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    It's been seven years since Candy Crush Saga has first launched, on Facebook. Over the years that have passed, things have changed. However, not all changes are significant. There are some that make it even messy. Let's start this from the very beginning.

    These events may cover the following: Features, releasing of episodes with a point of interest, and even tragic events.

    On 12 April 2012, Candy Crush Saga was first launched on Facebook. At launch, there were 65 levels (5 episodes) and four level types, namely: Moves, Jelly, Ingredient and Timed. Exactly three months later, the Candy Order type was introduced. In the next seven months, the game was released on mobile, at the time there were 245 levels on Facebook.

    The game entered another year, …

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  • CjayThe2nd

    My proposals

    July 27, 2019 by CjayThe2nd

    When the game is free of messed up things resulting from forced transition to HTML5, here are some of the stuffs to do.

    About the backgrounds, the task is to replace these from the first 189 episodes, which used the Flash version, into the HTML5 one. It may took a long time or several active users to complete the task.

    • For episodes 1-250, put them in the "Episode/1" page.
    • For episodes 251-500, same procedure but in the "Episode/2" page.
    • For further sections, make a section page once every 250 episodes.

    As of this moment, we're currently using the tabs sorted by sections called "worlds". Once the game is free of any issues, I'll decide to replace these tabs into links that lead to list of episodes separated by sections (e.g. Episode/1, Episode/2…

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