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  • I live in 177 Great Rocks Street Meringue Tower Flat C Rm 1702 Superflat Minecraft Earth Solar System Orion Arm Milky Way Local Group Virgo Supercluster Local Superclusters Universe
  • My occupation is being a hipster and making jokes
  • I am Crazy Wildon

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2015 August's choice "Astute"

2015 September's choice "Déjà vu"

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About my game career besides CCS


Won 5 games of 2048, and wanted to quit because I got an "8192" tile.

Flappy Bird:

180 POINTS!!

Dumb Ways to Die:

10136 points, and that's the reason I quit playing.

Age of Empires III:

Nearly level 70 for British civilization and level 12 or 13 for German civilization. I love British because I could do carnage using that civilization.

Halo Reach & 4:

One of my most favorite games of all time, once stopped playing for some time, but then replayed. Here is a photo comparing Halo Reach and Halo 4.

FIFA 15:

Yes! I got Iniesta!


1st in Name the Flag in Hong Kong in May 2015.

1999 points is my personal best with the highest ranking of 5!

Halo facts

The level I'm currently on

I humbly ask for forgiveness that I'm only on level 681.

I am on level 158 Dreamworld!!


Relocated to this page

Rage meter

Top 10:

  1. Level 152
  2. Level 440
  3. Level 347
  4. Level 425
  5. Level 437
  6. Level 419
  7. Level 70 (Dreamworld)
  8. Level 103 (Dreamworld)
  9. Level 275 (Pre-nerf)
  10. Level 266

Levels I was Stuck

Level 29: TIS LVL IZ SOOOOOO HARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That's...)
Rage table flip

DAT Moment when I fail in level 152.

Level 30: Never thought that I would get stuck in these two levels for 1 or 2 months. Almost the verge of breaking down again, aaahhhhh... (Singing Florence and the Machine)

Level 35: Finale always gets my guts out!

Level 45: Not too long, but it did get me stranded for a bit.


Level 61: A sign of Aquarius, no it's a sign of the fearsome level 65!

Level 62: Getting hard, it's getting hard! (Oh darling, don't you...)

Level 63: Better!
Level 152 rip

Self-irony in level 152

Level 65: JASDJKASDbLJSAHDL (Screaming like a nooob), I'm stuck in this level and I'm screaming very hard in this level!! It is a kilogram of cake!! (Do you know what a "piece of cake" means?)

Level 70: Flattered!! THIS LEVEL IS UTTERLY HOPELESS WITH ALL THOSE STUPID MELANIN CHOCOLATE!!!!! (Sorry if I have discriminated you)

Level 77: The island... It is the newly formed Pakistani island! (You don't say!)

Level 86: I have no comment.

Level 88: Can't be determined.

Level 90: Oh, how hard to bring those ingredients down!! It is once easy and I literally lolz.

Level 95: THIS IS FULL OF *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* (Hitler rants parodies)
Failure meme

This is the face when I fail level 184

Level 98: I don't know what to say here but I'm frustrated by this difficulty.

Level 99: I can't believe it is "considerably easy" when I am stuck here for a long time! Hear me, can you hear me? I am calling out to you for the last time!! (Singing Pim Stones's songs)

Level 100: If this is a dream, won't open my eyes, am I asleep? No, I'm alive!

Level 105: This level has chocolate all around the jelly!! Eeeeeeeel!

Level 107: You would, you would if this was a movie (Singing nothing related to this level)

Level 109: Hardest level of this episode and trying my best to escape this hell's episode! We'll run where lights won't chase us, Hide where love can save us, I will never let you go!

Level 118: Swirls, swirls everywhere! (With Woody staring at the board fearfully)

Level 120: What a wonderful world!

Level 123: 1, 2, 3, not you only and me! That we got stuck in this cavity.

Level 125: Playing this while watching Bodil40 doing some epic jump maps!

Level 130: Yo dawg I herd u like striped candies. So I make wrapped candies to detonate your striped candies. So you can make striped candies while you detonate wrapped candies.

Level 133: The fountain of youth...

Level 135: The fountain of nothing...

Level 142: This level is so expensive that I kept playing this level as you need money for empty slots and meringues!

Level 147: It was utterly hopeless!

Level 152: So bad I used boosters and wasted 28 gold bars. THIS LEVEL IS THE HARDEST LEVEL I'VE EVER PLAYED IN CANDY CRUSH SAGA!!!!! NO SINGLE LEVEL COULD BE AS HARD AS THIS HELL'S HOTPOT!!! This level peaks the rage chart again because this level is going to be downgraded.

Level 173: How can I be able to get stuck in this level?

Level 177: Am I butthurt?? I can't understand why I am stuck in this level for days.

Level 184: **** off chocolate spawners!!! This is the second level 152!!

Level 195: EVERYTHING IS TOO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Level 197: Not too insane...

Level 199: SUPER INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Level 226: Perhaps one of the worst levels I encountered...

Level 264: Smells the difficulty of Holiday hut... Puff...

Level 265: This is "very hard"

Level 266: I'm not sure how long I will be here, but it will be centuries for me...

Level 268: Who on Venus would say this level is "easy"?? This is VERY HARD!!!!!

Level 275: Some kind of grunts from the Covenant Empire created this level. This is BEYOND insanely hard!!

Level 303: Malicious candy bombs!!

Level 307: Obnoxious!

Level 315: Speechless

Level 323:

Level 325: Fun? Literally, there is no fun in keeping failing the level all over again!

Level 347: Desperate angel

Level 361: Second level 152, but Facebook just helped me.

Level 366: It's harder than 201.

Level 375: That cake bomb is useless, and the flood of licorice swirls are blocking me from clearing the bomb.

Level 377: This is no different than level 140, and even harder!

Level 382: I'm getting tired of this licorice!

Level 410: Mobile is too hard!

Level 419: I'm going to rage like Lefty7788!

Level 425: Well, who say this level is just very hard?

Level 427 (3rd try): Rainbow Runway is harder than Soda Swamp!! Do you agree?

Level 428: Well this stinks...

Level 431: How come I'm stuck in every level!

Level 432: Mystery candies are cruel to me. I have attempts which I couldn't even open up a single mystery candy!

Level 434: BOMBS AWAY PLEASE!!!!

Level 437: Cake bombs are annoying...

Level 440: Too many bombs and jellies

Level 452: Overfishing of striped candies

Level 453: Now overfishing of wrapped candies

Level 470: Color bombs are utterly useless

P.S.: I was lucky to pass level 153, 155 (one more time in my review), 158, 162, 165, 167, 169, 180, 181, 182 and 183 in a very short period of time, probably because of the blessing by level 152. I also can't believe I pass level 165 on my second try... :D

Lucky Wildoneshelper:

  • 1st try in level 305!
  • 3rd try in level 409!
  • 3rd try in level 427!

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I help construct the levels template and the level pages (The idea comes up from me and it looked great [said by other users]!). I also help fixing templates. I also teach others for some special features.

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Mostly on 09:00 UTC to 13:00 UTC.

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