JANUARY 12 2017 - IT'S FREAKING SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!! Lefty's new CCSW account.

I will be using this account on CCSW from now on 95% of the time.

For those new to this Wikia, first, welcome :)

I founded the Wikia on December 22 2012. I started playing Candy Crush Saga on August 19 2012, when there were just 170 levels As of Fall 2015, though, I became inactive due to life and losing interest in Candy Crush Saga itself. But let it be known I do still occasionally check back here to respond to messages and just see how everyone is doing.

Some of my old memories here (long-time fan nostalgia)

  • The wonderful cactus emoji.
  • Me and Level 419.
  • Me and Level 735.
  • Checking every single day to see if a new episode had released.
  • Stub jokes, oh the stub jokes!
  • Hour upon hour of procrastination by chatting on the chat :P
  • Creating that List of Levels page back in May 2013.
  • Trying to get the Lucky Candy badges.
  • Getting the platinum badge.
  • Seeing so many users come and go, and some stay for an amazing amount of time - some of which are still here to this day! Seriously you guys are AMAZING.
  • Learning to make templates, and coding.
  • Okay don't lie peeps, "bimbs" WAS pretty funny.
  • Creating those number move image templates in MS-Paint, then having CC make them transparent.
  • And about ten trillion others!
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