Good evening! Welcome to "A Few Color Level Design Contest."


  • Only one entry per user. No anon users allowed to join this.
  • All entries must have two colors or three colors.
  • All entries must have 20 moves or higher.
  • Jelly levels are not allowed since in CCS most 2-colored levels and 3-colored levels are jelly levels. Now only ingredients levels, moves levels, and mixed mode levels are allowed.
  • Your entry must be able to create special candies matching. (Levels like 2117 are not allowed because only cascades can create wrapped candies.)
  • You must clearly explain how dispensers and portals work, if neseccary.
  • You can use blockers in Soda Saga (except liquorice links.)
  • No copying levels from original.
  • No boards refering to inauspicious things. You will be asked for that board and if you don't answer in three days your entry will be disqualified.
  • Redesigning levels is not permitted in this contest.
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