Magic MixerEdit

Magic mixer is evil, but its codes are not evil.



  • Amount = How much of that blocker
  • Elements = Element number
  • Interval = How many moves in between
No. Blocker Spawning Element Icon
0 All blockers
1 Candy Bomb Candy Bomb BlueCandy Bomb GreenCandy Bomb Orange
Candy Bomb PurpleCandy Bomb RedCandy Bomb Yellow
2 Liquorice Swirl Liquorice swirl
3 Regular Icing Regular Icing
4 Two-layered Icing Two-layered Icing
5 Three-layered Icing Three-layered Icing
6 Four-layered Icing Four-layered Icing
7 Five-layered Icing Five-layered Icing
8 Chocolate Chocolate
9 Liquorice Lock Liquorice Lock
10 Marmalade Marmalade
11 1-layered Dark Chocolate One-layered Dark Chocolate
12 2-layered Dark Chocolate Two-layered Dark Chocolate
13 3-layered Dark Chocolate Three-layered Dark Chocolate
14 One-layered Crystal One-layered Crystal
15 Two-layered Crystal Two-layered Crystal
16 Three-layered Crystal Three-layered Crystal
17 One-layered Waffle One-layered Waffle
18 Two-layered Waffle Two-layered Waffle
19 Three-layered Waffle Three-layered Waffle
20 Four-layered Waffle Four-layered Waffle
21 Five-layered Waffle Five-layered Waffle
22 One-layered Rainbow Twist Rainbow Twist 1
23 Two-layered Rainbow Twist Rainbow Twist 2
24 Three-layered Rainbow Twist Rainbow Twist 3
25 Four-layered Rainbow Twist Rainbow Twist 4
26 Five-layered Rainbow Twist Rainbow Twist 5
27 One-layered Sugar Coat One-layered Sugar Coat
28 Two-layered Sugar Coat Two-layered Sugar Coat
29 Three-layered Sugar Coat Three-layered Sugar Coat
30 One-layered Bubblegum Pop Bubblegum Pop 1
31 Two-layered Bubblegum Pop Bubblegum Pop 2
32 Three-layered Bubblegum Pop Bubblegum Pop 3
33 Four-layered Bubblegum Pop Bubblegum Pop 4
34 Five-layered Bubblegum Pop Bubblegum Pop 5
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