Level Codes for Candy Crush SagaEdit

Seems that making your own levels to play is really nearly impossible? It may be, but it may not be if you have known those ways to make it. So here is a simple tutorial for this.

Standard CodeEdit

Here are some codes for different mode levels:

{"gameModeName":"Classic moves",

Yes Moves level
Add or replace code with this:

"gameModeName":"Classic moves",

Yes Jelly level
Add or replace code with this:

"gameModeName":"Light up",

Yes Ingredients level
Add or replace code with this:

"gameModeName":"Drop down",

Yes Order level
Add or replace code with this:


Yes Timed level
Add or replace code with this:


Yes Mixed (Jelly Ingredients) level
Add or replace code with this:

"gameModeName":"Jelly Drop down",

Yes Mixed (Jelly Time level)
Add or replace code with this:

"gameModeName":"Jelly Time",

Yes Mixed (Jelly Order level)
Add or replace code with this:

"gameModeName":"Jelly Order",

Yes Mixed (Order Ingredient level)
Add or replace code with this:

"gameModeName":"Order Drop Down",

Yes Jelly color level (Unreleased)
Add or replace code with this:

"gameModeName":"Jelly Color",

Yes Frog level (Unreleased)
Add or replace code with this:


Yes Evil Spawner
Add code with this:


Tile Map CodesEdit

There are such a large amount of elements, how do they can be shown on every level? Here it is.

Candy Type
Candy Cannons
No. Elem. Icon Infomation of elements No. Elem. Icon Infomation of elements
000 / Empty space 001 Tile 13 L60 Empty tile
002 BlueGreenOrange
Candies 003 Single-Jelly Single jelly
004 Double-Jelly Double jelly 005 / Spawn point[1]
006 / Unmovable blocker note - clearing the bottom candies[2] 007 Regular Icing Regular Icing
008 Liquorice Lock Liquorice Lock 009 Chocolate Chocolate
010 Ingredients exit mobile Ingredients exit 011 / Teleporter note
012 Teleporter(Entry) Teleporter entry (011012) 013 Teleporter(Exit) Teleporter exit (011013)
014 / (Unused) 015 / (Unused)
016 / (Unused) 017 Liquorice swirl Liquorice Swirl
018 Candy Bomb BlueCandy Bomb GreenCandy Bomb Orange
Candy Bomb PurpleCandy Bomb RedCandy Bomb Yellow
Candy bomb 019 One-layered Icing New Sachet/One-layered Icing
020 Two-layered Icing Two-layered Icing 021 Three-layered Icing Three-layered Icing
022 Four-layered Icing Four-layered Icing 023 Five-layered Icing Five-layered Icing
024 Chocolate spawner animated Chocolate Spawner 025 Marmalade Marmalade
026 / Invisible "Candy Candy Cannon" :P 027 Ingredients Dispenser Ingredients Cannon
028 Licorice dispenser Liquorice Swirl Cannon 029 Candy Bomb Dispenser Candy Bomb Cannon
030 Candykeycannon Sugar Key Cannon 031 Mystery Candy Dispenser Mystery Candy Cannon
032 Mystery Blue CandyMystery Green CandyMystery Orange Candy
Mystery Purple CandyMystery Red CandyMystery Yellow Candy
Mystery Candy 033 Chameleon Candies (4)Chameleon CandiesChameleon Candies (2)
Chameleon Candies (5)Chameleon Candies (1)Chameleon Candies (3)
Chamelon Candy
034 / (Unused) 035 Cake Bomb new design Cake bomb
036 Frog1Frog2Frog3
Candy Frog 037 Toffee-Tornado Toffee Tornado
038 One-layered Sugar Chest One-layered Chest 039 Two-layered Sugar Chest Two-layered Chest
040 Three-layered Sugar Chest Three-layered Chest 041 Four-layered Sugar Chest Four-layered Chest
042 Five-layered Sugar Chest Five-layered Chest 043 CoconutWheel Coconut Wheel
044 Color bomb (trans) Colour Bomb 045 Striped blue hStriped green hStriped orange h
Striped purple hStriped red hStriped yellow h
Horizonal Striped Candy
046 Striped blue vStriped green vStriped orange v
Striped purple vStriped red vStriped yellow v
Vertical Striped Candy 047 Wrapped blueWrapped greenWrapped orange
Wrapped purpleWrapped redWrapped yellow
Wrapped Candy
048 Ingredients Ingredients (both types) 049 Jelly Fish BlueJelly Fish GreenJelly Fish Orange
Jelly Fish PurpleJelly Fish RedJelly Fish Yellow
Jelly Fish
050 Blue candy timedGreen candy timedOrange candy timed
Purple candy timedRed candy timedYellow candy timed
Extra Time Candy 051 Candykey1Candykey2Candykey3
Sugar Key
052 Lucky Candy BlueLucky Candy GreenLucky Candy Orange
Lucky Candy PurpleLucky Candy RedLucky Candy Yellow
Lucky Candy 053 Choco Frog Candy Frog under Chocolate
054 Popcorn blocker Popcorn 055 Red Fixed colour of Red
056 Yellow Fixed colour of Yellow 057 Blue Fixed colour of Blue
058 Green Fixed colour of Green 059 Orange Fixed colour of Orange
060 Purple Fixed colour of Purple 061 Image 62 UFO/IFO
062 Evil Spawner transparent Evil Spawner/Magic Mixer 063 Leaf Leaf (Appears only in "Frogger levels")
064 Green jelly Green Jelly 065 Red jelly Red Jelly
066 Bobber Bobber 067 Chameleon Candy Dispenser Chameleon Candy Cannon
068 Lucky Candy Dispenser Lucky Candy Cannon 069 Extra Time Candy Dispenser TIme Candy Cannon
070 Pinata blocker Piñata 071 Horizontal striped candy Vertical striped candy cannon Striped Candy Cannon (Both directions)
072 Wrapped Candy Dispenser Wrapped Candy Cannon 073 Pinata blocker Piñata (Unused)
074 Pinata blocker Piñata (Unused) 075 Pinata blocker Piñata (Unused)
076 Pinata blocker Piñata (Unused) 077 Pinata blocker Piñata (Unused)
078 Pinata blocker Piñata (Unused) 079 One-layered Waffle 1-layered Waffle
080 Two-layered Waffle 2-layered Waffle 081 Three-layered Waffle 3-layered Waffle
082 Four-layered Waffle 4-layered Waffle 083 Five-layered Waffle 5-layered Waffle
084 Extra Moves Candy Extra Moves Candy 085 Extra moves candy cannon Extra Moves Candy Cannon
086 Wall space Candy Cane Fence Up 087 Wall space Candy Cane Fence Down
088 Wall space Candy Cane Fence Left 089 Wall space Candy Cane Fence Right
090 Waffle cannon Waffle Cannon 091 Jelly Fish Blue (Striped)Jelly Fish Green (Striped)Jelly Fish Orange (Striped)
Jelly Fish Purple (Striped)Jelly Fish Red (Striped)Jelly Fish Yellow (Striped)
Striped Fish
092 Jelly Fish Blue (Wrapped)Jelly Fish Green (Wrapped)Jelly Fish Orange (Wrapped)
Jelly Fish Purple (Wrapped)Jelly Fish Red (Wrapped)Jelly Fish Yellow (Wrapped)
Wrapped Fish 093 Blue Colour Bomb FishGreen Colour Bomb FishOrange Colour Bomb Fish
Purple Colour Bomb FishRed Colour Bomb FishYellow Colour Bomb Fish
Color Bomb Fish
094 One-layered Dark Chocolate 1-layered Dark Chocolate 095 Two-layered Dark Chocolate 2-layered Dark Chocolate
096 Three-layered Dark Chocolate 3-layered Dark Chocolate 097 Three-layered Dark Chocolate 4-layered Dark Chocolate (unused, same sprite as 3-layered)
098 Three-layered Dark Chocolate 5-layered Dark Chocolate (unused, same sprite as 3-layered) 099 Game Crash
100 Game Crash 101 Game Crash
102 Game Crash 103 Game Crash
104 Game Crash 105 Game Crash
106 Game Crash 107 Horizontal striped candy cannon Horizontal Striped Candy Cannon
108 Vertical striped candy cannon Vertical Striped Candy Cannon 109 One-layered Candy Cane Curls One-layered Candy Cane Curl Up
110 One-layered Candy Cane Curls One-layered Candy Cane Curl Down 111 One-layered Candy Cane Curls One-layered Candy Cane Curl Left
112 One-layered Candy Cane Curls One-layered Candy Cane Curl Right 113 Two-layered Candy Cane Curls Two-layered Candy Cane Curl Up
114 Two-layered Candy Cane Curls Two-layered Candy Cane Curl Down 115 Two-layered Candy Cane Curls Two-layered Candy Cane Curl Left
116 Two-layered Candy Cane Curls Two-layered Candy Cane Curl Right 117 Three-layered Candy Cane Curls Three-layered Candy Cane Curl Up
118 Three-layered Candy Cane Curls Three-layered Candy Cane Curl Down 119 Three-layered Candy Cane Curls Three-layered Candy Cane Curl Left
120 Three-layered Candy Cane Curls Three-layered Candy Cane Curl Right 121 Game Crash
122 One-layered Crystal One-layered Crystal Candy 123 Two-layered Crystal Two-layered Crystal Candy
124 Three-layered Crystal Three-layered Crystal Candy 125 Cherry new Cherry
126 Hazelnut new Hazelnut 127 Colour bomb cannon Colour Bomb Cannon
128 Fish cannon Jelly Fish Cannon 129 Rainbow Twist 1 One-layered Rainbow Twist
130 Rainbow Twist 2 Two-layered Rainbow Twist 131 Rainbow Twist 3 Three-layered Rainbow Twist
132 Rainbow Twist 4 Four-layered Rainbow Twist 133 Rainbow Twist 5 Five-layered Rainbow Twist
134 One-layered Sugar Coat One-layered Sugar Coat 135 Two-layered Sugar Coat Two-layered Sugar Coat
136 Three-layered Sugar Coat Three-layered Sugar Coat 137 Sugar coat cannon Sugar Coat Cannon

Miscellaneous Info

  1. This is a spawn point with ALL elements mentioned in code sheet. Please use with candy cannon code if you want to specialize the elements spawn.
  2. Example of unmovable blocker: Icings, chocolate spawner, popcorn, evil spawner, etc. Not include Marmalade and Liquorice Lock, those have candies in the blockers.


Before the talk about teleporters and conveyor belts, I need to show a grid paper of board: GridDIY

Okay, let's talk about this:


Teleporters, teleport the things from there to there. Remember, 8192 is very important for teleporters's codes, it can hide, or show the elements in the board. Here is the use of teleporters:

"portals":[[[Entry Coordinate],[Exit Coordinate]],[[Entry Coordinate],[Exit Coordinate]]] (if any)
"portals":[] (if none)
Without 8192 in the code With 8192 in the code
Tele Result N Tele Result Y

Conveyor BeltsEdit

Using Conveyor belts's code may be complicated, but not difficult, it will be the hardest part of code, handle it well proved that you have a great progress of learning the codes :)

No. Direction Portal Colour Icon


Up (Nothing)


1 Right Red Conveyor portal red
2 Down Green Conveyor portal green
3 Left Blue Conveyor portal blue


"gates":[[[Conveyor Belt Coordinate],[Next Conveyor Belt Location],[Direction],[Portal Colour]]], (if any)
"gates":[] (if none)
Seems so complicated? Try more times.

For example:


Result is:

Conveyor Result

Candy Order CodesEdit


This shown how order works. Code is underneath:

No. Order Icon
1 Red candies Red
2 Blue candies Blue
3 Yellow candies Yellow
4 Orange candies Orange
5 Purple candies Purple
6 Green candies Green
7 Wrapped candies Wrapped2 (trans)
8 Striped candies Striped2 (trans)
9 Color bombs Color bomb (trans)
10 Striped + striped Striped striped (trans)
11 Striped + wrapped Striped wrapped (trans)
12 Striped + color bomb Colourbomb striped (trans)
13 Color bomb + color bomb Colourbomb colourbomb (trans)
14 Wrapped + color bomb Colourbomb wrapped (trans)
15 Wrapped + wrapped Wrapped wrapped (trans)
16 Chocolate squares Chocolate
17 Icing layers Five-layered Icing
18 Popcorn squares Popcorn Stage 3
19 Liquorice swirls Licorice-swirl
20 Candy bombs Candy Bomb order
21 Jelly fishes Jelly Fish order
22 Cake bombs Cake Bomb new design
23 Mystery candies Mystery Candy
24 Magic mixers Evilanimated
25 Waffle layers One-layered Waffle
26 Dark chocolate Three-layered Dark Chocolate
27 Candy cane curl layers Candy Cane Curls order
28 Crystal candy layers Three-layered Crystal
29 Rainbow twist layers Rainbow Twist order
30 Candy frog
31 Sugar coat layers

Magic MixerEdit

Magic mixer is evil, but its codes are not evil.



  • Amount = How much of that blocker
  • Elements = Element number
  • Interval = How many moves in between
No. Blocker
0 All blockers
1 Candy Bomb
2 Liquorice Swirl
3 Regular Icing
4 Two-layered Icing
5 Three-layered Icing
6 Four-layered Icing
7 Five-layered Icing
8 Chocolate
9 Liquorice Lock
10 Marmalade
11 1-layered Dark Chocolate
12 2-layered Dark Chocolate
13 3-layered Dark Chocolate
14 One-layered Crystal
15 Two-layered Crystal
16 Three-layered Crystal
17 One-layered Waffle
18 Two-layered Waffle
19 Three-layered Waffle
20 Four-layered Waffle
21 Five-layered Waffle
22 One-layered Rainbow Twist
23 Two-layered Rainbow Twist
24 Three-layered Rainbow Twist
25 Four-layered Rainbow Twist
26 Five-layered Rainbow Twist
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