• I live in Prime Numbers Wiki
  • I was born on December 24
  • My occupation is a primer
  • I am the founder of Prime Numbers Wiki

Note: This profile is under redesign.

180px-Rage table flip

When I passed Level 99, here was my positive rage:

Since I did not play for a long time, I ask the masters to forgive me, as I am only at Level 181. I might not be playing for a long time because of synchronization problems. I think the problem is solved. Back to FB.

  • I am an average Candy Crusher who does not know how many stars he has.
  • I am now an iOS player. But, I will check my FB Candy Crush rarely or sometimes, to check on my winning trophies for every episode.
  • All hail, hard prime numbers! Like 43 (DW), 109, 167 and 181.

Opening Time
Usually, I am around all-day, but of course, I have breaktimes. Note that I am from the Philipines, so if you send me a message at 1am in New York, there is a high chance I'll reply to it 'cause its 13:00 in here. From those in Asia, it is best to give me a message in the morning, because it might be the same time, too.

Hardest Levels for Me

10. Level 29 Lemonade-Lake

9. Level 181 Cupcake-Circus

8. Level 98 Salty-Canyon

7. Level 70 Easter-Bunny-Hills

6. Level 117 Peppermint-Palace

5. Level 125 Peppermint-Palace

4. Level 32 Juicy-Jacuzzi

3. Level 147 Gingerbread-Glade

2. Level 43 Aurora-Chocorealis

1. Level 92 Bubblegum-Bridge

My Future Plans

  1. I am fixing some levels with inconsistent infoboxes, like filling up those blank logos above the previous and next.
  2. I am going to add episode banners in the infoboxes. Just answer this poll: User blog:Julianthewiki/Can I implement this?
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