Here is a list of the previous record holders for the levels on which I needed the max number of tries to get through them. Note that the first level in the game cannot be failed and is included here for completeness sake. I purchased Candy Crush Saga on 4 December 2016, and reached Level 123 by 9 January 2017, but the next morning (10 January), due to an update, the game would not load. It was really frustrating. I visited countless forum threads by people who seemed to share my problem and frustration. Finally, at 10:10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time that night, I had to make the bold decision to delete and reinstall the game on my phone. By 2:30 a.m. the next day, I had reached Level 23 in just four hours, and that is when I decided to make a Facebook account. That way, I was able to go to bed with the satisfaction of having my new Facebook account instead of the sadness of losing 123 levels and 5 weeks of game play time. Although hard levels (even extremely hard levels) are very common in higher levels, record-breaking levels are extremely rare. Of the over 2,700 levels I have played, only 12 of them made this list.

  • Level 1 - 1
  • Level 10 - 6 (Yes, I actually ran out of lives during Level 10 during story mode. I had to wait somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes to make my sixth attempt. I raced through Levels 1-9 without needing more than one attempt on any of them.)
  • Level 65 - 20
  • Level 123 - 25 (As a bonus, I was stuck on this level in the morning on, surprise, surprise, 23 January 2017, which, in MM/DD format, uses the same digits in the same order as the number 123. I was already not feeling my best that morning because I did not get any sleep the night before that. As this is the level at which I restarted my game earlier in the month, I was itching to get past this level. I was also looking forward to reaching Level 126, because it was the first candy-order level in the game.)
  • Level 483 - 83 (I had the Live Forever booster when I tackled this level, but the two hours of my Live Forever treat came and went, and I was still struggling with this.)
  • Level 826 - 86 (I actually did resort to boosters at 86 to pass the level. I had been staying awake that night and morning to see the sunrise.)
  • Level 948 - 90
  • Level 1008 - 116
  • Level 1085 - 131 (And for your next date coincidence, I passed this level on 31 January 2018, which in Month/Day format uses the same digits in the same order as the palindrome number 131.)
  • Level 1975 - 165 (This level was still very hard even with boosters, because attacks on the left side will either clear icing/jelly or do nothing at all, and I was stuck on it for three days.)
  • Level 2723 - 178
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