aka Pink sheep

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on September 13
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

I do play Candy Crush on the web. But while I'm in the wiki, it's just I'm not that active like Minecraft Wiki[1]. However, I'm more active than in Minecraft Wiki but less active than in Horrid Henry Wiki.

Devices Edit

Currently, I play Candy Crush on one device. The device I play is on Windows 10.

Game statsEdit

Current device Edit

  • Current level: 81
  • Highest score: 1.05M (1,046,680)
  • Levels with gold crowns: 74 / 80 (92.5%)
    • Note that the percentage is the estimated probability of earning a gold crown.

Gold crowns Edit

Gold crowns are levels that aren't failed. Levels without gold crowns can tell me which levels I failed. However, the probability of earning a gold crown can vary depending on the difficulty.

Here are the stats of gold crowns:

Levels Gold crowns earned Out of Gold crown win rate Change
Below 21 20 20 100% N/A
21-35 13 15 94.29% -5.71%
36-50 14 15 94% -0.29%
51-65 13 15 92.31% -1.69%
66-80 14 15 92.5% +0.19%

Levels I find difficultEdit

Level Difficulty (as shown in the wiki)

Attempts to complete

Used boosters
26 Easy 2 None
29 Somewhat Easy 2 None
41 Easy 2 None
56 Medium 3 None
65 Somewhat Hard 2 None
77 Medium 2 None

Achievements Edit

Like Horrid Henry Wiki and Minecraft Wiki, this wiki has achievements enabled.

Stats Edit

  • Rank: #161
  • Points: 730
  • Points to #1: 158,710
  • Points to enter the leaderboard: 5,670
  • Number of users that have badges: 4,199

Jackpots from the booster wheel Edit

Currently, I only have 0 jackpots hit. When I hit the jackpot, it will be shown here.

Opening TimeEdit

Few edits a day: I noticed that I see a lot of different types of badges I can earn. But, when I edited a poll, I somehow realized I just edited while I'm signed in.

Active level table Edit

The active level table can tell me how active I am in this wiki. Current level: Somewhat inactive

Active level Activity length rate
Extremely active 3+ hours/day
Very active 2.5-3 hours/day
Active 2-2.5 hours/day
Somewhat active 1.5-2 hours/day
Normal 1-1.5 hours/day
Somewhat inactive 30 minutes-1 hour/day
Inactive 30 minutes-1 hour/week
Very inactive <30 minutes/week
Extremely inactive <30 minutes/month
Retired No longer editing
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