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  • I live in East Coast of the United States
  • I was born on December 19
  • I am Male
Ticket Timer

Ticket countdown screen showing 33 hours, 32 minutes, and 33 seconds remaining before the Tooth Fairy unlocks the next episode. Note the pattern in the digits on the timer. Had I taken this a minute earlier, it would have been 33:33:33, but the page was a little bit slow to load at the time. I was at the bus stop between Level 410 and Level 411. A few hours later, I used gold to unlock Level 411 before the tooth fairy would have unlocked it for me. This picture is a still of a video I recorded on my iPhone at around 04:40 EDT (08:40 UTC) on 9 May 2017.

PS: I was not feeling my best that day because I chose not to sleep the night before. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time feeling my best on the day after a sleepless night.

Game stats

Current level of progress

Warning: The times in the history of this page may not necessarily reflect when I got past certain levels in the game. There will be many occasions when I finish a tough level at a time when I am away from home, such as finishing a level during my classroom hours on a day I have to go to my school. Of course, you can rest assured I will never change the number in this section BEFORE I finish the level I am working on. Sometimes, I get an easy level or I will pass a level relatively quickly due to a wave of good luck, so sometimes the number below will increase by two, three, or possibly more.

High scores

  • Level 185: 1747080 (Easily among my favorite ingredients levels of all time)
  • Level 252: 50349160 (I achieved this high score on 14 November 2017, when this was still a "time" level.)
  • Level 281: 1761220
  • Level 374: 4453600
  • Level 607: 979580
  • Level 701: 892420
  • Level 725: 3322120
  • Level 1000: 3554040 (I reached this milestone level in the afternoon on 22 December 2017, just in time for the holiday vacation.)
  • Level 1132: 13887000
  • Level 1280: 1218900 (If Level 252 were a candy order level, and if it had forty moves and if it required you to combine SC with WC, this would be the result. On this level, sometimes cascades will get in the way, and you just have to cross your fingers for the right moment. The rest of the orders will take care of themselves.)
  • Level 1422: 699900 (I didn't quite reach the 700,000 point line, but this was so rewarding after 13 attempts. I finished with three moves left, and a few moves before I finished off the last remaining jelly, there was a huge cascade chain when I destroyed the cake bomb.)
  • Level 1476: 2784500 (I reached this level exactly 31 minutes before this edit. Even three months ago, I had been counting down the levels before I would finally reach this level. I finished with 15 moves left and scored well past the three-star target score.)
  • Level 1504: 602360
  • Level 1525: 117220 (This is a relatively low score compared to the other scores on this list, but I enjoyed this level. Also, although this is now considered an easy level, it was rated extremely hard when it was time limited.)
  • Level 1538: 18570440 (I still have an older version of Candy Crush Saga because my phone can no longer update, so this is still timed for me. It can be played indefinitely just like Level 252, because the cascades will create extra time candies to keep the timer at or above 25 seconds left.)

Levels I find difficult

  • Level 92: 10 (Today, this level has a place in my heart, but if I were to have made this page about a year ago, this would have definitely been among my least favorites.)
  • Level 488: 83 (I had the Live Forever booster, but I was still unable to finish this level in the duration of the booster.)
  • Level 617: 52 (It was a hot Monday afternoon in the summer of 2017, and I had the Live Forever booster when it came time for me to tackle this level. I was able to make only 20-25 tries in the time I had infinite lives, because of how boring it is. This is definitely a level worth mentioning for me.)
  • Level 649: 70
  • Level 679: 73
  • Level 699: 75
  • Level 826: 86
  • Level 872: 64
  • Level 905: 74
  • Level 908: 72
  • Level 948: 90
  • Level 1008: 116 (I was stuck on this for four days and four nights over Christmas vacation.)
  • Level 1050: 111
  • Level 1081: 30 attempts of doom (Where do I begin? Anyone who has played this level knows that cascades rarely ever happen on this level. Most attempts will fail to clear even a single jelly square. Because of that, you can easily fail with a low score. I also spilled water on my keyboard on the same night I was stuck on this level, which makes this level all the more memorable for me.)
  • Level 1085: 131 (Although this level took over four times as many attempts as Level 1081, it doesn't bring back bad memories like that level does.)
  • Level 1124: 73 (Much like Level 1081, don't expect a whole lot of cascades because they rarely form.)
  • Level 1199: 50
  • Level 1201: 23 (I was sitting in the passenger seat on a car ride home when I finished this level shortly after 1800 UTC (14:00 local time (Eastern Daylight Time)) 29 March 2018. My phone was dangerously close to running out of power during my attempt but it didn't.)
  • Level 1208: 78 (But lots of fun when you get past the icing.)
  • Level 1224: 74
  • Level 1232: 112 (I am not making this up at all. I finished this level after being stuck on it for four days. The number of cascades you get on your attempt depends on how you handle the chocolate before it handles you, so some attempts will have more or fewer. Although twenty-five moves may SEEM like a lot, it is not smart to spend them as if you were to have millions to waste.)
  • Level 1242: 61
  • Level 1269: 56 (Read my comment, dated 4 May 2018, on that article for a brief history of my attempts. On my 32nd attempt, which I made ten minutes before that comment, I used a Free Spin to earn five moves and I lost because a candy bomb blew up on the last of my extra moves. Thus, I used a total of 39 moves, and I STILL lost. I made one more attempt before making my comment to that article.)
  • Level 1285: 22 (Another level that was fun despite being difficult to pass.)
  • Level 1287: 33 (I finished this level at 15:00 local time (12 May 2018), minutes after having pasta for my afternoon lunch. It was a rainy, wet afternoon in and around Boston.)
  • Level 1310: 49
  • Level 1325: 84
  • Level 1351: 87 (The latest member of my 75+ attempt club, and trust me, I was stuck on this for three days.)
  • Level 1374: 61
  • Level 1423: 74
  • Level 1467: 125 (This is the first time in a considerable time that I have gone into triple digits on any given level, but my previous under-100 streak is now in the past. I was stuck on this for four days. At 19:20, about 19 minutes before this edit, I finally beat this level at 125 attempts, a mere six attempts shy of my record from January 2018.)
  • Level 1513: 58 (My mobile version still has the old version since it can't update anymore, so I still have the version where it is possible to destroy the Magic Mixer prematurely. I did my last 5 attempts on the Facebook version, and even then, this level may still have a high difficulty rating.)
  • Level 1518: 49
  • Level 1549: 64

See User:Tasty Sugar Track/Previous Hardest Levels for more information.

Favorite levels

  • Number 5 - Level 252 Had I made this list in December 2017, this would have been my number one spot, but now it is number five because of two updates in the past two months that I don't like. In February, they made Dexter's Delight unavailable to my version, and earlier this month, they converted Level 252 into a moves level, so you can no longer play past 25 moves (yes, I know you have 28 moves if Space Dash is active).
  • Number 4 - Level 325 This is a very hard level, but when I do bring down the last ingredient, it feels so rewarding. Also, cascades are plenty on this level, so you can fill your sugar meter quickly.
  • Number 3 - Level 344 Also a good level to play if you are looking to fill your sugar meter. This isn't the first ingredients level on this list, and you can bet that it isn't the last. I love the ingredients level theme on mobile (which is used for timed levels if you're playing on the web version).
  • Number 2 - Level 55 I think this has a spot in my heart because it was my first experience with multi-cascades and the first time I scored hundreds of thousands of points.
  • Number 1 - Level 185 Same as Level 55. You cannot use boosters (they wouldn't do you any good on this level anyway.) This level gives you twice as many moves as Level 55, so at least I don't always feel like I am low on moves the second I start playing it.

Opening Time

  • I am unavailable on Mondays and Wednesdays between 8:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 00:30 until 02:00 UTC) because I have a teacher who comes to my house to work with me in that range.
  • I will be unavailable on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, during the 11:xx a.m. hour (15:00-15:59 UTC).
  • I am also unavailable on Thursday afternoons, from 12:30 p.m. until 1:30 p.m. (16:30-17:30), as well as 2:00 p.m. until 3:15 p.m. (18:00-19:15 UTC). It is possible I may edit during that 30 minute break, but the chances of that are not very high.
  • You won't see any activity from me on this wiki on Tuesdays between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. (the 00:xx hour of Wednesday according to UTC) because I take lessons at a fencing club during that hour.


  • I love cascades because they score me so many points. I think they are a key to making a level fun for me. I still have fun playing Level 252 despite the fact that it has been five months since it was converted to a moves level.
  • I don't mind difficult levels. In fact, I specifically enjoy the challenge factor and the mystery of not knowing when I am finally going to pass the difficult level, whether it be my 1st attempt, my 4th, or my 120th, or whatever.
  • I do mind boring levels, though. For me, "hard" and "boring" are not synonyms, and "easy" and "entertaining" are also not synonyms. Not all easy levels are fun, and not all hard levels are boring. For example, I have fun when playing Level 325, a hard level, but I don't have nearly as much fun playing Level 126, a level with minuscule difficulty. Even a level rated "extremely hard" can still be fun, for instance: Level 1518.
  • There is no question about it that King uses the "difficulty" factor to get his players to pay gold and use money to buy more gold. King isn't nearly as aggressive when it comes to the "yawn" factor, that is, the use of "boring" levels to get us to pay. I did find Level 1081 and Level 1124 to be quite boring for me, but other than that, all other levels are fine by me. Some levels seem boring at first, such as Level 1208, but become fun once you get past the icing and pave the way for more cascades to happen. But let's remember that our beloved Level 252 didn't give us a whole lot of cascades until we would clear the icing and make space on the board.
  • I find the sound the Conveyor Belt makes to be somewhat repetitive. Even though levels like Level 1518 are fun, the conveyer belt and high move limit makes it feel repetitive as one has to hear that sound on every single move. If you do the math, that means you hear it 45 times in one attempt, and 225 times in five attempts, assuming you don't get a candy bomb from the mystery eggs, and remove the candy bomb in time if that does happen. I am so tired of the conveyer belt sound that I either turn the volume down to zero or silence my phone when playing these levels. I sometimes listen to the radio when playing these levels, because even if it's a commercial or a song I don't like, I prefer that over hearing a sound 45 times in a row.
  • The "Session Hijacking" glitch is like being scratched by a cat, because normally they don't happen, but it almost never feels good when either does happen. You also don't always know why. Yes, sometimes you don't know why your cat just scratched you. It's also not always your fault. I guess it sometimes just happens seemingly out of the blue sky.
  • It would be really nice if one day King would bring back Dreamworld and extend it past 665 levels. Level 666, as you all know, is special in Reality, so maybe its eventual Dreamworld counterpart should be extra special.
  • On the page about Timed levels, it says it is possible King is awaiting critical reception upon their removal on HTML5. I hope this is the case, because for the past four months, it has bothered me and multiple other people that timed levels are history. Actually, to me, this current chapter started nearly two months before that, because Level 252 was a very fun level that I would play for over an hour and score well into the 8-digit numbers. The only non-Timed level I ever had an 8-digit score is Level 1132.
  • It would be nice if King would start putting text in the story again someday. It has been years since the last time there has been text in the cutscenes, and for those of you who are curious, see Level 621 and click the episode name.
  • This game is not always a stress-reliever. The only reason I play anyway when it won't make me calm down is so that I can increase my "attempt" count at my current level and start the timer. I can never go from my 20th attempt to my 28th attempt in one sitting because 20 and 28 are more than 5 apart. During a tough, busy, stressful week, Candy Crush Saga does little to help my mood unless I am replaying awesome levels like 1538. My negative opinion about conveyor belts is also magnified during a week where I don't feel myself.

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