aka Eevee

  • I live in England
  • I was born on December 1
  • My occupation is Wikia editor
  • I am Female

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How many tries each level took me UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

4colors1 This user has won 1st place on [ChocophileBenj's contest of the 4 colors].

Name: Margaret

Aka: Eevee, Maggie

Plays CCS since: March 2013

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Birthday: December 1

Likes: CCS, DDS (Diamond Digger Saga), chatting on CCS wiki chat, her friends, neutral users

Dislikes: Enemies, when her computer is slow, Internet Explorer.

Levels I find difficult

Top 5 R:

5. 147- lost 177 lives, stuck there for a month.

4. 70- lost 129 lives, stuck there for a month and 1 day.

3. 765- lost 208 lives, stuck there for two weeks.

2. 125- lost 316 lives, stuck there for 2 months and 2 weeks.

1. 735- lost 327 lives, stuck there for a week.



Top 5 DW:

5. 387 - lost 111 lives, stuck there for 2 weeks.

4. 87 - lost 112 lives, stuck there for 2 weeks.

3. 116 - lost 129 lives, stuck there for 2 weeks and 2 days.

2. 182 - lost 127 lives, stuck there for 3 weeks.

1. 147 - lost 199 lives, stuck there for at least a month.



My best friends, friends, neutrals and enemies

Best friends:

User:Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711 - cool friend! I can't say anything else, because i dunno.

User:Roseturnip - It is good you rate my level ideas! And nice talking with you, too, it is good you block some bad users! :)

User:CC-8589934592 - Sang Wannabe 185 times in a day? o.o Wow! Anyway, nice talking to and thanks for your rating and helping with the ratings! And also for blocking one annoying, selfish user!

User:3primetime3 - Thanks for changing my comment box to yellow :) Nice talking with you, just i haven't met you on chat for a long time.

User:Supermario3459 - Thank you for warning me that one of my levels was impossible! Hey, may you teach me some French? Anyway, 125 = NUL for both of us! :D

User:Milos_Ivanis - Nice talk, even when it is about Diamond Digger, I don't care - I love that game too! And I see you have birthday on the same day as Olaf! :D

User:LucasH181 - Good and friendly, often on chat :) And you often see my ideas :) I wonder how good are they in your opinion? :)

User:Lefty8899 - Sometimes you fall for my jokes :D

User:ChaneyTheSamurott - Pretty funny Samurott.


User:Asew54321 - Mystery candy factory! Yay! ^_^

User:Blackbird625 - Your wrenches, hammers and all other things are just great!

User:Solstice2000 - Myyyyyysteryyyyyyyyyyy candyyyyyy!

User:TonySnivy - We both play CCS, we both like Pokemon, we both like Snivy! Simply cool! Just wish I could see you more.

User:Storm2 - Richard is a cool cat! And talking with you? Good! If you want, rate my level ideas! :)

User:CandyCrusherFilip - It is good that we talk! Keep going :)

User:3litecandycrusher - I like when you talk with with me and Olaf. :)

User:It's a Sin - You are sometimes so funny you make me laugh :D

User:Toby1115 - I was talking to you on Scrubby Dubby Wikia chat once. You are friendly, too bad you don't play Candy Crush Saga very much.


User:Blueeighthnote - We barely talk.

User:Paprika2711 - Too bad you can't talk English really well, but it is still OK. Anyway, good luck with hard levels, I know you will pass them in a while. :)

User:BloomingFlower - I met you only sometimes, so..

User:Dragonfunk948 - Same as Blooming.

All non-swearing IP users, also others on chat i don't talk so much to.


All swearing users (even IP), selfish users, users with no respect, sockpuppets and users who are vandalising. Especially one user. Also people threatening, causing war and drama on chat. Also one user. Who are they? You maybe know. If not.. Well.. They are simply bad. Nothing else to them.

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