aka Luis A.

  • I live in Venezuela
  • I was born on December 10
  • My occupation is Still playing GD
  • I am Procrastinating as always

About Myself Edit

HELLO EVERY USER WHO SEE THIS... MY NAME IS LUIS AND I'M KNOWN AS MASTER... I am a very fan at CCS so I decided to join this amazing community! besides seeing description about some levels I had encountered or will soon...

I live on a Country called Venezuela... on south america, the time Zone is (UTC -4:30), I am a very Creative Person,I like to do drawings a lot, on pencil and on Digital... sometimes I post my Level Ideas on this wiki to let people see it! Hope anypne enjoys my drawings, Level ideas and my tutorials! :D

I have No idea when I started playing Candy crush... May be a few days (or weeks) after the release of Pudding Pagoda.. Kinda

Progress on Candy Crush Edit

I am currently on: the Ticket Booth to Nougat Noir

Recently completed Candy CURSED Calaboose

In Dreamworld, I am currently on: Level 537 of Surreal Safari (Insanely Hard for me)

Recently on the Episode: SURREAL SAFARI

Hardest Level I have crossed on my entire Candy Crush Voyage: Level 677 (Pre-Nerf) & Dreamworld Level 383 (Pre-Nerf)

Hardest recent Levels I have beaten or Stuck now: Level 829 & Dreamworld Level 537

Hardest Episode I have crossed on my entire Candy Crush Voyage: Soda Swamp (Pre-Nerf) & Dreamworld Fanciful Fort (Pre-Nerf)

Hardest recent Episode I have beaten or Stuck now: Candy Calaboose & Surreal Safari

Honorable Mentions for Hardest Level IMO: 417, 419, 500, 530, 562, 565, 181, 305, 323, 716, 758, 762, 765, 664, 409, 410, 158, 147, 341...

Honorable Mentions for Hardest DREAMWORLD Level IMO: 237, 272, 376, 385, 384, 389, 210, 325, 341...

Honorable Mentions for Hardest Episode IMO: Chewy Citadel, Rainbow Runway, Biscuit Bungalow, Holiday Hut, Marmalade Meadow...

Honorable Mentions for Hardest DREAMWORLD Episode IMO: Funky Fortress, Twilight Egg,, Dizzy Desert, Blooming Bakery...

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