There's a category out of place that's keep that page from being consistent with all the others.

Sugar Drop
Level type
Miscellaneous categories
Single/double jelly
Regular candy/special candy/combinations/blocker orders
Spaces/empty spaces
Colours/candies that do not start from rest, other miscellaneous categories that aren't really sorted out
All special candies in alphabetical order
All elements in alphabetical order
All blockers in alphabetical order - layers of icing then sugar chests plus all others in order (pretty much Dreamworld stuff)
Major milestones plus other miscellaneous categories
A lot of categories - which is why the categories badge is the most competitive.
One other addition, under the level type, for Dreamworld levels only, there can be "levels with a timed Reality counterpart."

3primetime3, Candy Crush Saga Wiki:Chat/Logs/13 July 2016

See also: Thread:358283

What's done is done, but "Best practices" when adding or changing input values for a parameter are to keep the old values while adding the new ones. That way none of the pages using the old value needs to be changes and the new value can be used as desired. 

Using "stripedstriped" as an example you replaces "stripedstriped" by "striped+striped", which means any page using stripedstriped had to be modified. If instead you would have included both of these lines used the code below both the + and the without + version would both worked without any modification to any pages

striped+striped=Striped striped (trans).png: {{{2}}}
stripedstriped=Striped striped (trans).png: {{{2}}}

If all the changes were already made I apologize for making the revert, but again additional changes would not have had to be made if both values were allowed.

JoyIF, Thread:310293#2

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  • Adding imagebox on images (See also: Thread:381056)
  • Translating comments/threads (However, I usually use Google Translator to do it, so most of the translation may be not correct, except Korean, my native language)
  • Creating or editing abuse filters that possibly useful on this community
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Some minor stuffs

Find seven different spots
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A list of pages that I made mostly intending to test something, most of pages are sandbox to indicate each difficulty(pass, each star) of levels

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