out of moves! And the ingredients don't come out even when there aren't any on the board! I hated this one even more than 714 which is rated Very Hard! That one is overrated and this one is underrated! 

Level 720: Wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka Wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka Wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka! 

Level 724: Stupid icing, stupid locks, STUPID KEYS, STUPID CANDY BOMBS, STUPID LEVEL!!!

Level 725: Another four-colored Timed level! And I got video of this one too... but seeing as I just linked Nostalgia Critic's epicly-fitting rage for how I feel about the previous level, I won't clutter this up any more than I already did with that and the unnecessary Pac-Man refrencage to represent 720. 

Level 733: Eh, this one was a walk in the park compared to...

Level 734! Getting the keys is so trollish!!! 20 moves is barely enough for this putrid mess and it was horrible! 

Level 735: Former bad boy Moves level. 

Level 747: Insert plane noises here.

Level 751: Another former bad boy. This one has four colors though. 

Level 755: I played the nerfed version of this and several levels in Marmalade Meadow and Marshmallow Mountains that used to be really hard, so like the others, I lucked out in that I didn't have to struggle.


Level 770: I posted a meme about how many things this level is shaped like. Kinda fun too. 

Level 771: Why was this level's type changed? It was fine as a Moves level... 

Level 773 : A bit tricky at first, but if you can remove all the blockers in time it becomes great.

Level 777: It's a shame this level isn't really special or anything, considering three sevens is always the best outcome on a slot machine :/ 

Level 784: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Level 800: Again, nothing out of the ordinary, but the third milestone finale!

Level 802 and Level 803An annoying pair for sure. Both levels are annoying and required quite a bit of patience.

Level 805: Chess, anyone? 

Level 817I hate stuck zones.

Level 838: Yeah, as much as most of Candy Calaboose's levels used to suck, I can't really remember my time with any of them. As for this one though, coconut wheels in Jelly levels! :D 

Level 843Those corner jellies are so annoying...

Level 845: I sorta made a level like this many moons ago, and funnily enough, that was also an episode finale.

Level 846: UFOs are awesome. So helpful. 

Level 850: A rather fitting board for the episode it's in. Tricky, though.

Level 852: Lotsa yellow candy.

Level 853: Another level shaped like an alien this episode.

Level 862: Free color bombs at the start!

Level 865: Chocolate frog.

Level 867Annoying chocolate, plus thick icing making it hard to clear the cake bombs :/ 

Level 868Lining up the ingredients and bringing them down is so tough...

Level 869: Trying to clear the cake bomb in two moves is a fun challenge. The rest of the level is pretty nice, too.

Level 875: Boring and ridiculously hard.

Level 878: So far, but so close to that three-star target score...

Level 879Getting the keys is already a nightmare, let alone getting the ingredients in the right spot! >_< 

Level 880: Also a fun challenge. 

Level 881: It's almost like 381's younger brother, which is welcome. 

Level 883: Not as enjoyable as I thought it would be but still a nice level. 

Level 886Screw this dog -_-

Level 888: I like the reference with the target scores. The level itself was pretty enjoyable too. 

Level 897: It's raining cherries and hazelnuts! 

Level 906: Love this. 

Level 907 and Level 908Two more frustrating levels back-to-back... 

Level 910: The old three-star target score O_O 

Level 911: Emergency! Actually, this one was kinda difficult if I may be honest. 

Level 932Once the icing is gone, the fun factor intensifies.

Level 939: Tricky, but not the worst in Minty Meadow II...

Level 944: Not this one either, but...

Level 948!!! Horrible level, that fricking icing is just the worst! The middle blockers are also very annoying to deal with too and this dung heap is underrated -_- 

Level 951: In the same way that this level is overrated!!! It isn't that hard!!! 

Level 955

Actually, not quite that hard but a little frustrating.

Level 956: More like this, please. 

Level 957: Take the 5 and 9 in 597 and flip them around. You get this. 

Level 959The middle column is tediously hard to remove... 

Level 962 and Level 963The former is frustrating beyond belief and the latter is random and luck-based! 

Level 967: So is this one but I didn't find it all that hard.

Level 970Hard this was, though. Screw that top icing!!!

Level 971 and Level 972: 5.5 colored levels are an interesting concept.

Level 976: So is this level.

Level 978: This is one of those levels that makes me glad I'm still in the time period where King weren't being jerks with the move limits...

Level 993: Essentially a clone of Level 289.

Level 1000: I had underestimated this level at first, expecting it to be rather easy. However, it took me quite a few attempts because I had been getting unlucky with cascades. Not a bad thousandth level overall, though.

Level 1001: Remember the glitch that caused infinite ingredients to spawn out of the dispenser? That was quite humorous.

Level 1012: After this level, I really began to get on a roll with the Space Dash event and started to one-shot a lot of levels in the first half of this century. 

Level 1055: And this is where that streak ended. This level may be really fun, but the low amount of moves can be a downfall when luck is bad.

Level 1061I had been fearing this level for some time before I had reached it due to the reputation it had, but to my surprise, I ended up beating it in only 13 attempts, though it felt like a fluke considering how solid the consensus for the black difficulty had been.

Level 1072: This was really tricky because there's only so much space available and once again, a low amount of moves are present. An early example of how four colors doesn't necessarily mean a level is easy! 

Level 1081The icing in this level is EVIL. Ruthlessly hard to open the center where all the jelly is, and the conveyor belts can ruin plans like nothing else. Dangerous bombs too! Had to use a UFO booster on this one. 

Level 1087

Level 10961081's younger brother with a desire for revenge! 

Level 1100: So many things this level represents.

Level 1102 and 1103Even more awful icing in these two levels, with the latter having tricky cake bombs too! 

Level 1108: Three-colored fun :)

Level 1111: Quadruple ones.

Level 1132: Bomb mania.

My Fanon

I currently have 920 levels made, with 600 of them having pages.

I use Game Maker to make my level images. The software can be downloaded here:

Some Acknowledgements

  • Primetime: For being an awesome bureaucrat.
  • S256: For enticing me to join the wiki and being one of my best internet friends :) 
  • Flockky: For most of the cool contest templates. 
  • Lefty - For founding this great wiki. I know our history has been rough, but that doesn't change this fact.
  • Mullig: For encouraging me to be more active in my later years on the wiki.
  • HM100: For nominating me for chat/discussion mod and then admin.
  • Lucas: For being a fantastic fellow fanon creator.
  • PowerCrusher04: For being just an absolutely amazing dude in general :D
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