I know a lot of you are thinking YAAAYYY LEFTY IS QUITTING OMGZ NOW IMA GET ADMIN, well too bad. Because I am not quitting the wiki. but I am thinking of calling it quits on the game.

Candy Crush playing is just a chore now. Every single attempt on level 419 is the same. 132 bricks in the wall. The following has happened 132 times over:

1) I start the level, looking hopeful, only to find almost no yellows and almost no moves

2) I clear a few meringues and about 10 yellows. I get no colour bombs or wrapped. The board shuffles four times or so.

3) Tornado ruins my best laid plans over and over.

4) Mystery eggs rain down. I get either blocker or chocolate. Every time. Occasionally getting a striped candy which doesn't help me out at all.

5) Clear a few more meringues until I have 20 moves left. Generally collected about 30 yellows and a wrapped or two if I'm lucky.

6) 10 moves left, I clear the last of the meringue and start getting special candies a lot, sometimes colour bombs, and some wrapped, but no matter how many yellows I think I get, I'm ALWAYS 30-50 short. 

7) Inevitable failure.

That is how all apart from maybe 10 attempts have played out. Just the same sequence playing out over and over like a video stuck on replay. 

I am just so bored of Candy Crush now. It's obvious I'm never going to beat this level. It is just impossible. And now it's got to the point where there are only really two options: quit, or break down and pay. But what's the point? Even if I ever do pass level 419, I'll be instantly slammed with 421, which I've heard is even WORSE.

I am literally crying from frustration as I write this. Level 419 is literally killing me. I can't go on. For the sake of my sanity I have to at least take a break. Last night I played until my eyes had turned rainbow, all to no avail. 

Level 419 has beaten me. It is beyond me. I might quit Candy Crush forever.