Professor Odus

Hello! <insert name here> ,

My status

SEMI-ACTIVE (Until December)

ProfessorOdus.png Game stats (Reality)
Current Level : Level 8293
Current Episode :
Odus normal3.png AI bot
My bot account : Skytown's bot

My main jobs

  • Uploading photos
  • Doing everything...

Rank and other boxes

CandyCrushSaga-appicon.png This user is an administrator on the Candy Crush Saga Wiki. (verify)
en-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of English.
Tiffitransparency.png This user finished all 8,315 Reality levels in Candy Crush Saga.
Small Board Contest 1st Place.png This user has won 1st place on Small Level Contest.


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