aka Daniel Alejandro

  • I live in Peru
  • I was born on June 30
  • I am Male

Hello, my name is above :v , I'm a casual candy crush player. Currently i'm level 200 in Candy Crush Saga, and level 54 in Dreamworld. I don't see what else to put.

Levels I've been stuck onEdit

  • 23 : Honestly, I couldn't get to eliminate all within the moves given,  I've been stuck here for one week, if not, more.
  • 37 : In my opinion, hard , took like 3 days to pass.
  • 70 : This has to be the hardest level i've played until now, been stuck here for like 3 weeks, I admit it, I used boosters here, like 3 +5 moves, 2 free switches, and several lollipop hammers. Passing it was a miracle for me.
  • 100 : Another trap. I was stuck here for around a week or around, without knowing what the hell to do.
  • 125 : Quite a trouble for me.
  • 133 : Seriously, the shape didn't help me at all. This , along with level 70, is the hardest level i've played.
  • 147 : I was scared as many people say that this is the hardest level, that they use hundreds of lifes. It may influentiated me a little, but it took me around 6 or 7 tries, with 3 stars and no boosters. 
  • 150 : Harder than 100, but not harder than 70.
  • 155 : Also wasted many tries here.
  • 158 : More than 20 tries.
  • 181 : Hard as they say... stuck for more than a month here x.x
  • 191 : More than 30 tries, less than 40.
  • 199 : Harder than 133, easier than 70 and 181.
  • 200 : As easy as people say it might be, it was a real problem for me, maybe around 100 tries or so. This is my actual level, well I finished it but I'm stuck in the 3-friends thing. I'm playing Dreamworld now.
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