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Color Streak Intro


It is called "Color Streak". There will be a container in the corner of screen. When a player makes a move, the matched candies will be added to the energy of container. The same color of energy can stack, up to 4 charges. Matching a different color will reset the energy to 1 of new color (unless it's full). Making a match with colorless objects (twin color bomb) does not change it. Making a match with two colors can still add if either is in the container, otherwise it will reset.

Color Streak Action

It's painting green.

Once the energy is full, it can be used such that a majority color different from the container will be affected, that all candies of that color will be painted into the color of container, just like Coloring Candy in sequel games. Doing so does not cost a move.

Update 2019.11.12

  • Using a Candy Frog adds energy of same color.
  • Sugar Crush won't use energy even if it's full.
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