• I live in Candy Bottom - Somewhere between Candy Kingdom and Bikini Bottom, Only 985578996 miles from Rock Bottom and 99999999999999999999999999999 miles from Pastille Pyramid.
  • I was born on March 3
  • My occupation is Chatmoderator at CCSW
  • I am A spongeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......

Welcome to my userpage, <insert name here> ...!

This is SpanghebaihbWanNaiynFoughce! *rofl*

This user is semi-retired from Candy Crush Saga Wiki.
Current Status [edit]

Spongebob194 is currently away.

Current Status [edit]

Spongebob194 is currently away.

Hello! I've joined this wiki on 7 October 2014. Became a chatmod on 18 July 2015, became a rollback on 13 September 2015 and became a moderator on 28 September 2015.

Part 1: My main userpage!

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Here, take a virtual clap from my userpage! :D. Hoped you like it! BTW, Hi! I'm Spongebob789. My mission is to kick and ban bad users on chat, Since i'm a chatmod. :D! Not much time here, Goodbye all! :D

Hello guys! Spongebob here. Welcome to my awesome userpage, Miss Hattie says: Well, thank you. :P! I am now have target to get 2,000 edits on October 7th 2015. You can edit this page with permission from a flying sponge, that is me. Please ask a question at my free Q&A. Thank you guys, goodbye and see ya later!!!



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Thank you3


Welcome to this awesome page, <insert name here> !

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  • Yay! I finished all levels!

"It was all about me and my bot."


Spongebob789 is currently a autoconfirmed user on Candy Crush Saga Wiki. He is currently very active on chat, If you want to, He would like to play trivia contest with you, He is formerly very inactive but now he is extremely active, Thanks for reading this awesome paragraph!!

======Welcome to my page, <insert name here> !======


I like Colour Bombs! (Color bomb (trans))

General InfoEdit

I am Spongebob789, Who as of now likes to come to chat. I really like CCS, CCSS and Spongebob. Thanks for visiting my userpage, <insert name here> . Go to my wall to post stuff, See my level ideas. You can call me SpongeBob, by the way. You can Call me Sponge. I live in INA, Nice to meet you take off seing my level ideas on my wall. I really like colour bombs and wrapped candies.

Signatures Edit

Transparent Candy Idea

Transparent Candy is a regular candy that cannot be seen by players and changes color on 1 second, However, This is the extremely rarest candy in Candy Crush Saga. This needs an extremely rare booster to see what candy it is. That is not appearing now is the booster, It was only on timed levels only.

Candy SpongeBob's News Edit

I'm currently in Level 785 reality and Level 515 dreamworld. I'm stuck on 515. How could I begin this. I really shout it. Even if the progress is a little lower. I still can download fast on mobile. I firstly play on mobile but I stop on 215. I don't know why. Level 514 is a little bit hard just a little bit. Hoped it will not be buffed or nerfed. My first journey on Level 001. Makes me very well to play candy crush on mobile in the release date! I mostly go into this wiki. I couldn't go to the SpongeBob wiki. because the users are many offline.

Fanciful Fort, all level first try!? The Big ChallengeEdit

Fanciful Fort is an insanely hard episode. However, You have to beat all levels in Fanciful Fort in first try with only 30 minutes, some people says IMPOSSIBRU! But some players says maybe medium? This is the biggest challenge.

380 DW vs. Spongebob

380 DW's prenerf is too hard, but spongebob is not having boosters, If spongebob win this level it would be lucky. It depends on your chance to win this level after 80 tries in one day make it very hard and almost impossible and I started to wait until the nerf. =)

Fun Levels Edit

  • Level 578 Reality (Pre-nerf/pre-buff): Very fun to make boosters on this impossible levels Yes
  • Level 755 Reality (Pre-nerf/pre-buff): Altrough it was insanely hard, used 3 lucky candies! Yes
  • Level 737 Reality (Pre-nerf/pre-buff): Just nerfed it is boring!!. I thought it was difficulting! No
  • Level 160 Reality (Pre-nerf/pre-buff): I like this level it is my favorite level in the reality!!!!!! Yes

Still got no clue why all my fun levels is nerfed and buffed.

  • a tick means it is fun.
  • a cross mean it is less fun.

Rambunctious FactsEdit

  • Fanciful Fort Challenge is the only the good way to prove you're the best CCS Player!
  • Bonbon Baths!? That is likely a good time.
  • I really like Meringues and Jujube Clusters!?

Mini Fun FactEdit

  • Level 43 DW Mobile is Very Hard? more like Insanely Hard.
  • Gummy Gardens is a quite tricky episode for my friend.
  • Rainbow Runway is Very Easy for my friend and my mom.
  • I love being a teenager.

A Few Hard Levels for MeEdit

751: Insane!! I WANT COLOUR BIMBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ UGH UGH UGH UGH!

734: Huh!?

210: 2-Insane!!

755: Hate this level!


430 DW: Insane insane insane hard!

347: Possible VH but too hard!

377: Insane......

461: No one not hate 461! -_-

437: NERF!

361: Hard hard Insane?

323: Insane! (same like 751) Do not think I am liking you! I am the vertical opponent of you! -_- Do not come back on the 800-1000+ levels. Stupid Quadrant.

445: Insane insane huh.

480: No nerf!?

305: I hate this level.

688: Wow, Insane!?

762: haha! insane!

492: Insane!

587 DW: More insane!


716: My brother is stuck on this.

577: Wow! Insaneee....

588: More insane terribles!


434 DW: -_- Hate this one

181 PN: finally my friend finish the awful!

289 DW: "Hardest Candy Order Level in Dreamworld" YOU ARE VERY NAUGHTY LEVEL! -_-

543 DW: Aah! Insane!

237 DW: insane..

376 DW: insane again!

384 DW: "Good job, you just fail the level!" -_-


425 DW: Insane!

341 DW: almost vh.

389 DW: IH!

425 PN: IH!

562 PN: IH!

385 DW: ih.. DX

500 PN: Insanenananest!?

350 PN: Total insane

819 PN: Wow insane

147 PN: Almost VH >.<

323 PN: >.< don't forgot thiS STUPID LEVEL! -_-

276 PN: Hate this one


What is Chat? (Before)Edit

  • A: Chat is a place to chat and I has to go to it.


2013 (as Squidward): I am making an account called Tian19981234. I was very happy on Teen Beach Movie Wiki. I am acting really super very crazy on that time. I vandalize 2 times. Anyway, I has been going on my next project. I has been really apologized and my friend couldn't trust me. I just really getting mad of that. Earlier in a 8 days... I was whoah. Getting #1 rank! My friend Red also competing. It is really excited with all the time! 2 days later... My friend "Kelly or Mermaid" has been mad of me. So get blocked, haha. BTW, I'm fine and feeling neutral. Just started going editing on Austin and Ally wiki. I was having new friends it is like amazing. A few days more. I don't like vandalizing again! Suddenly my friend red who has many edits on that wiki lefts. 1 days ago... I was renaming my account to TianTheFrienshipper, and woops, No "D." I was found a new friend called Aleeha. That is my best friend. I was conversationing with her. Oh, Cool friend , hahaha. But anyway. It was fine.

2014 (as Mr. Krabs): I was started to come on TBM. Since my block finished but I vandalize again. I was started to work on Austin and Ally wiki again. I also contributed in Real True Friendship Wiki on March. I was creating very many edit. Er... Yeah, 1.000 edits. It is very hard to make it. I was really care about friends now even enemies. I like being like this as myself in April 2014. I was really loving wikia. I was contributing for many times. I miss the old times we work hard, get together all the time in the start. I just hoped, I has been liking moment on the times all along. It was getting really fun In the times. I also being wish all the times. I'm glad to have friend as of now, But I getting into several wikis. I disabled my account named TianTheFrienshipper, I also made several accounts called GlitterPenguin, TianTheFrienshipper2, SparklePenguin. But It is not looking my design so maybe nope. I don't want it and till I come as Spongebob789 I am happy again editing on CCSW and ESB also other wikis!

2015 (as SpongeBob): Finally a SpongeBob since 2012. So many hard level such as in the Surreal Safari, But uh. It's extremely fun!

Opening Time: Chat and WikiEdit

I may be going to the wiki every day if I could. I mainly on this wiki. I like Biscuit Bungalow.

Strategy on 70REdit

First, you need a colour bomb+colour bomb three or four times in this level. Second, Do not open the licorice locks until you finished the triple/quarter colour bomb+colour bomb. Then, enjoy it the strategy. Try to make Wrapped+Striped twice on the other side. Chocolates may ruin your plan. Colour bomb+wrapped is tottally useful. But this is hard. This may be helpful. =)

Strategy on 789REdit

Start to make a colour bomb as many as you can, then make moves that make green candies so just fast and go to improve three stars!

Best Friends-Neutral ListEdit

  1. User:Roseturnip: We really know each other on chat.
  2. User:Percy Miller: Percy, a good friend of mine. despite his many points in 20Q!
  3. User:Asew54321: Asew=Cobi :p
  4. User:3litecandycrusher: Liked on chat, Play on a trivia contest.. XD
  5. User:ChaneyTheSamurott: Ah, when you show that your grandpa said about odus!! XD
  6. User:Storm2: :)
  7. User:Blueeighthnote: Good friend.
  8. User:Lefty7788: Good friend, we have been friends in a time.
  9. User:CC-8589934592: Your are nice person, Elsa!
  10. User:LucasH181: Nice person on chat, Loocas.
  11. User:EeveeLover1988: You really know well with me
  12. User:Kinglee123: Good friend. Thank you for telling a wikia contributor to going to respect other user's opinion. Thanks kinglee! You are enough to be in my friends list. :)
  13. User:Imamadmad: Enough to be good! :)
  14. User:Luvdwayulie: We'll miss ya!
  15. User:Candycrush071: I like em'.
  16. User:3primetime3: The Prime Time is on chat, As I say Yay! XD
  17. User:Candycrushking: Good one though
  18. User:Timmy fenton: You really know how to play bloons!
  19. User:SpinachMonkey: The Monkey that likes Spinach is here!! xD LOL
  20. User:BestBtd4Player: Sorry you are in the 14th but you still a good friend of mine.
  21. User:Supermario3459: Mario, Mario. I just know it was actually a game not a name.
  22. User:Quan-PokemonMaster: Quan, Actually It was a mistake when we are on chat.
  23. User:Cheekian: Good friend.
  24. User:Megaphantaze: The good friend of mine.
  25. User:TouhouandMarioFan: Founder of Fanon Wiki, sometimes on CCSFW Chat.
  26. User:Bp101697: Another buddy on Fanon Chat.
  27. User:AngelaThePorcupine: :)
  28. User:BloomingFlower : I like you!
  29. User:Andrero: You're a good friend of mine!
  30. User:Emmaelise401: Not a bad one though
  31. User:Blackbird625: One good friend though!
  32. User:Teddyyy: Not a squid. XD
  33. User:Wildoneshelper: You're following Level stub! :p
  34. User:Mippish : I guess this user is enough on my Friends list.
  35. User:Solstice2000: You're a good one though!
  36. User:Jianhui67: Good friend though!
  37. User:JoyIF: I like your number of edits. :)
  38. User:Carlsaga07: I actually like your contributions. :)
  39. User:DoCheonGong: Good thing you were an admin! :)
  40. User:Cjay1997: Nice leaked content! :)
  41. User:BF10: Good friend though.
  42. User:Top Agent PGG jr.: I see your good contributions! I don't know you much :/
  43. User:Auron~Guardian: Hehe, just adding you Auron! :/
  44. User:Nicko756: Hey there nicko!

Sponge-O-Luck-O ChallengeEdit


Get a Colour Bomb+Colour Bomb on 3 Moves in Level 1 DW (FB)!

  • Difficulty: Very Hard for some players


Get only one star in level 1!

  • Difficulty: Insanely Hard for some players

Very easy or Very hard!Edit

  • Spongebob789: I am extremely mad, of the very easy rating currently. Some Wikia contributors say I'm an Idiot, but this are my opinions. I'll support my own comment, And don't tell i'm an idiot again. 861-865 is on my opinions. Good news, Imamadmad talking about it as A Wikia Contributor say about Roseturnip. I am currently quite happy of it. I'm continuing my editing after that Horrible Thing, checked on a talk page.
  • A wikia Contributor: "Bob, do you even play the levels?" (Would he say I do?)

What is Chat? (After)Edit

  • A: A place to chat!
  • B: Okay, Thanks!!
  • C: Thank you, ??!


  • Currently none. XD

What I like on ChatEdit

  • Going to a Trivia Contest (25Q)
  • Talking about level (NOT RARE since 3/7/2015)

Oh yeah, this is my DW stars! Enjoy!

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Part 2: My secondary userpage

Here is the hardest polls.

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My favorite song is the song from Lava in the Inside Out film.

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