aka Mr.cookie

  • I live in On a plate
  • I was born on August 19
  • My occupation is Smiling
  • I am Male

Hi,<insert name here> .this is my page! I'm in Sweet Suprise

Game statsEdit

I'm on level 201

my favorite level is 11

my least favorite level is 181

the level I was stuck the longest was level 181

Levels I find difficultEdit

level 7 Don't ask

level 14 Yes this is easy

level 19 HUGE difficulty spike

level 28 They just get harder

level 29 come on!

level 37 why Am I so bad

level 40 I have nothing to say

level 50 The longest so Far Without hard levels

level 60 I hope 70 will be easy

level 70 WHAT I GOT JINXED ...and it got nerfed

level 77 I am so good at failing

level 92 HARDER THEN 70 PRE-NERF!!!!

level 101 I can not believe I made it this far!


level 123 It heard me!

level 125 I am not failing as much

level 130 Candy order?

level 133 The octopus got me

level 140 (no comment)

level 147 This is somewhat easy wait this got buffed

level 149 Why does every thing happen to me?

level 158 A break from failing

level 161 Why are chocolate spawnners Invincable

level 162 STOP IT

level 165 COME ONE

level 167 STOP IT

level 168 I MIGHT QUIT

level 175 Hard

level 181 Very very very hard! This got nerfed one day after I beat it!

level 182 A hard timed level?

Level 191 Very hard

Level 195 Not that hard

Level 197 Peice of cake (sarcasm)

level 199 back to hard ones


Level 152: Peice of cake

Opening TimeEdit

meter mood: mad because SOMEONE ate my friend jack

I am a cookie

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