Endgame Of DST 0200.00

Hope you have a Happy Easter Fools, filled with Easter or even Passover-themed April Fools jokes, though I was indeed away an inactive!

This, is not an April Fools joke. But today still counts as a Passover day, which often occurs alongside Easter.

The overview

You can see this as my first anniversary of me being a Candy Crush admin.

Man, but this semester has been a rather mixed-big experience for me. As again, I repeatedly stated that I will be focusing on other projects for a while, as they are more relevant to my real-life computer programming goals. As a result, delays and stuff should be expected by that time because my real-life situations regarding other projects are getting considerably intense nowadays.

Fortunately, don't fret! Even though I did a considerable amount of "other stuff" the last couple of months in place of the Candy Crush extractions which is already almost 100% functional, I will soon be able to show part of my "other stuff" in the next few months.

The 12 other projects that I have been involved include, and are not limited to:

  • C and Linux shell programming
  • Riemann Zeta function (Millionaire$)
  • Mandelbrot Set orbit
  • Complex grapher
  • Clock Face
  • Process Tree printer for Linux
  • Sieve of Eratosthenes (using temporal parallelism)
  • Client and Server
  • Job-running Server
  • Matrix and Vector algebra system
  • Yugioh banlist table generator (Yep I watch Yugioh anime yet beginner at the game)
  • Pixel Painter

Goals for April

Spring has arrived, and that means school is almost over! In turn, that means I will be more active in the next few months, just as how unusually very active I was in May and June.

My updated generation II extractor should be around Wednesday to Thursday, and will be in a GUI form around Friday to Saturday.

I am also quite behind, but made considerable progress, now in the 200s in Soda Saga. I will also focus on mobile development; meaning that Soda Saga will make a (slow) rebirth.

I thank Cheekian and Johnny.crush for continuing to supply up-to-date releases and updates and level infoboxes while I have been less active around here. I thank all the administrators and b-crats for cleaning up the wiki and keeping the number of active users over 100 consistently. I thank all the other users for being the main force of keeping this wiki alive.

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