aka Flaky, mario, link, rayman... etc

  • I live in Somewhere in the largest Europeean forest !
  • I was born on April 15
  • My occupation is Student at University (2nd year of computer science Bachelor's degree)
  • I am Hermaphrodite.. jk Male
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Locked chocolate This user is halfway done and completed the first 3753 Reality levels on Candy Crush Saga.
Moonstruck icon This user is halfway done and completed the first 333 Dreamworld levels on Candy Crush Saga.
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Welcome to the profile of:


Now playing :  Nothing

Current mood :  ...

Hi <insert name here> . I love candy crush saga and some king's games.

My progress on Candy crush saga :

Reality : level 1181

Dreamworld : level 594 (and it will stay here, thanks you king for removing Dreamworld -_-)

Other games starting from my favorite to my least favorite :

Pet Rescue Saga - Level 777

Candy crush soda saga : level 512

Papa Pear Saga - Level 97 

Diamond Digger Saga - Level 127 

Farm Heroes Saga - Level 115 I GIVE UP !!!

Pepper Panic Saga - Level 53

Pyramid Solitiaire Saga - Level 29  

Bubble Witch Saga - Level 45

Opening times (GMT+1):

It depends of multiple things :/


Completed levels : 1151/3155... how many levels ? xD

Completed dreamworld levels : 593/665 (and It will stay here, again, thanks you King for removing Dreamworld -_-)

Three stars progress : 385/3155 ????

Episode : Barking Boutique  (78)

Favorite levels : 43 ! 236 ! 252 ! 1 ! and my most MOST FAVORITE LEVEL EVER : 281 !!!

level where I was stuck the longest : level 655 (35+ days) (and 1148 inactively, 2 years almost)

Mastered Episodes (45 stars) : 26/211

My scores, stars and difficulties

See User:Supermario3459/Levels (UNDER CONSTRUCTION : It's a copy of the list of levels page, Progress : 23/1405)...  01.63% done :-( 

Most Hated levels :

13, 19, 28, 38, 100, 125 , 154, 165, 169, 184, 197, 273 , 311, 317, 325, 377, 394, 419, 428, 461, 655


Note : Reputation has been removed because of a new rule :(

Best Friends :

User:ChaneyTheSamurott My first friend to reach that special Rank! You totally deserve this rank! thanks for playing with me, and chatting too! Chaney is a very kind user, and he is extremely friendly. If you are sad, he will cheer you up by hugging you! He made me loves Samurott just for that! He is the best Samurott ever! Congratulations forever for reaching this rank! We have fun in Dreamworld! haha! 

User:Courtemanche437 HOW COULD I FORGET YOU! DX! You are an important friend and one of my best friends since I know you since 2012 because of Bejeweled! Sorry for forgetting you :(

User:Katmint And you too same as above how could I forget you? Emolgas are cute! :)

User:Olaf-Tiffi-Odus2711 , one of my favorite friends, but a boy this time 

User:Storm2, At first I got spitful against you because you said I was not a good player (c.f comments from list of levels in june/july 2013) but now you are one of my favorite friends !!! 

User:BestBtd4Player : You see very friendly on this wikia... We need to know more eachother (

User:SpinachMonkey : you are extremely friendly with me... thanks a lot 

User:Garfieldjacob :

User:Flockky II : 

User:Asew54321 , I like your games 

User:Lefty7788 especially when you decided to recruit more admins, also one of my favorite friends around here, you are the creator ! 

User:EeveeLover1988,One of my favorite friends! and a girl too! We need more girls like you lol 

User:Roseturnip, Thanks for forgiving me! 

User:BloomingFlower I'm glad that you have the same opinion than me for 144DW :D 

User:3primetime3 ,  Thanks for putting me on your friend list

CC-2^33 - We need to talk much eachother !  

The classic contributors I know for more than one year now :D

User:Wildoneshelper ,  A extremely important member here ! thanks for all improvements ! Too bad you come rarely in chat :(

User:Jianhui67, Another classic admins, and the oldest one ! thanks for all the work ! 

User:LucasH181 : Friendly, I'm not angry against you for that accidental ban xD 

User:AngelaThePorcupine Flaky is my fav char aswell, welcome to the wikia :D 

User:3litecandycrusher - How Could I forget you :) thanks for being active on chat and for contributing to the wiki life!

Thanks for visiting the profile of :


Have a good trip !

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