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  • I live in Singapore
  • I was born on October 2
  • I am Male

And I don't care if I sing off key; I find myself in my melodies; I sing for love, I sing for me; I shout it out like a bird set free.


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Hard Levels

Level 600 and below

Level(s) Remarks  Personal Rating
Level 33 Quadrant levels...  Hard
Level 35 Jelly overload! Hard
Level 40 Too much liquorice locks for me to handle! Hard
Level 65 (Versions) This level is terribly annoying for me! Insanely Hard
Level 79 (Versions) Annoying chocolate, that's annoying. Insanely Hard
Level 97 Argh, I can't reach the score! Hard
Level 125 What a terrible combo. Very Hard
Level 130 Just can't make that combos. Hard
Level 133 One of the most dreaded levels. What kind of shape is that? Insanely Hard
Level 136 Oh dear! Hard
Level 137 Arghh!!! Very Hard
Level 147 (Versions) I'm been stuck here for days and days... Insanely Hard
Level 153 No more space! Hard
Level 154 It brings back bad memories. Hard
Level 162 (Versions) It brings back bad memories, too. Very Hard
Level 165 (Versions) Oh, gosh! Very Hard
Level 180 Locked candies? NO! Very Hard
Level 181 Ooh, I'm a lucky guy now! XD Very Hard
Level 197 Boom! I don't think that really works. Very Hard
Level 199  I'm not a mulitasker. Insanely Hard
Level 201 *grunts* Very Hard
Level 218 Some un-reachable jelly. Very Hard
Level 226 Another dreaded one. Very Hard
Level 265 Forced to reveal the bombs. Hard
Level 266 I suppose it is harder than Level 165. Insanely Hard
Level 269 Outta my way! Very Hard
Level 277 When your chocolate eats your wrapped candy... Very Hard
Level 284 I hate meringues! Very Hard
Level 288 (FB Version) 我无话可说。 (I have nothing to say.) Very Hard
Level 293 Nerf this level! NOW! Very Hard
Level 303 All about bombs... Very Hard
Level 311 Too much meringues. Hard
Level 315 Argh! Insanely Hard
Level 317 Easier said than done. Hard
Level 332 I flipped the table! I raged. Very Hard
Level 340 Never knew this level could be more hellish than Level 305. Very Hard
Level 341 I hate this level! More than Level 305! They said this level should be DOWNGRADED, and they said mix 2 color bombs together 2 times, and it's EASIER SAID THAN DONE. I hate this level, and KING, you should downgrade it! Rotten level. (Maybe the reaction's too exaggerating.) Insanely Hard
Level 353 Double jellies in regular icings? NO! Very Hard
Level 356 Quadrants level are miserable. Insanely Hard
Level 357 Too much ingredients. Hard
Level 361 Too much chocolate. Very Hard
Level 362 The most underrated level. Very Hard
Level 375 Licorice are meant to be nice... Insanely Hard
Level 380 我无话可说。 (I have nothing to say.) Very Hard
Level 383 How can this be considerably hard? Hard
Level 394 Detesting this level. Very Hard
Level 402 7 color bombs with an overload of blockers?! Very Hard
Level 410 Insanely hard, please... Insanely Hard
Level 414 Grrr... How can a level with THREE isolated jellies be easy? And there's only 40 moves!? Insanely Hard
Level 421 I'd rather play 341 all over again! This level is way too much. Insanely Hard
Level 425 The hardest of ALL in Soda Swamp. Even 419 and 421 is easier than this! And as hard as 414. Insanely Hard
Level 539 Woah. Even 425 wasn't that evil! Insanely Hard
Level 551 This level is absolutely horrible. Very Hard
Level 560 LICORICE SWIRLS... @_@

Level 1070 and above

Levels Remarks Personal Rating
Level 1082 Isn't this a harder version of 181? 30 moves to clear 5 layers of icing directly in the middle is pure hard. Very Hard
Level 1101 Not good. Just not good. Very Hard
Level 1102 Hell's Insanely Hard! Insanely Hard
Level 1126 Who on mother earth created this hell? A harder rip-off of 181. Even 181 is easier than this piece of crap -_- Insanely Hard
Level 1247 After this level I'm still trying to load back my stocks of coconut wheels. Nearly Impossible
Level 1249 I love popcorns (but not in CCS). Very Hard
Level 1254 Guess who hates ingredients levels? Me. Very Hard
Level 1255 Boosted my way through. (Yet I still failed.) Insanely Hard
Level 1259 Flood... I mean tsunami! A tsunami of cherries! Very Hard
Level 1262 Hammering my way through. Insanely Hard
Level 1266 Gettin' a little unlucky. Hard
Level 1277 I hate hard levels, so I use boosters! *insert meme here* Insanely Hard
Level 1283 Gettin' a little lucky. Somewhat Hard
Level 1288

Me: opens mystery egg

Mystery Egg: Spawns chocolate

Candy Bomb: Explodes

Very Hard
Level 1292 Ran out of supplies (boosters). Please help asap. Insanely Hard
Level 1310 This level marks the end of my CCS journey. Bye. Nearly Impossible

Lucas gets Lucky

~Skipping to Levels 1060 and above~

Titles Earned

Relationship on Wikia

Best Friends

  1. User:Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711 - A friendly user on chat.
  2. User:EeveeLover1988 - Another friendly user. She is also passionate in making level ideas!
  3. User:CC-8589934592 - A very helpful and active admin :)
  4. User:Roseturnip - Also an active and friendly admin.
  5. User:Flockky II - A very friendly user. Makes good contributions to the wiki. Keep it up!
  6. User:Courtemanche437 - Awesome guy! Famous on YouTube because of the Level 252 video XD
  7. User:Storm2 - It's quite nice talking to him. And Richard :D
  8. User:Supermario3459 - Nice user! And forgiving me for that accident XD
  9. User:3primetime3 - Awesome guy! :D Nice to talk too :P


  1. User:Lefty7788 - Our founder. Also very friendly. And making me rollback :D
  2. User:3litecandycrusher - Seems friendly. If I know more about you, you will be in the Best Friends list for sure.
  3. User:Andrero - Another nice guy! :)
  4. User:Solstice2000 - I just need to know him better to get in my Best Friends list.
  5. User:Asew54321 - Same as above.
  6. User:Quan-PokemonMaster - Same as above.
  7. User:Timmy fenton
  8. User:ChaneyTheSamurott
  9. User:Wildoneshelper


Those I do not know well are under this list.

  1. User:Top Agent PGG jr.
  2. User:LEGOSpinjitzu
  3. User:ChocophileBenj
  4. User:Cheekian
  5. User:Ariel448 - So you're from Singapore? Nice =)

Current Progress

Date and Time Progress
11 June 2014 (4:38pm) Level 278
11 June 2014 (5:00pm) Level 282
11 June 2014 (5:45pm) Level 283
12 June 2014 (3:30pm) Level 290
13 June 2014 (1:00pm) Level 291
14 June 2014 (2:45pm) Level 292
15 June 2014 (8:15pm) Level 294
15 June 2014 (8:25pm) Level 296
16 June 2014 (3:30pm) Level 301
18 June 2014 (6:40pm) Level 305
7 July 2014 (5:45pm) Level 325
12 July 2014 (9:15pm) Level 340
28 July 2014 (2:20pm) Level 354
5 August 2014 (8:05pm) Level 356
16 August 2014 (8:45pm) Level 362
31 August 2014 (3:50pm) Level 365
4 September 2014 (1:40pm) Level 370
1 October 2014 (3:00pm) Level 376
15 October 2014 (8:25pm) Level 395
17 October 2014 (2:45pm) Level 401
16 November 2014 (5:20pm) Level 421
25 November 2014 (5:00pm) Level 437
3 December 2014 (2:30pm) Level 440
18 January 2015 (7:05pm) Level 518
5 April 2015 (9:00pm) Level 560
8 May 2015 (5:30pm) Level 585
24 June 2015 (5:30pm) Level 665
2 August 2015 (8:00pm) Level 740
15 August 2015 (4:30pm) Level 765
1 September 2015 (10:00pm) Level 798
7 May 2016 (10:00pm) Level 1000
14 May 2016 (4:15pm) Level 1026
28 July 2016 (8:10pm) Level 1256

Note: I have tried 590, 674 - 680 on my friend's device on Mobile Versions.


Mystery Eggs: Rare Outcomes

Number Outcomes Level
1. Empty Tile 305
2. Empty Tile 463

External Links

  1. Level Ideas 1 to 17: User blog:Lucas.poh.71/Level Ideas
  2. Level Ideas 18 and onwards: User:LucasH181/Sandbox
  3. Template Testing: User:LucasH181/Sandbox/Template Testing

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