Hey Candy Crushers!

This is Mulliganaceous, and you might've remembered me a few months ago while I was extracting level configs. Recently, especially the last few months, you've noticed that I have been unusually inactive in chat and this wiki. This is both due to me having to make transitions (which may be quite difficult) to reinstate my social media, in which I have abstained for years for personal reasons, and me having to prioritize my work into internship (I am currently working for a transportation ministry). I also have stumbled into a writer's block causing me to overthink before writing this blog post as well as a social media reinstatement post, which in turn stalled my overall productivity.

I thank every single user, ranging from the occasional comment-poster to the active admins who regularly post updates to the wiki for keeping this wiki up to date and sustaining the WAM score to above 95.

I will still be active in Candy Crush Saga and CCSS. The work for CCSS will be considerably more intense since I must rebuild the wiki. I am asking every admin, especially those who update level pages on a daily basis, to bring a favor to me: email all of the config files you have so far to me to this email:

If the file is too big, you can split it into multiple emails.

I wish the best for Valentine's Day 2020‼

a mulligan. (talk) 23:53, February 14, 2020 (UTC)

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