CjayThe2nd CjayThe2nd 26 October 2020

My Last and Final Farewell

It's been a long journey for me. I'm inactive since the middle part of the year for some crazy reasons. As we know, 2020 is the beginning of the end of all great things. The new wave of bad changes started with the removal of free board reset in late December of previous year. Let's sum up what happened this year.

  • 1 Sugar Drops and Candy Pet
  • 2 10-episode loop
  • 3 Booster Bot and its variants
  • 4 Final remarks

In March, we saw that those old events, especially Sugar Drops and Candy Pet, were completely removed to give way for new features/events. Those events found interesting and make hard levels easier to pass. This put us players to dismay.

In May, one of the worst news to see: the removal of episode maps and backgrounds (actually, the episode backgro…

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CjayThe2nd CjayThe2nd 29 June 2020

It's been as far as I go

Back in 2017, we witnessed the transition from Flash to HTML5. With the release of Peppermint Portal (episode 189), the first of bad changes happened. It's like they took player's old memories away. This is how the game started becoming bad.

Two years later, in December 2019, another wave of bad changes started with the removal of reset options. The players tried bring back the option but to no avail. The developers refused by just rejecting players' request, pretending it was the "fix". Without the option, the higher levels are now like trying to crack a tough nut.

Into the new decade, something far more than just terrible happened. We saw the removal of interesting features, to name a few: Sugar Drops, Candy Pet and map textures. In Sugar …

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CjayThe2nd CjayThe2nd 13 August 2019

The story of this game, from brighter past to darker future

It's been seven years since Candy Crush Saga has first launched, on Facebook. Over the years that have passed, things have changed. However, not all changes are significant. There are some that make it even messy. Let's start this from the very beginning.

These events may cover the following: Features, releasing of episodes with a point of interest, and even tragic events.

  • 1 Year One: The Beginning
  • 2 Year Two: 2013
  • 3 Year Three: 2014
  • 4 Year Four: The Year of Enlightenment
  • 5 Year Five: 2016
  • 6 Year Six: The Tragic End of Flash and the Beginning of Dark Ages
  • 7 Year Seven: Mess on the Rise
  • 8 Year Eight: Another Mess on the Rise
  • 9 Future

On 12 April 2012, Candy Crush Saga was first launched on Facebook. At launch, there were 65 levels (5 episodes) and four level type…

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CjayThe2nd CjayThe2nd 27 July 2019

My proposals

When the game is free of messed up things resulting from forced transition to HTML5, here are some of the stuffs to do.

  • 1 Episode page creation
  • 2 Spliting of episode page into sections
  • 3 Champion titles
  • 4 10-episode world system
  • 5 Due date

About the backgrounds, the task is to replace these from the first 189 episodes, which used the Flash version, into the HTML5 one. It may took a long time or several active users to complete the task.

  • For episodes 1-250, put them in the "Episode/1" page.
  • For episodes 251-500, same procedure but in the "Episode/2" page.
  • For further sections, make a section page once every 250 episodes.

As of this moment, we're currently using the tabs sorted by sections called "worlds". Once the game is free of any issues, I'll decide t…

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