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23:54 (UTC) - 23/01/2020

From this time, I officially retired this wiki, but it's is not that I completely retired. After completing the important tests in 1 year, I will return to continue my work.

Hope you can beat all the levels of Candy Crush Saga and keep fire for this wiki! I will wait for you!

And more, If you want to find any new elements or candy cannons, download them from the link below!

Image link:

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Hello <insert name here>  ! I am Marisa! My user name is Marisa1980! Welcome to my userpage!

I am not good at English because I am Vietnamese (Vietnam-icon). So, there are some grammatical error in my sentences.

I am currently working on this wiki and I will try to edit the articles quickly. If you have any help, leave the message on my message wall.

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I started the game on on March, 6th 2013. Sometimes, I also play games on phone.

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