Back in 2017, we witnessed the transition from Flash to HTML5. With the release of Peppermint Portal (episode 189), the first of bad changes happened. It's like they took player's old memories away. This is how the game started becoming bad.

Two years later, in December 2019, another wave of bad changes started with the removal of reset options. The players tried bring back the option but to no avail. The developers refused by just rejecting players' request, pretending it was the "fix". Without the option, the higher levels are now like trying to crack a tough nut.

Into the new decade, something far more than just terrible happened. We saw the removal of interesting features, to name a few: Sugar Drops, Candy Pet and map textures. In Sugar Drops and Candy Pet, both features were removed to give way for the new ones. This prompted players to bring back these but same old story, the developers refused. On 25 May, the map textures were replaced by a 10-episode loop feature which was intended for an April Fool's event. Because of that, I dubbed it as "Post April Fool's disaster". These textures were removed to give the memory more space and even to support devices with low specs, which is intolerable. It's like the developers defeated the purpose of the meaning of the game's title. The absence of these textures is like the storyline of the game gives no color.

And as of 1.180, I just learned that these map textures, even DW levels, were completely removed from the files. Expect there will be more terrible changes to come, especially towards the end of the support of Flash.

Therefore, 2020 is the year of the beginning of the end of great things, even in the real world with the pandemic becoming worse.

For the recent changes mentioned above, I'll expect longer periods of inactivity starting from 1 July. It could be indefinite, and I'll return if the seasonal booster event, particularly Spooky Dash, returned so I'll contribute for the last time. And if not, it means that the game is progressively deteriorating. I'll go straight to my last farewell.

Have a great day and enjoy summer for most of you guys!

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