Tasty Sugar Track

  • I live in East Coast of the United States
  • I was born on December 19
  • I am Male

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Game stats

  • Level 185: 1747080 (Easily among my favorite ingredients levels of all time)
  • Level 252: 50349160 (I achieved this high score back in November, when this was still a "time" level, and worth the time.)
  • Level 281: 1761220
  • Level 374: 4453600
  • Level 1000: 2697520 (I reached this milestone level in the afternoon on 22 December 2017, just in time for the holiday vacation.)
  • Level 1132: 13887000

Levels I find difficult

  • Level 92: 10 (Today this level has a place in my heart, but if I were to have made this list about a year ago, this would have definitely been among my least favorites.)
  • Level 488: 83 (I had the Live Forever booster, but I was still unable to finish this level in the duration of the booster.)
  • Level 1081: 30 attempts of doom (Where do I begin? Anyone who has played this level knows that cascades rarely ever happen on this level. Most attempts will fail to clear even a single jelly square. Because of that, you can easily fail with a low score. I also spilled water on my keyboard on the same night I was stuck on this level, which makes this level all the more memorable for me.)
  • Level 1085: 131 (Although this level took over four times as many attempts as Level 1081, it doesn't bring back bad memories like that level does.)

Favorite levels

  • Number 5 - Level 252 Had I made this list about three months ago, this would have been my number one spot, but now it is number five because of two updates in the past two months that I don't like. In February, they made Dexter's Delight unavailable to my version, and earlier this month, they converted Level 252 into a moves level, so you can no longer play past 30 moves (yes, I know you have 10% more with Space Dash).
  • Number 4 - Level 325 This is a very hard level, but when I do bring down the last ingredient, it feels so rewarding. Also, cascades are plenty on this level, so you can fill your sugar meter quickly.
  • Number 3 - Level 344 Also a good level to play if you are looking to fill your sugar meter. This isn't the first ingredients level on this list, and you can bet that it isn't the last. I love the ingredients level theme on mobile (which is used for timed levels if you're playing on the web version).
  • Number 2 - Level 55 I think this has a spot in my heart because it was my first experience with multi-cascades and the first time I scored hundreds of thousands of points.
  • Number 1 - Level 185 Same as Level 55. You cannot use boosters (they wouldn't do you any good on this level anyway.) This level gives you twice as many moves asLevel 55, so at least I don't always feel like I am low on moves the second I start playing it.

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