aka Eero Sivula

  • I was born on June 5
  • I am Man

Champ7 As the thing there says, my job here is to let admins know if there's trolls in the chat

This is important: If you need me at chat, contact my Skype is "New Megaphantaze". This is because chat is really dead and it causes me to AFK lot

Stars collected

1371 out of 1530 currently

Where I am

Dessert Desert. It has been like many months since I last time edited :P

Highscores ( I dare you)

Phantaze highscores 1

Highscores from Polkapalooza to Ice cream caves

Levels I find difficult

(Please write which levels you find difficult and how many attempts it took you to complete them.)

Opening Time

(Please write when you are free to edit this wiki, as it is essential to know when you will be online.)

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