Why do I get this stupid ad all the time? Why can't King remove this?

To vandals: Please don't vandalize my user page. Once you vandalize my user page, I will AUTOMATICALLY report you to one of the most recent admins, NO EXCUSES. Number of times my user page has been vandalized: 3/3.

Sorry, but I've lost interest in CCS and therefore decided to stop editing for now. If I have time, I may help the wiki by fixing errors here.

Opening Time

Several edits a day: I noticed that I see a lot of different types of badges I can earn. But, when I edited a poll, I somehow realized I just edited while I'm signed in.

Active level table

The active level table can tell me how active I am in this wiki. Number of edits yesterday: 0

Active level Estimated editing rate
Extremely active 100+ edits/day
Very active 80-99 edits/day
Active 60-79 edits/day
Somewhat active 40-59 edits/day
Normal 25-39 edits/day
Somewhat inactive 10-25 edits/day
Inactive 1-9 edits/day
Very inactive 1-9 edits/week
Extremely inactive 1-9 edits/month
Retired No longer editing
Variable It can vary from Extremely inactive to Completely active
Undefined Blocked or account globally disabled
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