Words can't describe how frustrated I was after seeing that video a couple days ago. I had so much trouble getting through it the first time around and cringe every time it comes up on television. I side with the ones hurting and the peaceful protestors, because no one ever deserves that type of treatment, and the fact that this was only noticed because a bystander videoed it makes it ever so worse. If it weren't for the current pandemic, I would have been moved to head down to Los Angeles and protest for a couple hours because all lives matter. I can't believe that this was something that happened in 2020 sixty years later, after what happened with MLK in '68, Rodney King in '92, and more recently, Reed and Arbery. This could've easily happened to someone I knew personally, or hell even me under the wrong racist hands, or knee for that matter. Social reform needs to happen NOW to those who don't belong in these uniforms because there isn't a place in the world for unnecessary police brutality. It's absolutely tragic and extremely harrowing.

Given that, I'm grateful for all of those out there who keep the country safe while the nation grieves and the looters attempt to bridge the gap due to income inequality. No words can express how much I love and commemorate our unsung heroes - our fellow grocery store cashiers, doctors, firefighters, and policemen, who sacrifice themselves and their families everyday to make the world a better place for everyone. They're the ones who should be recognized and celebrated but aren't. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, for you are the reason that I'm able to remain safe in my home, to continue what I love doing everyday, and to continue living the American dream.

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