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Hello there, I'm PowerCrusher04 and I'm just another editor in this wiki. I also play candy crush saga a lot (Obviously haha). If you want to know my full story/experience of candy crushing, you can explore my profile page below. I hope you have a great time on the wiki!


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Game stats

Level 6003 - Soda Soiree (Episode 401)

Rank: 123

Various Achievements

The first time I reached the end - October 26th, 2018 (3890 at the time)

Highest number of levels completed in a week: 219 (July 8 - July 14, 2019)

The day I reached rank 100: March 18th, 2019.

The day I completed all of the Flash era levels of this game: July 5th, 2018.

Where I was in Dreamworld: Level 108 - Nerdy Nebula (Episode 8/Dreamworld aka my nightmare)


(Relevant throughout Fall 2020) (Timezone - UTC+4)

With online classes in full force, I may or may not be editing a lot, trying my best.

Levels I find difficult

(Please keep in mind that some of the levels mentioned below have been nerfed since I played them)

Levels I find difficult (Part 1)
The starter pack
  • Level 70 (Took a few months to complete, keep in mind I had to deal with the pre-nerfed version)

  • Level 125 (Those liquorice swirls....)

  • Level 133 (That's a board?!)

  • Level 147 (Who doesn't find this difficult)

  • Level 181 (Rage)

  • Level 265 (Stop it candy bombs!)

  • Level 305 (My worst nightmare, took me half a year to complete (It was the 55 moves version); curse those hard to reach areas)

  • Level 307 (Not the worst, but pretty close to it, took approximately two months to complete)

  • Level 323 (Won by a number of boosters and some music on YouTube)

  • Level 342 (Too many icing layers)

Related to 2016
  • Level 350 (Took me 9 days, but completed on New Year's Eve (The nerfed version))

  • Level 461 (I may have completed it on the first try, but only because I knew this level's horrible difficulty and used every booster available)

  • Level 524 (Why must this happen?)

  • Level 957 (Pretty hard, but doable)

  • Level 963 (My god this was hard)

Early 1000s
  • Level 1014 (Nightmares)

  • Level 1102 (The difficulty in destroying icings is at its peak here)

  • Level 1103 (Oh my goodness this level's difficulty....)

  • Level 1191 (I remember struggling on this level)

  • Level 1247 (Cake bombs and isolated icings......)

Mixers and buffs
  • Level 1330 (Why are you doing this this to me Magic Mixers?)

  • Level 1334 (Wow, calm down Magic Mixers)

  • Level 1525 (What did you expect? It took me Mort's full helmet!)

  • Level 1538 (This makes 1525 look easy, pre-nerf BTW)

  • Level 1688 (Thank you, King, for introducing us to mixed levels with this monstrosity)

Note 1
  • I joined the wiki between these two levels :D

More buffs
  • Level 1756 (Glitches that need to be fixed)

  • Level 1795 (Why must the orders be so hard to collect?)

  • Level 1796 (How do you destroy that many icing layers?)

  • Level 1853 (Too many colours)

  • Level 1909 (This is basically clear all the sachets that have jelly underneath WITH jelly underneath)

Race to 2000
  • Level 1981 (Too few moves)

  • Level 1986 (Those cake bombs.....)

  • Level 1992 (Quite a high target score)

  • Level 1996 (Sachets and some jellies are hard to clear)

  • Level 1999 (Not the best prelude for a very special level)

Note 2
  • Levels were added to the list regularly below this line

  • Because of that, each group below will contain 10 levels on average

  • Level 2002 (Hard to reach lucky candies)

  • Level 2004 (Quite hard)

  • Level 2009 (Isolated licorice swirls)

  • Level 2017 (Popcorn is the hardest part for me)

  • Level 2019 (Locked magic mixers....)

  • Level 2024 (A level for draining all of your boosters)

  • Level 2025 (Backup for 2024)

  • Level 2032 (A mere warm up for Cavity Cave)

  • Level 2033 (Out of all levels, why does this one have to introduce naturally spawning lucky candies?!)

  • Level 2034 (Locked chocolate is never easy to clear)

Cavity Cave
  • Level 2035 (Hard-to-clear cake bombs remind me of 1247)

  • Level 2036 (Probably the easiest in Cavity Cave, but still troublesome)

  • Level 2037 (Locked candy bomb mania!!!!!)

  • Level 2038 (King seems to be addicted to licorice swirls)

  • Level 2039 (SEVEN MOVES!!!!!!!)

  • Level 2040 (So many isolated candy bombs!)

  • Level 2041 (No need to explain)

  • Level 2042 (Seems like backup for 2041)

  • Level 2043 (Those magic mixers!!!!!)

  • Level 2044 (Hard-to-reach jellies yet again)

Back to school 2017
  • Level 2047 (That ingredient is so hard to collect, on top of that, there are jellies behind sachets!)

  • Level 2052 (This should be more than just medium because of those licorice swirls)

  • Level 2059 (So many orders in so few moves!)

  • Level 2061 (Locked chocolate nightmares)

  • Level 2069 (Even though I passed it on my first try, it took me the golden spaceship to beat it, and even then it was a close call)

  • Level 2076 (Those icings are so thick that it took me over 50 tries to bring down those ingredients)

  • Level 2101 (It is really hard to collect all those icings in the given amount of moves)

  • Level 2105 (Some jellies are VERY hard to clear)

  • Level 2109 (Those jellies in the corners and the magic mixer are very irritating)

  • Level 2119 (A less head-spinning 461)

The boring 2100s
  • Level 2122 (Lots of sachets and liquorice swirls)

  • Level 2124 (The jellies are all over the place)

  • Level 2131 (Too difficult and generic for the 100th moves level)

  • Level 2134 (Liquorice swirls are the troublemakers once again)

  • Level 2135 (AGAIN with liquorice swirls and sachets?!)

  • Level 2138 (Isolated popcorn is never easy to clear)

  • Level 2139 (Bad cake bombs)

  • Level 2140 (Oh, look, locked chocolate makes an appearance again, to remind us of the terror)

  • Level 2145 (Isolated jellies + isolated candy bombs = Mind-smashing difficulty)

  • Level 2184 (Another blocker mania....)

Sponsored by Gap
  • Level 2245 (3 colors aren't enough to prevent the isolated jellies and the ingredients to be a severe pain in the neck)

  • Level 2249 (Come on already lucky candies!!!!)

  • Level 2267 (Those icings, THOSE ICINGS!!!!!)

  • Level 2359 (A MAJOR HEADACHE, I see why it's rated NI)

  • Level 2395 (Those candy bombs, oh those candy bombs!)

  • Level 2399 (UHH, this wouldn't be as annoying if it wasn't a level ending with 99)

  • Level 2403 (A dishonorable mention. Though I passed this one on my first try, thanks to my Golden Spaceship, it wasn't all that easy, I can see why it's rated nearly impossible)

  • Level 2408 (Smashing all the locks is still difficult despite only 4 colors)

  • Level 2434 (You need to move the INGREDIENTS!)

  • Almost every level in Popsicle Plateau (I can't just pick a certain one, all of them are notorious, at least to some extent)

Levels I find difficult (Part 2)
Delicate Dale
  • Level 2467 (I hate it when you need to bring the ingredients down like THAT)

  • Level 2468 (The keys are tough to get)

  • Level 2469 (Too many and too thick icings)

  • Level 2470 (The mixer is obviously a pain in the neck and you can tell that the board is trying so hard to have as many locks as possible)

  • Level 2471 (Too many jellies, let alone the fact that they're all double jellies)

  • Level 2473 (It seems like having one not-so-hard level was too much for King, so they made this thing. Each one makes the other orders even more difficult to collect)

  • Level 2475 (Those isolated DOUBLE jellies are so hard to remove, and the bobber doesn't help much, and you can't make and/or special candies all that much since there's a conveyor belt there)

  • Level 2476 (Too many icings, too many colors)

  • Level 2479 (I thought this was quite possibly the hardest level of the episode or even the world with its jellies demanding the creation of multiple color bombs, and even then, there's this ingredient that acts like a bonus splinter with its tendency to just REFUSE to come down when it's in the jelly column to the right. Maybe this really is the hardest of the episode, unless...)

  • Level 2480 (WHAT IN THE WORLD?! This level requires two ingredients to be SWITCHED, in earlier levels that was considered the hardest thing ever (when the ingredients ended up in a stuck zone). Where did that time go?)

Boosters needed
  • Level 2483 (Freeing the frog is hard, since it's covered and surrounded by locked chocolate, and the locked chocolate is surrounded by liquorice swirls. The candy bombs make things even worse)

  • Level 2486 (I've noticed that King is really starting to love setting up the jellies in "chess squares", but for me, it's a really bad thing)

  • Level 2487 (Too many blockers and too many popcorn squares to be collected)

  • Level 2488 (What if I didn't use space dash on this one....)

  • Level 2489 (Too many icings)

  • Level 2491 (IRRITATING)

  • Level 2492 (Same note as 2488)

  • Level 2494 (Same note as 2488 and 2492)

  • Level 2495 (Same note as 2488, 2492 and 2494. You know what's that called? FORMULATIC: I need to use space dash to have a chance of passing these levels)

  • Level 2497 (The locked chocolate is annoying)

2500s starter pack
  • Level 2498 (Let me in the 2500s already!)

  • Level 2500 (A bad milestone level)

  • Level 2502 (I need to clear all THAT in 18 moves? You see why I need space dash so much?)

  • Level 2504 ( Same note as.....I'm gonna call that the space dash effect from now on, as these levels are CLEARLY designed for space dash to be used)

  • Level 2506 (Even space dash isn't so effective for this one)

  • Level 2507 (Chocolate is a nightmare once again)

  • Level 2508 (Similar problem as 2506)

  • Level 2509 (The space dash effect)

  • Level 2510 (The space dash effect once again)

  • Almost every level in Watermelon Waves (The space dash effect)

Hell's cluster I
  • Level 2526 (I'm not even gonna bother with this one...)

  • Level 2527 (Too many empty spaces, the most annoying of them are the ones that act as holes in the board, the chocolate spawner makes things even worse)

  • Level 2528 (This level would be much less frustrating if those icing spaces didn't exist)

  • Level 2529 (The space dash effect, sort of)

  • Level 2530 (Is a single bobber going to help us get a good amount of chocolates out?)

  • Level 2532 (Those icings obviously can't be cleared easily)

  • Level 2533 (A notorious layout of blockers = A notorious level, thank goodness there are still Striped candy cannons)

  • Level 2534 (Over reliant on bobbers again)

  • Level 2535 (Just like the previous level, except this one is even more reliant on bobbers)

  • Level 2536 (The space dash effect)

Hell's cluster II
  • Level 2537 (Chocolate?! CHOCOLATE?! CHOOOOOCOOOLAAATE!!!)

  • Level 2538 (Oh boy.)

  • Level 2540 (4 colors isn't an excuse to make a mixed level with 18 moves and with restricted space)

  • Level 2541 (The middle is so cramped, it's insane!)

  • Level 2542 (Booooriiiiing!!)

  • Level 2543 ("Overswirled")

  • Level 2544 (The chocolate makes up what King seems to be thinking about everyone's complaints)

  • Level 2545 (Fiasco)

  • Level 2546 (This reaches a whole new level of reliance on bobbers. Thank god I had space dash boosters)

  • Level 2547 (....Those icings don't clear themselves you know)

The space dash effect
  • Level 2548 (WHY?!)

  • Level 2549 (The space dash effect)

  • Level 2550 ("Overicinged")

  • Level 2553 (The space dash effect)

  • Level 2554 (The chocolate is locked and my anger is open)

  • Level 2555 (The space dash effect)

  • Level 2556 (Too few moves)

  • Level 2557 (Too many cake bombs)

  • Level 2558 (The space dash effect)

  • Level 2559 (More more more more of the same)

Truffle Trench
  • Level 2560 ("Overswirled")

  • Level 2561 (Over reliant on bobbers again, also, too much chcolate)

  • Level 2562 (The spots of jellies and the spots of the blockers make this one very irritating)

  • Level 2563-65 (The space dash effect)

  • Level 2566 (The space dash effect. Oh and by the way, this also applies if I use Mort's helmets, though it isn't very likely that I win with just the helmets)

  • Level 2567 (The popcorn order makes this one hard)

  • Level 2568 (Too few moves)

  • Level 2569 (But two colors can't make the chcolate clear itself)

  • Level 2570 ("Overlocked")

  • Level 2571 (The space dash effect)

  • Level 2572 (Trying to get the ingredients to "the final section" is a very irritating process)

  • Level 2574 (Yellow candies spawning naturally? That's rarer nowadays, can't say that's a bad thing though)

  • Level 2575 (Oh hi locked 5-layered icings. You seem really irritating to destroy so I'm just gonna space dash through you)

  • Level 2576 (A very tasty looking chest covered by sugar chests covered by sugar chests covered by sugar chests covered by sugar chests. Chestception!)

  • Level 2577 (The level designers just couldn't have enough of those chests so they shoved some more)

  • Level 2578 (Gotta get those keys so we can get even more of those chests)

  • Level 2579 (ThOsE ChEsTs. K I'll stop)

  • Level 2580 (The space dash effect)

  • Level 2581 (I feel like this one resembles something by those spaces)

  • Level 2582 (Thick blockers on display)

Levels I find difficult (Part 3)
More of the space dash effect
  • Level 2583 (The space dash effect. Oh and this was the first former-timed level I played since the removal of timed levels)

  • Level 2584 (Oh the chests are back. But they were barely absent)

  • Level 2585 (Speaking of chests, this one has a loooooot of them)

  • Level 2586 (Blockerpasta)

  • Level 2587 (Wait those ingredients aren't gonna drop themselves)

  • Level 2589 (SO many holes....)

  • Level 2590 (The space dash effect)

  • Level 2591 (This one too)

  • Level 2592 (This one three)

  • Level 2594 (Oh a gap happened, but this one also has the space dash effect)

Notorious milestone pack
  • Level 2595 (Two-colored nightmare, save me space dash!)

  • Level 2596 (Clearing those three-layered icings is harder than you might think)

  • Level 2597 (Needed some boosters on this one as well)

  • Level 2598 (NOW you see why I need space dash so much?)

  • Level 2599 (JUST GET ME TO 2600 ALREADY!)

  • Level 2600 (I regret that. Worst. Milestone level. EVER)

  • Level 2601 (I wish those bombs took longer to explode. Still kind of fun though)

  • Level 2602 (Overswirled)

  • Level 2604 (Special candies at the beginning. Oh you're too kind you're not)

  • Level 2606 (Overmarmaladed)

Hell's cluster III
  • Level 2607 (I thought every odd-numbered level would be fun and easy after that 2602-04-06 pattern, but NOPE, more bobbers and more nonsense)

  • Level 2608 (The space dash effect)

  • Level 2609 (I wish I could suck out those swirls)

  • Level 2610 (Lucky candies! 5.5 colored level! Swirls! Bobbers! Space dash!)

  • Level 2612 (Am I seeing things?! DO I SERIOUSLY HAVE TO WIN THIS WITH ALL THOSE BOMBS THAT THREATEN TO END THE LEVEL?! This is getting ridiculous)

  • Level 2613 (The space dash effect)

  • Level 2614 (Overchocolated)

  • Level 2615 (Too few moves. Obviously space dash needed)

  • Level 2616 (Overchocolated and overicinged)

  • Level 2617 (OH MY GOD. WHAT IS THIS?!)

Hell's cluster IV
  • Level 2618 (M is for Mixer. It's also for 1000. 1000 is also the amount of times I've needed space dash to complete levels)

  • Level 2619 (Those candies don't seem to have enough space. So we'll give it space dash!)

  • Level 2620 (Too few moves)

  • Level 2621 (Looks like I said too little after 2617 happened)

  • Level 2623 (Three colors, but lots of icings)

  • Level 2624 (Unlocked this level on the 100th anniversary of Georgia's independence, May 26th, 2018. Also got kinda lucky on this one)

  • Level 2625 (Overbombed)

  • Level 2626 (This used to be the 1000th jelly level until timed levels were removed and some of them were replaced with jelly levels. Was this one deserving of that title? No, not even with 2 colors)

  • Level 2627 (Over dependent on bobbers)

  • Level 2629 (Overswirled. Also the ingredient bit is very irritating)

Levels I find difficult (Part 4)
Crunchy Comet
  • Level 2632 (The popcorn makes this one annoying)

  • Level 2635 (I hate it when at least part of the board is in a chess-like arrangement, except here we have empty spaces and spaces for candies, but that's made worse when liquorice is present and occupies every one of them quite frequently)

  • Level 2636 (The space dash effect. I felt that this one was terrible so I took my time to refresh the board until I got a board that had the color bombs next to each other. OH BOY was I right to do that)

  • Level 2637 (Can't have the player avoid two hard levels in a row, eh? Space dash and just boosters in general weren't enough because of the mechanics (Teleporter mechanics in particular) not allowing the CB+CB combo to instantly drop the ingredient to the exit)

  • Level 2639 (Cake bomb is my brain bomb)

  • Level 2642 (Has the chess board problem that 2635 has)

  • Level 2643 (Gotta popopopopopopopop them all!!)

  • Level 2644 (The space dash effect. Actually, no, I'm gonna call this the booster effect as Space dash isn't always what helps me)

  • Level 2645 (The booster effect)

  • Level 2646 (The booster effect)

Hell's cluster V
  • Level 2648 (The middle is my nightmare)

  • Level 2649 (The limit of moves is insane, let alone with that amount of blockers)

  • Level 2650 (The booster effect)

  • Level 2651 (This one drained my boosters, space dash is not enough and that chess board problem is at its worst here, I threw boosters again and again and again until I FINALLY won, it didn't take too much time, but it took a lot of tries and boosters)

  • Level 2652 (The booster effect)

  • Level 2653 (Those bombs make interventions in the same level they're beneficial somehow)

  • Level 2654-55 (The booster effect.)

  • Level 2656 (Did they really have to put the ingredients there and then lock everything else?)

  • Level 2657 (Speaking of locks...)

  • Level 2658 (Popcorn scattered around the edges. And they all have to be cleared.)

  • Level 2660 (Just when I thought I was finally out of Meringue Mansion, it said "Gang gang MFer!")

  • Almost every level in Fabulous Fair (The booster effect)

Trio of doom
  • Level 2676 (OH. MY. GOD. So....this level exists......why? why? Just WHY KING?.........OK OK I'll TRY to calm down and describe the situation here....this level has 28 moves and 4 colors, not too bad right? WELL IT ALL CHANGES WHEN........I all changes when the number of spaces is pretty low, and a quite a large portion of it is covered by icings, although only 1 of them is multi-layered (Five-layered yes, but still). But the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is the fact that like, half the jellies are not only isolated, but some of them are even in areas that are impossible to reach, only color bombs can clear jellies in those kind of areas. Some of you who haven't played this MONSTROSITY will argue that 4 colors make thing easier. My response to that would be: 4 colors don't solve everything, that's why 3 and 2 colored levels exist. They should definitely nerf this to three colors.........Although as a side note, as of me writing this, the level is not as hard as it used to be with the brand new feature that allows you to make a jelly fish through a specific combination, this makes the level easier, but still not easy. I could have just written "the booster effect" in the notes, but this level is EXTRAORDINARILY HORRIBLE, so I made sure that I pointed out everything. THE END.)

  • Level 2677 (With 2676 out of the way, I think everything will be a vacation compared to it. Who cares if that jelly fish thing was implemented, that level is still hard.........what is that you're telling me? 2677 relies on bobbers, meaning that I have to use special candies and boosters? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Yes, fish that comes out of bobbers target blockers, but a bobber isn't enough to clear all that liquorice! OK I don't want this to be another 2676, come help me boosters! And so, I threw lots and lots of boosters at it and I won eventually. Not as bad as 2676, but still a nightmare)

  • Level 2678 (So....what's next? OH NO another nightmare! Those icings aren't even that thick but it's very VERY irritating because they're all piled up to block the ingredient. Clearing them all is quite difficult in 22 moves! On top of that there are 3 ingredients, all have their individual "paths", one of them has to be brought down in a very restricted area and the other's path is blocked by liquorice which has to be cleared through striped candies because they're isolated. Boosters, boosters, BOOSTERS)

Onto 2700
  • Level 2679 (Enough of this nonsense King! Come forth my boosters and annihilate the liquorice and the jelly underneath!)

  • Level 2680 (Cakes, a lot of cakes, accompanied by a load of locked liquorice. Come and help me out boosters!)

  • Level 2681-88 (The booster effect)

  • Level 2689 (You have to get the ingredients in the right place (most likely where the top icings are located at) to get them into the final part of the board [until the ingredient is collected] with the conveyor belt runnin' around in only 20 moves!)

  • Level 2690 (The booster effect. Sheesh, the levels are getting extremely one-note now)

  • Level 2691 (Balloon Barn starts of with another difficult level, but to be fair, this one was fun and explosive with 3 colors)

  • Level 2692 (The level creators just LOVE isolated parts of the board. 4 colors, yes, but boosters are still needed because of the move limit)

  • Level 2694-97 (The booster effect)

  • Level 2699 (Forget 2434 and 2480, this one just pushes over the limit with the fact that the ingredient needs to be switched 6 times! 4 colors don't help either by the fact that in some of the cases, the ingredient needs to be switched through a tiny 3-space hole)

  • Level 2700 (Milestone! Icings! Chocolate! 25 moves! Gimme those boosters!)

Blitz through the 2700s
  • Level 2701-02 (The booster effect)

  • Level 2704 (I thought locked icings would be a fresh new feature, seems like that isn't the case, let alone with 14 moves)

  • Level 2705 (You see, this is the case where I wish this level had at least 5 colors, because the ingredient can fall down from the lower conveyor belt, which can easily get on any player's nerves)

  • The majority of the rest of the 2700s (The levels keeps following that loophole poophole type of formula of the space dash effect, reviewing each and every one of them would make this list drag severely)

  • Level 2796-97 (The booster effect)

  • Level 2798 (I've got mixed to negative feelings about this level, maybe because of the magic mixers......Bad joke, slap me)

  • Level 2799 (15 moves for that many double jellies. Thank goodness there are only 4 colors or this level would be a nightmare)

  • Level 2801 (The booster effect)

  • Level 2804-05 (The booster effect)

  • Level 2807 (The bombs make things a million times harder)

End of Flash
  • Level 2808 (The blockers that fill up the "corridors" are hard to clear)

  • Level 2809-10 (The booster effect)

  • Level 2816 (If only there were normal spaces at the spots of the liquorice swirl cannons)

  • Level 2817 (Curse those stupid locks!)

  • Level 2818 (The conveyor belts are set up in a kind of bizarre way, and the chocolate is pure evil)

  • Level 2820 (The bombs' timers need and even higher number because of the popcorn squares and the locked liquorice swirls)

  • Level 2822 (The booster effect)

  • Level 2823 (Too few moves, too many icings, too many jellies, too many keys)

  • Level 2824 (If only those icings were thinner)

  • Level 2825 (I wish the level developers made a better level to celebrate the end of the Flash version of this game, but instead, we have to clear the locks, match the lucky candies and then collect all the yellow candies that come out of the lucky candies, all in 22 moves)

Levels I find difficult (Part 5)
Another blitz
  • Level 2827 (I wish the icings were thinner)

  • Level 2828 (This level is harder than you think as when you clear the isolated regular icing, obviously with a striped candy, the striped candy also hits the lucky candy at the same time for some reason and the attempts to clear the isolated popcorn is a pain in the neck)

  • Level 2829-46 (The booster effect)

  • Level 2849 (This is quite a stinker. The mixer is too insane, it should spawn two-layered icings instead of 3. Additionally, there should be two UFOs instead of 1, it's a mixed level after all, that UFO can hit the jellies too)

  • Level 2850-53 (The booster effect)

  • Level 2854 (The popcorn squares make this one difficult)

  • Level 2855-58 (The booster effect)

  • Most of Party Park-Cranberry Cottage (The booster effect)

  • Level 2977 (13 moves to clear all those icings, let alone all that jelly? Seriously? So we're only going to celebrate episode 200 by ONE level?)

  • Level 2982 (With that many locks to clear and all the popcorn to pop, this is incredibly hard to complete in 20 moves)

Note 3
  • From here onward, only levels which were difficult to complete even with boosters will be listed

  • Level 2983 (16 moves aren't enough to clear those cake bombs, that restricted board is the icing on the cake, no pun intended)

  • Level 2985 (3 colors, but 14 moves, 8 ingredients, long paths until ingredients drop and lots of icings)

  • Level 2989 (The board is really restricted and 12 moves doesn't make things better)

  • Level 2991 (This level would be much easier if there were less blockers and if there were no liquorice swirls around the cake bomb)

  • Level 2992 (Icings can jam the lucky candy cannon)

  • Level 2993 (The chocolate spawners are the main problem here)

  • Level 2999 (The icings and the popcorn squares make things much worse)

  • Level 3006 (3000 was a fun, but slightly difficult, milestone level, but it went back to the boring formula with this one. The popcorn squares are troublesome yet again)

  • Level 3009 (Moves levels can might as well be called "Survive the bombs" levels)

  • Level 3011 (Popcorn is hard to clear yet again)

Mixers, icings, stuck zones, hard to reach areas, YUK
  • Level 3014 (The mixer is pure evil)

  • Level 3022 (There's a lot to do here, the icings being scattered around doesn't help either

  • Level 3023 (Icings, icings, icings)

  • Level 3025 (More icings, now with the flavor of magic mixers)

  • Level 3029 (I hate it when the ingredients are isolated like that)

  • Level 3032 (18 moves. Yikes)

  • Level 3035 (I want to destroy those chocolate spawners, they make chocolate, but they also result in the ngredients getting stuck)

  • Level 3036 (15 moves? What the heck?!)

  • Level 3039 (Again with 15 moves, the top icings are trouble too)

  • Level 3040 (The mixer shouldn't be locked, and the chocolate squares at the top are very hard to clear)

Waffle Well - Choco Chess
  • Level 3041 (Icings again...)

  • Level 3044 (Bomb orders? Interesting....if only this had more moves)

  • Level 3047 (The lucky candies can go nuts)

  • Level 3048 (The popcorn squares make this one difficult)

  • Level 3053 (That chess-board thing YIKES)

  • Level 3054 (Mixers are the problem here)

  • Level 3067 (Liquorice swirls have never been so angering)

  • Level 3071 (Over-reliant on bobbers)

  • Level 3072 (Same as the last one)

  • Level 3073 (Too few moves)

Blocker mania
  • Level 3086 (Overswirled, but the bombs are the main issue here)

  • Level 3089 (The chess board problem)

  • Level 3101 (This is just notorious. The locks shouldn't be there, and the swirls should be dispensed in smaller numbers, or else, every other person will have to try this over twenty times to succeed even with boosters)

  • Level 3104 (There shouldn't be that many yellow candies required)

  • Level 3114 (Curse those icings. And the chocolate makes things even worse)

  • Level 3116 (Cake bombs are my brain bombs again)

  • Level 3122 (UH, those conveyor belts)

  • Level 3123 (Overswirled again)

  • Level 3124 (That peninsular setup is just as annoying as the chess-board thing)

  • Level 3127 (Troublesome mixers)

Bubbly Bath - Pumpkin Planetarium
  • Level 3134 (Oh the struggle of trying not to destroy the mixer)

  • Level 3141 (Cake bombs and candy bombs are a horrible combination, especially with those conveyor belts)

  • Level 3146 (12 moves to clear all that?!)

  • Level 3148 (Isolated lucky candies shouldn't be a thing)

  • Level 3151 (CHOCOLAAAAATE)

  • Level 3153 (The chess board problem)

  • Level 3157 (LOTS of blockers)

  • Level 3165 (9 moves...)

  • Level 3166 (If only there were candies spawning in the middle)

  • Level 3169 (Icings, icings, icings, ICINGS)

  • Level 3179 (Lots and lots of icings)

  • Level 3182 (The bombs are dispensed like crazy)

  • Level 3186 (Mixers everywhere)

  • Level 3188 (Unofficial introduction to candy cane fences, but there are magic mixers to ruin it)

  • Level 3190 (I don't think 18 moves is enough to get rid of all those icings)

  • Level 3196 (The chocolate spawners throw me off every time)

  • Level 3200 (The top can be a challenge)

  • Level 3204 (The chess arrangement is just as horrible for blockers)

  • Level 3209 (The popcorn at the bottom tho :/...)

  • Level 3215 (15 moves isn't enough for this blocker fiasco)

Levels I find difficult (Part 6)
Radiant Road
  • Level 3216 (The chess-board problem)

  • Level 3218 (The mixers are SOOOO annoying)

  • Level 3220 (Blockers blockers blockers)

  • Level 3221 (The mixers are annoying yet again)

  • Level 3223 (The icings are far too thick)

  • Level 3225 (The chess-board problem yet again)

  • Level 3226 (Liquorice swirls can be problematic)

  • Level 3227 (The scramble for chocolate squares. YUK.)

  • Level 3229 (The conveyor belts annoy me. That, combined with the chocolate at the bottom results in a very difficult level)

  • Level 3230 (Blocker mania once again)

  • Level 3263 (Choco chess, but it's not a part of the episode with the same name)

  • Level 3264 (5 colors is a bit of an overkill)

  • Level 3266 (The bottom is notorious)

  • Level 3274 (Icings are too thick)

  • Level 3280 (The first level I find difficult because of candy canes)

  • Level 3292 (Mixers and chocolate is a horrible mix)

  • Level 3295 (A bad layout of blockers)

  • Level 3296 (Explosive, but the icings are too thick)

  • Level 3300 (Chess-board thing for icings. Yikes)

  • Level 3304 (Conveyor belts.)

Marzipan Maze - Sprinkle Spire
  • Level 3307 (Overly restricted at the beginning)

  • Level 3320 (Similar problem as 3307)

  • Level 3322 (Not enough moves)

  • Level 3324 (The board is way too complex)

  • Level 3325 (Simply not enough moves)

  • Level 3326 (The ingredients' paths are a bit difficult to understand)

  • Level 3331 (Lots of blockers)

  • Level 3341 (The keys can be hard to get)

  • Level 3346 (Also complex)

  • Level 3347 (The top mixers tho...)

Almost 3400
  • Level 3364 (The icings.)

  • Level 3368 (The sachets.)

  • Level 3369 (The mixers.)

  • Level 3374 (THE SWIRLS.)

  • Level 3377 (The ingredient mechanics.)

  • Level 3380 (Again the mixers.)

  • Level 3386 (The restricted board.)

  • Level 3392 (See 3386)

  • Level 3395 (The ingredients are badly placed)

  • Level 3399 (The candy cane fences.)

  • Level 3403 (Again with the fences)

  • Level 3404 (ICINGS.)

  • Level 3407 (The fences get on my nerves. Yet again)

  • Level 3410 (The inconvenient isolation of the blockers)

  • Level 3413 (Very low on moves)

  • Level 3414 (Too many blockers)

  • Level 3416 (The fences again.)

  • Level 3418 (This. WHAT IS THIS. How do you deal with the bombs? How do you deal with the chocolate? HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THE JELLY? OH. MY. GOD.)

  • Level 3424 (More bomb irritation)

  • Level 3425 (Chocolate irritation in addition)

Glaze Garden - Frozen Fair
  • Level 3427 (Complexity)

  • Level 3431 (More complexity)

  • Level 3433 (Even more complexity)

  • Level 3434 (EVERYTHING.)

  • Level 3436 (A very nasty board has come to life with this one)

  • Level 3443 (Harder than it looks)

  • Level 3444 (The fences.)

  • Level 3446 (Same as 3444)

  • Level 3451 (Lack of enough moves)

  • Level 3453 (A bit too complex for me)

  • Level 3466 (The mixers don't have the best positions)

  • Level 3467 (The isolation...)

  • Level 3471 (Those long, long paths of the ingredients)

  • Level 3478 (AGAIN with the complexity)

  • Level 3485 (The fences can be quite irritating sometimes. I have used the word "irritating" a few too many times eh?)

  • Level 3492 (Not enough moves)

  • Level 3493 (LOOOOOTS of blockers)

  • Level 3509 (How many times must the fences rub me the wrong way?)

  • Level 3511 (First level with waffles that I struggled with. And yes, the difficulty is caused by the waffles here)

  • Level 3512 (The waffles are too thick)

Dominance of hard-to-reach areas
  • Level 3519 (Oh boy, that chess board problem again)

  • Level 3522 (Locked waffles are just as difficult to clear as locked icings)

  • Level 3524 (Never have I seen such hard to reach areas for the popcorn squares)

  • Level 3533 (Too few moves and too many bombs, and the candy cane fences only make it worse)

  • Level 3536 (Ultra thick icings)

  • Level 3537 (Ultra annoying sugar chests)

  • Level 3540 (Way too hard to understand where the ingredients should go)

  • Level 3549 (Candy canes again...)

  • Level 3554 (The chocolate spawners make this 10 times worse)

  • Level 3559 (Overly thick icings)

Levels I find difficult (Part 7)
  • Level 3562 (Confusing paths are confusing.

  • Level 3565 (The fences don't do any good here either)

  • Level 3569 (Locks & bombs)

  • Level 3571 (Overly dependent on bobbers)

  • Level 3577 (The chests are ABUSED here)

  • Level 3578 (The bobbers can't do anything about the popcorn squares tho)

  • Level 3590 (Mixer orders and cake bomb orders aren't exactly a good thing)

  • Level 3597 ("Overwaffled")

  • Level 3601 (I have candy cane fences, I have a chess board...UHH, DISASTER)

  • Level 3605 (How many times must the fences get on my nerves?!)

Naughty blocker pack
  • Level 3608 (The fence problem)

  • Level 3617 (Blockers that fall make me fall and it's fall...I know, bad joke)

  • Level 3621 (The fence problem here too)

  • Level 3622 (VERY few moves)

  • Level 3624 (Complex)

  • Level 3625 (Let the scramble begin...)

  • Level 3626 (Loaded with locks)

  • Level 3629 (Confusing paths)

  • Level 3631 (WHY WON'T THOSE ICINGS DIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?)

  • Level 3632 (Swirls)

Naughty blocker pack 2
  • Level 3640 (More locked waffles. Yikes)

  • Level 3641 (Harder than you might think with all those sachets)

  • Level 3644 (The fence problem)

  • Level 3651 (Nayy for jelly peninsulas...)

  • Level 3655 (You'll run out of moves before you open all the chests)

  • Level 3657 (Those peninsulas are the WORST!)

  • Level 3666 (6666666666666666666666666666666, with waffles and sugar chests)

  • Level 3675 (Very low on moves)

  • Level 3676 (Blockers block minds with this one)

  • Level 3680 (Another fence problem)

  • Level 3685 (Yet another fence problem, with waffles acting as sprinkles)

  • Level 3693 (I think the fences are the worst thing to happen in this game)

  • Level 3694 (So many later levels have so few moves that they need to have 4 colours, making 5 colours redundant. This is a perfect example)

  • Level 3695 (Blockers everywhere!)

  • Level 3704 (Locks & icings)

  • Level 3720 (Inconveniently placed icings are inconvenient)

  • Level 3729 (The fence problem)

  • Level 3734 (Truckload of blockers)

  • Level 3738 (Confusing layouts: The level)

  • Level 3739 (Bombs & locks)

Exploring the 3700s
  • Level 3742 (Hard-to-reach keys)

  • Level 3748 (Packed with iings)

  • Level 3749 (We can barely make matches here)

  • Level 3755 (Problematic mixers)

  • Level 3757 (First difficult level with dark chocolate)


  • Level 3760 (Do 5 colours even exist anymore? lol)

  • Level 3764 (Candies vs dark chocolate. Dark chocolate can easily block the top section)

  • Level 3765 (Locks, chests and bombs)

  • Level 3770 (A bit extreme, yet fun)

  • Level 3774 (Overdependent on bobbers)

  • Level 3778 (Locked trouble)

  • Level 3779 (Extra moves candy? That's a nice new feature, but 5 colours ruin it)

  • Level 3784 (The chests can purge all the moves)

  • Level 3788 (The liquorice cannons are at their worst here)

  • Level 3794 (The entire layout is semi-toxic)

  • Level 3799 (Same problem as 3794)

  • Level 3801 (Dark chocolate)

  • Level 3802 (This is not a good start to an episode)

  • Level 3805 (The cake bombs are badly placed)

Early 3800s
  • Level 3810 (The fence problem)

  • Level 3811 (Too few moves. 26? Doesn't matter here)

  • Level 3814 (The fence problem)

  • Level 3824 (Dark chocolate can spread like cancer)

  • Level 3828 (Quite frankly the worst use of chocolate ever)

  • Level 3832 (I miss the old days when the ingredients only needed to be brought down to the bottom)

  • Level 3841 (Scramble for Africa waffles)

  • Level 3842 (It's hard to clear those three cake bombs)

  • Level 3846 (Fabricated with liquorice locks and candy bombs)

  • Level 3848 (INTOXICATED with icings)

Reaching the end (At the time)
  • Level 3850 (Fabricated with liquorice again)

  • Level 3855 (A level with 6 colours is anomalous at this point)

  • Level 3856 (Loaded with waffles)

  • Level 3860 (The dark chocolates in the middle are the worst...)

  • Level 3862 (The bombs haven't been so unbelievably hard to handle in a while)

  • Level 3865 (Chest mania)

  • Level 3872 (Same problem as 3865)

  • Level 3878 (Dark chocolates are my jam here...literally)

  • Level 3886 (The bobber mechanics ruin it for me)

  • Level 3890 (A bit too complex. Also, YAYY this was the final level when I completed it)

Hardest Level and Episode Of Each Century

(Episodes that contain levels of two centuries will count towards the century with more levels from the episode)

Century Hardest Level Hardest Episode Century Hardest Level Hardest Episode
0s Level 70 Easter Bunny Hills 100s Level 181 Pastille Pyramid
200s Level 265 Jelly Jungle 300s Level 305 Pearly White Plains
400s Level 491 Cherry Chateau 500s Level 530 Sour Salon
600s Level 617 Crunchy Courtyard 700s Level 724 Chewy Citadel
800s Level 863 Nougat Noir 900s Level 963 Cookie Crossing
1000s Level 1032 Siberian Sorbet 1100s Level 1103 Pastry Palace
1200s Level 1247 Bonbon Bistro 1300s Level 1330 Candy Keep
1400s Level 1426 Mount Chocolympus 1500s Level 1573 Scrumptious Studio
1600s Level 1658 Honey Highlands 1700s Level 1796 Fruity Fairground
1800s Level 1853 Icing Islands 1900s Level 1909 Vanilla Villa
2000s Level 2076 Luscious Lane 2100s Level 2184 Candy Countdown
2200s Level 2272 Crumbly Crossing 2300s Level 2359 Cobweb Canopy
2400s Level 2434 Popsicle Plateau 2500s Level 2526 Watermelon Waves
2600s Level 2676 Cocoa Cove 2700s Level 2706 Fudgy Fort
2800s Level 2885 Party Park 2900s Level 2982 Cranberry Cottage
3000s Level 3089 Popping Peninsula 3100s Level 3101 Toasty Terrain
3200s Level 3295 Cookie Chase 3300s Level 3347 Marzipan Maze
3400s Level 3418 Cocoa Clearing 3500s Level 3524 Wafer Wonderland
3600s Level 3608 Cotton County 3700s Level 3788 Pudding Patch
3800s Level 3828 Coral City 3900s Level 3986 Orange Overpass
4000s Level 4041 Peppermint Parlour 4100s Level 4125 Candy Clearing
4200s Level 4290 Cinnamon City 4300s Level 4300 Fudgy Fountain
4400s Level 4412 Fruity Fields 4500s Level 4588 Flan Falls
4600s Level 4627 Sweet Swamp 4700s Level 4704 Cosmic Canyon
4800s Level 4801 Cup Carnival 4900s Level 4914 Rocky Road
5000s Level 5054 Harmony Hills 5100s Level 5116 Glittery Glacier
5200s Level 5205 Bubble Bar 5300s Level 5348 Pineapple Patch

Level Milestones

  • Level 1 - May 20th, 2013
  • Level 50 - Reached on December 20th, 2013
  • Level 100 - Reached on June 12th, 2014
  • Level 200 - Reached on September 18th, 2014
  • Level 300 - Reached on November 28th, 2014
  • Level 400 - Reached on January 11th, 2016
  • Level 500 - Reached on April 28th, 2016
  • Level 600 - Reached on July 12th, 2016
  • Level 700 - Reached on August 15th, 2016
  • Level 800 - Reached on September 24th, 2016
  • Level 900 - Reached on January 19th, 2017
  • Level 1000 - Reached on February 4th, 2017
  • Level 1100 - Reached on February 17th, 2017
  • Level 1200 - Reached on March 11th, 2017
  • Level 1300 - Reached on March 24th, 2017
  • Level 1400 - Reached on April 13th, 2017
  • Level 1500 - Reached on May 7th, 2017
  • Level 1600 - Reached on May 21st, 2017
  • Level 1700 - Reached on May 30th, 2017
  • Level 1800 - Reached on June 21st, 2017
  • Level 1900 - Reached on July 7th, 2017
  • Level 2000 - Reached on July 30th, 2017
  • Level 2100 - Reached on September 16th, 2017
  • Level 2200 - Reached on November 14th, 2017
  • Level 2300 - Reached on approximately March 1st, 2018
  • Level 2400 - Reached on April 5th, 2018
  • Level 2500 - Reached on April 24th, 2018
  • Level 2600 - Reached on approx. May 8th, 2018
  • Level 2700 - Reached on June 7th, 2018
  • Level 2800 - Reached on June 24th, 2018
  • Level 2900 - Reached on August 1st, 2018
  • Level 3000 - Reached on August 6th, 2018
  • Level 3100 - Reached on August 20th, 2018
  • Level 3200 - Reached on August 23rd, 2018
  • Level 3300 - Reached on August 28th, 2018
  • Level 3400 - Reached on August 31st, 2018
  • Level 3500 - Reached on October 4th, 2018
  • Level 3600 - Reached on October 10th, 2018
  • Level 3700 - Reached on October 18th, 2018
  • Level 3800 - Reached on October 21st, 2018
  • Level 3900 - Reached on November 1st, 2018
  • Level 4000 - Reached on December 15th, 2018
  • Level 4100 - Reached on January 19th, 2019
  • Level 4200 - Reached on March 1st, 2019
  • Level 4300 - Reached on May 14th, 2019
  • Level 4400 - Reached on June 16th, 2019
  • Level 4500 - Reached on June 22nd, 2019
  • Level 4600 - Reached on June 27th, 2019
  • Level 4700 - Reached on July 8th, 2019
  • Level 4800 - Reached on July 11th, 2019
  • Level 4900 - Reached on July 17th, 2019
  • Level 5000 - Reached on July 21st, 2019
  • Level 5100 - Reached on August 8th, 2019
  • Level 5200 - Reached on September 3rd, 2019
  • Level 5300 - Reached on October 28th, 2019
  • Level 5400 - Reached on November 1st, 2019
  • Level 5500 - Reached on November 24th, 2019
  • Level 5600 - Reached on December 14th, 2019
  • Level 5700 - Reached on December 28th, 2019
  • Level 5800 - Reached on April 6th, 2020
  • Level 5900 - Reached on June 14th, 2020
  • Level 6000 - Reached on October 17th, 2020

Yearly Totals

2013 - Candy Town to Easter Bunny Hills (5 episodes completed)

2014 - Easter Bunny Hills to Jelly Jungle (15 episodes completed)

2015 - Jelly Jungle to Fudge Islands (4 episodes completed)

2016 - Fudge Islands to Truffle Terrace (34 episodes completed)

2017 - Truffle Terrace to Crumbly Crossing (95 episodes completed)

2018 - Crumbly Crossing to Floral Foyer (118 episodes completed)

2019 - Floral Foyer to Bubbly Bowl (111 episodes completed)

Edit Milestones

  • 500: July 6th, 2017
  • 1,000: July 30th, 2017
  • 1,500: August 22nd, 2017
  • 2,000: December 5th, 2017, 11:35 PM my time
  • 2,500: July 8th, 2018
  • 3,000: July 9th, 2018 (I'm on fire!)
  • 3,500: July 12th, 2018
  • 4,000: July 14th, 2018
  • 4,500: September 4th, 2018
  • 5,000 - September 10th, 2018, 10:52 AM my time
  • 5,500: September 11th, 2018
  • 6,000: September 22nd, 2018
  • 6,500: October 26th, 2018
  • 6,666: December 6th, 2018 (Mulligan would approve)
  • 7,000: December 13th, 2018
  • 7,500: December 20th, 2018
  • 8,000: December 28th, 2018
  • 8,500: January 12th, 2019
  • 9,000: January 15th, 2019
  • 9,500: January 16th, 2019
  • 10,000: January 18th, 2019, 1:53 PM
  • 11,000: March 4th, 2019
  • 12,000: June 13th, 2019
  • 13,000: June 21st, 2019
  • 14,000: July 4th, 2019
  • 15,000: August 11th, 2019
  • 16,000: September 10th, 2019
  • 17,000: October 19th, 2019
  • 18,000: October 28th, 2019
  • 19,000: November 17th, 2019
  • 20,000: December 12th, 2019, 11:08 PM
  • 21,000: December 24th, 2019
  • 22,000: December 31st, 2019
  • 23,000: January 31st, 2020
  • 24,000: February 12th, 2020
  • 25,000: February 14th, 2020
  • 26,000: February 29th, 2020
  • 27,000: March 6th, 2020
  • 28,000: March 9th, 2020
  • 29,000: March 11th, 2020
  • 30,000: March 26th, 2020
  • 31,000: April 4th, 2020
  • 32,000: April 5th, 2020
  • 33,000: April 19th, 2020
  • 34,000: May 7th, 2020
  • 35,000: May 25th, 2020
  • 36,000: June 11th, 2020
  • 37,000: July 16th, 2020
  • 38,000: July 18th, 2020
  • 39,000: July 24th, 2020
  • 40,000: August 3rd, 2020
  • 41,000: August 21st, 2020
  • 42,000: September 13th, 2020
  • 43,000: October 5th, 2020
  • 44,000: October 16th, 2020

My Story

So by digging through my Facebook activity, I found out that I started playing this game on May 20th, 2013. I was 8 and a half years old at the time. I didn't like it at first because of the graphics, also because it was getting popular to the point where I thought it would overshadow Bubble Witch Saga, my favorite game at the time (I don't know, ask my 8-year-old self why that was a valid reason lol), but it gradually clicked to me, took me long enough tho.

The first definitively hard level I encountered was level 70. OH BOY it was a nightmare! I kept making striped candies, but they just couldn't handle all that chocolate and it was even worse when I accidentally opened the locks and the chocolate took over half of the board. It took me months, I lost interest for a while, until I finally completed it. Took me a few too many months.

I got stuck on 147 for a little while too, but I got lucky and it didn't take me too long.

Discovering all these new elements was really interesting for me. That's what kept me motivated for a little while. Speaking of discovering new elements, around that time I found some very nice YouTube videos. They were called Obstacle Sampler I, II and III. They were made by Courtemanche437, who I became a big fan of. I also adored his video of 252, a level which I really looked forward to after that. When I reached it, I had lots of fun.

DECEMBER 12, 2014 - That, my friends, is a cursed date. On that day, I first encountered level 305. Everything about the level was nightmarish: Six colors, the ultra-thick icings, the peninsulas, the stupid mystery candies that kept giving me more icings...words cannot describe how awful it was. I completely lost any sort of motivation. It felt like the end. I felt like I would never pass the level, but for some reason, I kept fighting. And after over a hundred tries, I finally passed the level on July 21st, 2015 (If my FB activity log isn't lying to me, other possible date: May 29th, 2015).

After completing 305, I really needed something new and fun. 306 was really nice, it introduced me to chameleon candies, but it went back to hell with 307, which I was stuck for most of the rest of 2015. It wasn't that hard tho, I just didn't have the motivation to go through another hard level. Then I passed it one day.

The next definitively hard level I encountered was 323. It took me like 50 tries and I what kept me motivated on YouTube, so I guess I have fonder memories of this one.

It only took me 9 days to complete 350, and I passed it on New Year's eve. That was a nice way to end off 2015.

Then we reach 2016, when things really started to pick up. When the year started, I was on Fudge Islands. By the time the year had ended, I was on Truffle Terrace.

I knew about toffee tornadoes prior to reaching 411 via YouTube, I was excited when I reached said level, I played it, and realized that there were no toffee tornadoes and I was like, "bruh".

I also knew about the notorious difficulty of 461 before I encountered it, because one of my FB friends had been stuck on it for months. So I selected every booster I had, and I won first try.

Around this time, I wanted to find a source that would warn me about potential hard levels, so that I threw the right boosters at it. And that led to me discovering this wiki. My memories of that are pretty foggy, but I found it to be pretty nice.

The hardest thing I encountered in the 400s was 491, but since I don't have memories of getting really mad with it, it probably wasn't all that hard.

500 was a nice level for me, and it didn't take me that long either, reached it on April 28th, and only took a couple of days.

I remember scrolling all the way up to Sour Salon, the final episode at the time, for the first time back in 2014 and thinking "OMG imagine when I complete all that...if I even manage to do so". That became reality on May 6th, 2016, when I completed level 530. I felt like I had accomplished something. It was huge milestone to me even though there were obviously more levels after that by the time I had reached it.

Then I was introduced to conveyor belts, candy frogs, the famous 666, sugar chests, UFOs, and that's kinda all that happened during 2016.

2017 started off with me visiting the wiki more frequently. Before that I had been visiting it every few months. I realized just how behind I was, Truffle Terrace really slowed me down, hard episode. I didn't know anything about making an account, and all I saw in the pages that explained all that was some random blah blah blah.

On March 8th, 2017, I realized that I could edit this wiki as an IP. I was really excited and edited a LOT. The first person who made contact with me was Jacob5664, whose message I didn't notice until 2 months later. Shame that he retired, I never got to properly talk to him.

I freaked out that Courtemanche437 was on the wiki as I was a big fan of his. I first made contact with him at the end of May 2017, but it was quite brief, it wasn't even a conversation.

Speaking of May 2017, I remember that huge red banner that popped up after May 17th notifying us about the removal of Dreamworld. It was quite unexpected to me, I kinda wanted to continue playing that realm, but I wasn't all that sad considering Dreamworld levels were somewhat hellish to me.

I finally figured out how to make an account and actually made one on June 12th. I made a LOT of edits during the first few days. MULLIGANACEOUS noticed this and then became the first person to have a full-on conversation with me on live chat. Courtemanche437 joined the same chat later on and really liked me, he thought of me as a cool guy which really made me really happy. We went on to become great friends.

Around this time, Discord rolled into the wiki, which made communicating much easier. Leo made the first ever server for this wiki just a few days after I had a conversation with him for the first time, and he happily welcomed me as well. Despite being a revolutionary feature, the first server was extremely controversial (It even affected me, I don't want to get into details though), so it was shut down in Mid-September of the same year. The second one (The "official" one as some would call it) opened up soon after, made by none other than the wiki's founder himself, Lefty. It became highly successful and it's still up and running to this day.

I reached level 2000 on July 30th, 2017. I freaked out, it was a HUGE milestone for me. I even took some snapshots of it and uploaded it to the wiki's server.

I became a rollback in early August 2017. I was nominated by HM100 just after I reached 1,000 edits. That was the moment I realized I had seriously accomplished something on this wiki for the first time. It was amazing.

Just to clarify, yes, I got some serious depression during Q4 of 2017, which led to me having conflicts with certain users, but that was all settled by March 2018.

Around this time, I also opened up my own server. People really liked it, but after a few months it was left with only one function: Being practically dead.

At the end of September 2017, our one and only Leftinator introduced me to Steven Universe. Well, I had known about that show's existence prior to that, but I had thought that it was a boring cartoon about a boy numb to reality who has three Barbie type of sisters (Funny enough, Nicki Minaj did actually voice one of the side characters wink wink). But Lefty changed my view of it, he told me it was about different types of problems in our society, some of which I could even relate to, so I started watching it, and after watching 10 episodes, I fell in love with it. I remember semi-binge watch it because I was so desperate to get to the latest episode (Which was "Lars' head" at the time if you're wondering hehe), and I completed watching it in like 3 weeks. It's one of my favorite cartoons to this day.

The Flash version of CCS ended on October 4th, 2017 (My birthday :/ yikes). The new HTML5 design of the map looked like a downgrade and to this day it looks like they're trying to turn this game into PERFECTION, yet they're only turning it into an overcooked dish.

It was around this time that I became friends with Joanna (She had a different account back then and had made a lot of edits). A special kind of relationship, I must say. Since then we've had a lot of fun chit-chatting with each other on Discord and I'm really happy that I've gotten to know her.

I hit 2000 edits on December 5th, 2017. Another big milestone for me, yay ^_^

Here comes 2018, a bittersweet year, yet the complete opposite of 2017: A wonderful year for my own experience of everything, but a rather rough year for the wiki.

Jelly-timed levels were removed on January 17th, 2018. They barely even existed, they were introduced in September 2017 and I never got to experience them, shame :(

But that was only the beginning. Then they started eating up timed levels in February 2018. A shocking sight to see some of the most fun levels get converted into moves levels and jelly levels (As if we needed more smh), just because some short-tempered players moaned on King care. March saw part 2 of this mess, the fan-favourite level 252 was redesigned, it was now a moves level, along with a whole bunch of other levels. April was by far the hardest part of this fiasco, all remaining levels that were originally timed levels were now converted into moves levels. Only one timed level was left, level 18, which wasn't even a timed level originally - they decided to redesign it just because. But it was clear that it would go back to being a jelly level, sooner or later. That day finally came and on May 2nd, 2018. That day is considered to be the day that timed levels were officially removed from the game.

I didn't do that much on the wiki in the first half of 2018, as my interest was mostly on the Candy Crush Jelly wiki, but I eventually gave up on that wiki. I feel like there's nothing that can revive it.

But oh boy, after July 8th I caught some FIRE. I hit 3K the very next day (Well it was due to me reverting a vandal's edits, but still), then 3,500 on the 12th and 4K on the 14th. I honestly had nothing else to do XD. Me going on vacation did slow me down, but still, I hit 4,500 on September 4th.

I hit level 3000 on August 6th, 2018. Surprisingly, it wasn't all that easy, it took me 5 tries. But at least it was fun unlike 4000.

Unfortunately, Leo retired on August 27th because of some toxic users just draining his motivation, which was also a spillover of the controversy of the first server, my god >_< However, we've been chatting in our DM since then on Discord about various things, friendships never end :) (Also this retirement didn't last forever as you'll see below)

In mid-September I became friends....I mean....SOULMATES with Sam. I had known him prior to this but we discovered SO MANY SIMILARITIES that we became GREAT friends.

Speaking of mid-September, I hit 5K edits on September 10th and 6K on the 22nd. Those were also important milestones to me.

I was promoted to Admin on September 12th, this time I was nominated by Primetime. Shocking just how far I'd come in a YEAR.

Going back to gameplay itself, I also picked up some speed there too, maybe from Sam haha. For the first time ever, I was at THE END (3890) of the game in late October and early November 2018. That did not last too long as King decided to start releasing 2 episodes EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. And people thought an episode per week was too long. But hey, at least I reached the rather boring milestone of level 4000 on December 15th. Also, another thing about the game....

...October saw the rain of selective redesigns, 1006 levels were affected....then they threw the word "selective" out of the window and on November 6th 2018, all redesigns became official...yeah...all 1006 of them...left quite a mark on the wiki.

Another retirement: Primetime retired on November 11th, however, just like Leo, I talk to him in our DM every now and then about life, about the power of going forward no matter what happens. I gotta say, everybody needs someone like Prime and Sam, these types of people are always there for you. Prime is all about feelings and life, and Sam is just like my mirror: we have roughly the same flaws and rougly the same good parts, we help each other out all the time.

The next milestone on the wiki, 7K, came along on December 13th. It's also worth noting that my percentage of mainspace edits jumped up from 65% to 85% between 2K and 7K edits.

Then 8K rolled around on December 28th. Another great milestone.

Leo returned on December 31st, although I didn't know until January 2nd. Starting off 2019 in a powerful way am I right?! Of course he wasn't let into the server, nor did he want to, actually. I don't blame him either.

The holidays sped up the process of reaching 10K edits. I hit 9K on January 15th, and then the big one - 10K - on January 18th. Reaching that milestone was quite a ride and I want to thank everyone who has helped me, supported me and befriended me during all this time, but the journey goes on...

After I suffered a month and a half of endless homework (Although that's also my fault since I like listening to music while I do my homework), I hit 11K on March 4th, in the midst of the March holidays.

I reached 10K mainspace edits on March 22nd, so that's that, also that was the first day of 2019 that I added new level ratings (Not counting redesigns), took me long enough....

After the practically dead month of April 2019 I came back in May to fill in all the missing info, update all the difficulties (There was a whole new set of levels to be rated), and just improve the wiki. I finally reached 12K on June 13th, I wanted that to happen on the previous day to coincide with my 2nd anniversary on the wiki but EXAAAAMSSS.

Spring 2019 saw new users rising to top ranks. Users such as Tohikiho and Timhung took up some of, if not all, the jobs of the now retired and/or inactive admins and moderators. I appreciate that.

The milestones of 13K and 14K edits came soon enough, on June 21st and July 4th 2019 respectively, as my lengthy "task" of updating the info kept going.

IT'S THE BIG ONE!!! July 2019 saw less activity on the wiki than usual due to me going on vacation, so my main focus was progressing in the game itself. And it went quite well. I reached the grand milestone of level 5000 on July 21st. Soon after I found myself on the last level once again (5045), on July 23rd. On one hand I was happy I had reached what I wanted. On the other hand, I was kinda left with a feeling that I had wasted a lot of my life lol - 5000 levels is just TOO MUCH if you ask me.

Despite certain things working against me, my edit count continued to go up at a consistent speed, with a new milestone coming every month (15K - August 11th, 16K - September 10th, 17K - October 19th, then it got even faster with 18K - October 28th), this was due to my motivation to finish up this long project of reviewing the level info in episode pages - a project that dragged on for WAAAYY too long (Plus I wanted to work on/review/edit other things), although it was a big project, I'll say that. The core part of the project ended on October 13th 2019, and I was so happy that it was over. There were still some things in those episodes that still needed cleaning up (If I reviewed them too this project would take even longer to finish, which I didn't want) and I do plan on doing so, but for now, it's not that big of a concern.

King decided to suck even more souls from CCS players, now releasing 45 levels per week instead of 30. To my surprise, a lot of players saw this as a positive turn. However, certain polls in King Care prove that more players want 30 levels per week instead of 45, and I agree. Never thought I'd be supporting 30 levels a week (I thought that was too much, but boy I didn't know what was coming lol). I lost my motivation and by the end of the year I was a few hundred levels from the end.

My plan after that (Also my current plan on the wiki), besides monitoring redesigns (To an extent), was/is to work with Primetime (Who returned in August 2019) to review the more than minor details in each level page - a yet another long project, but the outcome should be great. This project has had to be put on hold/delayed several times due to the rain of redesigns we've had to handle going into the new decade, this time with a flavor of messing with type numbers, each level type had to be dealt with (Thanks a lot King...)

August 2019 saw the temporary (back then possibly permanent) retirement of Joanna as she needed to cleanse herself of all the stress she'd had to put up with. This involved getting rid of her old account, which was deactivated soon after. I was getting a little worried as I was starting to believe I wouldn't have a person to share all the "gossip" with hehe. Thankfully, she came back with a new account in December - a fresh start!

MORE editing - 19K on November 17th and the BIG BIG ONE - 20K on December 12th (After which I left a little-ish message in the wiki's Discord server. If you want to read it, you can find it - it's up there somewhere, though I believe the message was a little cliché now that I think about it lol). And to say that I made a lot of edits after that is an understatement to the point where the amount of editing I've done is unhealthy: Going into 2020 with 22K, making a huge amount of edits in the next few months and cracking 25K on Valentine's day.

I'm not the only one pushing out way too many edits - Primetime's way busier than me IRL, but he can sometimes edit like a darn robot; I'm sure Cheekian is also busy but at times he basically carried the wiki by tracking down all the redesigns, which is is not easy. These two people I've just mentioned have held the wiki together throughout the years they've been here.

March 26th, 2020 - 30K EDITS!!! Took me 11 months to go from 10K to 20K, but only 4 to go from 20K to 30K. At this point I was editing so much that I was like next.

June 2nd, 2020 - THE PLATINUM BADGE!!!!!! I was so happy, after 365 days of nonstop editing, I finally got the platinum badge. It was strange to know that I no longer had to come back every day.
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