Happy Independence Weekend 2020!

I hope everyone, contributors, commentors, and readers alike had the best of your summer even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. To be honest with you, the past year haven't been a very good year for me as a contributor.

In particular, I am already having trouble keeping up with real-life situations besides my internship, and social stress is draining much of my energy away from all interests. I am still keeping a keen eye on Candy Crush, and I will still have to invest my time to improve the wiki and rebuild CCSS which have fell into inactivity. You should also notice that my past blogs have all been quite long; I will help shorten up the remaining blogs so to make it more digestible for readers.

Recently, King has made more changes to the game that has been opposed. In particular, we all oppose the April Fools 2020 episode backgrounds as there is no concrete proof that it helps optimize performance. Furthermore, there are only six months remaining for the Flash version, so I would propose highlighting the Flash versions as current and soon-to-be former version of a level.

Here is the tentative roadmap for July:

  • April 2020 episode names will not be recognized anywhere on the wiki.
  • Identify all Flash levels
  • Identify all past versions of all levels in Candy Crush and name them appropriately if needed. (Will be a rather tall order)
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