I was one of the admins on this wiki before June 1, 2017. I returned to the wiki and got my administrator rank again last April 5, 2018-June 16, 2018 because its sumer break for me and I wanna do some edits.

Now Im retired since I am now busier IRL and wanting to focus more on my studies. Also I lost interest and now find it boring to edit on this wikia. Now television and youtube are what I enjoy and I missed watching the shows I used to like. I am missing a lot from shows I used to watch a lot since I spent time on this wiki and now I need to do a lot of catching up on shows I used to like.

Edits and actions I used to do

  • Add pictures of levels and maps from mobile version when both web and mobile version looked different. Lately I stopped because sooner or later web version will look like mobile version. Also I got tired doing these.
  • Add level icons of levels but lately I also got tired doing these since I had to wake up like 3am every Wednesday to do these.
  • Help in adding info about unreleased versions and check if they can be found on mobile or not especially when Cheekian was inactive but I also got tired doing these.
  • Help in looking for redesigned levels but I also got tired.
  • Determine the difficulty of levels but I also got tired and had no time to do these.
  • Stay in chat a lot waiting for sockpuppets to come but lately I also got tired.
  • Help other admins to revert vandalism and block sockpuppets when vandalism was worse before.

Im still available on facebook but only for those people who are listed under "Closest Friends" and also my activity in there will soon decrease. From August 2017, Im no longer available on Facebook for my wikia friends and I decided to unfriend all my wikia friends I added because I wanted my Facebook to have only real life friends. I sometimes still go to Discord to meet my friends. See you

If you want to check out my past profile see here

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