Hullo Candy Crushers!

Back to blog posting, afther the 6666th edit! We are only one day away from Halloween, and some awesome new updates are going to arrive!

I have completed all the extractions for Soda, and the GUI program is almost fully functional!

But - today isn't halloween... so we wait another day for the real post to come... Sadly, I don't think I will be ß-crat in the future - four is more than good here.

Reply below to review and post any further suggestions for my extractions and blueprints that will help keep this wiki up to date! - to see all my extractions check out my Github and download these three files - one will be the preliminary Soda blueprints and the other the Saga blueprints.

Also, reply below to discuss about any plans to make Candy Crush Soda Saga Wiki great again!Should the Soda Discord be merged to the main Candy Crush Discord? I have completed almost all of my extractions after a good amount of testing, and the only thing left to add is to enumerate board-segment specific goals and straws.

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